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Sometimes a Chicken Must be Chucked.


Ready_for_moreKarl shot me in the back with a chicken.  That's right, he shot me with a chicken.  2 inches of vindictive little rubber chickenness... well, you just can't let that kind of thing stand, you know?  So I got the other chicken chucker and a battle then ensued.  I don't know if there was actually a winner, but I laughed until I got a headache and we were still finding little rubber chickens in Karl's living room the next  Chickens_everywhere All in all, Tara's birthday slumber party was a resounding success.  We had movies, games, chicken chucking fights, pillow fights, more movies, gossip at 3:30am, birthday cake, and tasty enchiladas for dinner and stuffed crepes for breakfast which, despite the fact that I was apparently scooping the batter left-handed (LOL!!!), turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.  I got to play chef and Karl did an admirable job as sous-chef, even though he actually took my mixer away from me...hehe.   Happy Birthday Tara!  I hope it's going to be an absolutely fabulous year :D


(Rachel, Karl, Lara, Tara, Ben, Me and Martha).

Ricky is Married!!!

Erin_and_ricky_bw I can't believe my little brother is married and I now have my very first in-law.  Too weird!  For a while it was seeming like the wedding that wasn't going to happen... I swear, everything just seemed to be jinxed!  The sealer had to cancel to attend a funeral, and then... well, the rest just deserves a song.  Sing along to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas! (and um... don't 

150 champagne glasses for a toast and no Martinelli's!  (Grocery store run at the last minute... they were out of apple so we toasted with grape and

24 flower arrangements stolen from the wedding coordinator's barn (and who knows what else!)

18 pillars missing their flowers... the Lafleur Flower Arranging crew to the rescue!

10 hours decorating the gym

8 tables for dining but only 7 lace overlays?  What? 

6 punch bowls full of soda cans (um... where's the punch?)

5 red eye flights from CaliforniaCrepe_myrtle

4 tries getting the backdrop to hang straight... never happened :-P

3 sets of keys locked in the car

2 crashed cars (one of which resulting in the bride missing her flight!)

1 5:30am hair appointment

1 missing tuxedo coat for pictures (although the pinstriped suit jacket Rick accidently put on did look nice... too bad the pants didn't match!)

And, to throw in the grand, credit card finale,

One eternal marriage, (even though the sealing was an hour


Whew!  It was worth it, though... Ricky was happy, Erin looked beautiful, the family was together and now I get to have another sister to get to know :)


More Wedding Pictures!

A Day at the Lake


A picture is definitely worth a thousand words :)  Ben, showing off his bravado, had carefully positioned me in the perfect spot under the roof so that I could capture his brilliantly executed leap off the roof, over my head, and into the lake about 20 feet below.  And I thought just jumping off the deck at 15 feet was scary!  Of course, I'm scared of heights and adventure has NEVER been my middle name.  So, with that in mind, I'm pretty proud of my own little feats of daring on Saturday.  The bishop was so awesome to invite all of us nutty singles down to his cabin on Lake Anna and it was a perfect day for it!  Trent ran pontoon cruises around the lake where we were priviledged to see the very picturesque nuclear power plant that Lake Anna was built to help cool.  There was canoeing... I went out twice - with Larry and Scott, and that was fun (not to mention a nice little upper-body workout!).  I still can't believe I jumped off the deck, but despite the sinking feeling in my stomach after that first leap when I looked down and realized there was NOTHING below me but 15 feet of air, it was a blast.  I even tried water skiing for the first time!  I should have started with wakeboarding, but the first boat available for beginners was doing skiing, so I jumped in all the same.  I was scared when Lisa told me I was going to go first, but after a high-speed ride all around the lake with the wind rushing through my hair and the sun just making everything feel great, I figured I was up for anything.  I jumped in, struggled to get the skis on, grabbed the rope and gritted my teeth as I sat there in the water waiting for the boat to take off.  The first time the rope went right out of my hands but after realizing what it took to hang on, I was ready.  I got up the second time and lasted for about 2 seconds, I think, before I biffed it.  The 3rd time I got up again, lasted about the same, but then I discovered an important truth.  Doing the splits while going 30 mph and wearing water skiis is NOT a wise health decision.  Ouch!  My hamstring might never be the same again!  I DID get up, though, and I have witnesses, and I'm glad I tried it.  My limping this week is a badge of honor!  May it quickly heal and become just a memory,  In any case, a great day of firsts... I'm so glad I went!