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It's ON!!!!!

NHL in 2005-2006!!!


Yes, there's FINALLY a new CBA.  I'm so stoked... I know exactly where I'm going to be on October 5th!  Tivo-ing the Avs game and hopefully (crossing fingers for a home opener that night) sitting in the MCI center watching Alex Ovechkin put the Caps back on the map!  Shoot-outs, no red line... ah... let the countdown begin!

The Fine Art of Humility

I was reading this in a post on my favorite message board... I thought there was a lot here worth thinking about so I figured, what the heck?  I'm sure this will show up in a Sunday School lesson at some point in the future ;)

And the truth is, being humble is not the same as scrutinizing one's flaws.

Humility can be defined as: an honest appraisal and awareness of one's good and bad points.

In fact, the presence of the good part is what helps you be honest about the bad part. See, lets say you have a real honest assessment of your strengths. Your self-evaluation is fair, not inflated, not modest, just realistic. Naturally, that would make you feel good about yourself. You might say, "My friends really care about me. I have some special qualities that draw people to me." That would be nice, right? So having this good part arms you to handle the bad part. Having been built up, the foundation is strong. That would not be the case if it were over-inflated. But because it is honest and true, it's strong. Now, armed with that, you can handle the bad news: "Yes, it's true, I'm a procrastinator. I really gotta work on that."

Totally seeing that big picture on yourself and evaluating the bad just as honestly as you evaluated the good brings humility.

I love this... I feel like it totally helps one understand where to draw the line between pride and humility.  Just something to think about, I guess :)

Back from Utah!

So there I am, driving down I-15 at 8am on Thursday morning, headed to Provo to hang out at my alma mater.  I'm thinking to myself... I love it here!  I should move here!  2 hours later, I was completely over that thought!  Not that I don't love Utah, but I'm glad to be back home in the humidity.  It was tons of fun to wander around campus, trying Byu_selfportraitto see if I could fit in as a student, reading the Daily Universe, grabbing a donut in the Cougar Eat and browsing in the Bookstore.  My login at the library still worked too!  I couldn't believe the new building that replaced the SFLC, it's huge! But the feeling was definitely there that my time had passed... it's hard sometimes to realize that we can't go back, but then I remember that there's even more to look forward to.  I left the Y and visited some favorite scrapbook stores up the valley... a very nostalgic visit to Pebbles in My Pocket was definitely in order!  I spent the whole day wandering around, loving the fact that I was traveling somewhere and didn't need a street map.   Friday I was up early, went out for some exercise (seeing as how the exercise equipment in the "fitness room," using the term loosely, was about 20 years old and the poFried_pickles_1ol quite frankly scared me!) and then played the tourist at temple square.  Of course, then the real purpose of the trip began - meeting Melody and her fiance, Victor, for lunch at the Garden restaurant.  Mel and I figured we hadn't seen each other for almost 5 years, but it was as if we had just seen each other yesterday.  Her little girl (my, even though we aren't Catholic!) has grown up so much and she's just an adorable cherub!  While waiting for Melody and Victor, those of us gathered for lunch decided to sample the house specialty... fried pickles.  YeMe_and_angelinas, it sounds quite disgusting, but I  have to admit, it was deLICious!!!    That night, I had another fun find... the bride and groom and their parents had a dinner and the other members of the bridal party all came in pairs so I headed off on my own for a Friday evening of fun.  Shopping and a movie at the Gateway and then as I was coming out of the theater, there was a fantastic bMadison_somethingand playing on the mezzanine!  They're called Madison Something... I'm currently working on getting my hands on their CD!   They have an absolutely fabulous sound, very full and energetic, and I was immediately hooked!  Finally, of course, Saturday was the wedding.  We showed up at TMe_melody_and_victoruscany Gardens in Roy, had a rehearsal, got dressed, and then we had ourselves a beautiful wedding.  I, of course, was the lucky bridesmaid with two escorts.  Daniel kept asking me how that worked out, but I told him it's because I've been a very good girl :)  We celebrated the evening away, Angelina and I twirled ourselves silly on the dance floor, and then the happy couple was off in their limo.