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Ahhh... Hockey.... Bliss.

92105_hockey Ah... the sweet smell of hockey.  Yes, it does have a smell, and no, it isn't necessarily the whiff of fresh hockey pads, but I digress.  It's late Wednesday afternoon, I'm at work, Scottie, one of our Dev guys, pings me to ask if I want tickets for that night's pre-season game.  Hello!  Um, yeah.  so Steph and are are IMing at the time and I'm like, uh... want to go to a hockey game?  So she was totally in, and Rae's friend Sara was in town visiting so it was the perfect chance for us to all hang out.  After battling seriously crappy traffic to get to the Falls Church metro, we jump on the train and head out.  We actually managed to be in our seats for face-off, and immediately, it was just this feeling of pure bliss as I sat there and remembered all of the things I totally adore about this game.  Steph, Rae and Sara learned (or at least listened to) more about hockey than they probably ever wanted to know.  Steph, already a football freak, is now about 90% addicted to hockey as well... (hehe... she was re92105_hockey2ading the hockey news today... hehe).  I mean, how can you NOT be addicted?  Hockey ROCKS!!!  (My diabolical plan is working :D ) So it was cool to get there and see all of the new rules in action, cool to see that Ovechkin was displaying moments of brilliance that promise that he will be a player deserving of that first round pick. Olie, on the other hand, was looking like he needs some better support and his old pads back, but I'm sure he'll adjust.   It's still pre-season, after all.  Ah, hockey.  I'm feeling an ode coming on, but I'll refrain.  Needless to say, I love it.  I'm soooo happy that it's back, soooo happy that we have our own NHL team, and soooo happy for the great invention that IS DirecTV oh, and tivo.  HOW could I forget tivo?  In any case, you know I've got it bad when I tivo the season premier of LOST in order to go to a pre-season hockey game featuring a large cast of minor-leaguers and what was, let's face it, essentially not the greatest hockey I've ever seen (okay, I'm trying to be nice, but it was pretty  Ah.  Okay, I'll move on.  Amber couldn't join us at the game (good thing, I only had 4 tickets...LOL) so we met up with her in Dupont afterwards.  W92105_kramerse opted for trendy and went to Kramer's for dessert.  Despite it's glowing reputation, there's something cool about Dupont.  That night, I think it was the New Orleans style jazz band playing just around the corner from where we were sitting outside, that really made the evening complete.  It was such a gorgeous night and a great finish for the evening.

A New Meaning to "Finger Food"

LOL... I love Marrakesh, I love Moroccan food, and eating with your hands is just kind of fun sometimes, you know?  Even more fun is doing it while getting to know new friends better :)  Although we did initially go in the wrong direction coming out of the metro (thanks, John, for the all was well that ended well.  Especially since a wedding party in the seating before us still hadn't broken up so we weren't late after all!  The_marakesh_gang Here we are, the Marrakesh gang, waiting outside the restaurant for our seating.  Back row:  Curtis, Chris, Peter, Ben, Boyd, Curle, Steph.  Middle:  Tara, Rae, Me, Jace, Erin, Melinda and in front, Amber and the birthday girl, Sarina.

Peter_and_i_marakesh_1Did I already mention this part?  Getting to know new friends = cool :D  Me with Peter.

So the next thing we learned... always ask for seating in the club when going to Marrakesh!  Much cooler atmosphere than the main room, music, different feel, and a much different belly danBelly_dancercing show!  I was trying not to use my flash (and Mr. Wow... aka Boyd Thatcher, kept sticking his head in the way as he tried to video the performance with Tara's but some of the pictures of the belly dancer came semi-recognizable...hehe.  The sabre dance rocked. All in all, quite an enjoyable night!