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At Long Last!

This, is a drain.  Not just any drain, but my drain.  In my kitchen sink.  Attached to what is, FINALLY, a working garP2260043bage disposal.   At least, I think it works.  I haven't tried to grind anything up yet, but it makes a lot of noise, which is more than it did before!  The tech who was at my place this morning fixing it said there was some plastic stuck on the blade.  Apparently it was a bad install.  Really.  As if I hadn't figured that much out.  In any case, I'm grateful to him.  For fixing the stupid thing in the first place, but also for calling first to tell me he was on his way thereby waking me out of my semi-coma during which I had slept through my alarm until it turned itself off.  I guess going to bed at 4:45am will do that, huh? (Project, one which must be post-marked by tomorrow.  Procrastination is one of my favorite past-times, in case you hadn't figured that out.)  Anyway, I might have to cook something tonight, just for the joy of not having to try and scrape every little scrap into the trash can so that it doesn't stink up my sink... lol.

P2230016Speaking of cooking... I have discovered what might be my new favorite food.  I have an abiding love for gnocchi, which only intensified when I had it 4 times on my last trip to Italy.  Unfortunately, I've found it nearly impossible to get good gnocchi in the states.  (hehe... how was that for pretention, ladies?)  So, when I bought a pasta cookbook last week which featured an entire section on making homemade gnocchi, I made an immediate trip to the grocery store.  This was my first attempt - Gnocchi Romana (made with semolina, nutmeg and fresh parmesan, among other things).  It's a recipe which some say dates all the way back to the Roman Empire (well, at least the cookbook says that).  I say that it's fabulously delicious and decadent and wicked and, and... well, let me just say that one bite and the world disappeared.  My next attempt is going to be potato gnocchi with fresh vegetable marinara.  Once my pasta machine and ravioli mold are delivered, I'll really be cookin' - lol, literally.  (I apologize for the bad pun, but I couldn't resist.  Remember... 2 hours of sleep.  Silliness is inevitable.)  Oh, and ├ęclairs are still on the list.  Maybe for the Oscars.  Did I mention that I'm learning to crochet later this week?  LOL.  Domestication is not a myth!  Steph... didn't you mention an intervention?  You'd better come over quick.  I think I'm one step short of naming my vacuum!

Finally, although Steph already mentioned it... yay for the Swedes!  I always love seeing Peter win gold :D  Even if I didn't actually SEE the game since I thought it was on Sunday and missed it.  Grr.  Oh well.  We're back to the regular NHL tomorrow, so I'm happy regardless :) 

Happy 7-More-Days-Until-Next-Monday!

Mmmm... Pastry

Am I the only one that thinks it's funny that StephEclairs and I are both posting about cooking today?  LOL... anyway, I had a "cottage class" for Enrichment last night and I learned to make puff pastry - we made beignets, ├ęclairs, cream puffs and dumplings.  So much fun... I'm going out to get my hands on some pastry bags tonight.  Next up after that?  Homemade gnocchi and a pasta machine :D  Dinner party, anyone?

A Little Perspective

I had a pretty cool experience yesterday.  I know I complained about it a little to a few friends, but anything that involves getting up at 5am on a holiday is going to elicit a little grumbling, right? 

In any case, yesterday morning I got to help with "Project Hypothermia" by serving breakfast to the homeless.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, actually.  As people woke up and came down to breakfast, I had some preconceptions blown away, stereotypes were smashed.  I watched those who snatched food as though afraid it would disappear and then came through the line again after everyone got some.  That was expected.  What I didn't expect was what I learned about these people.  They were all nice, polite and gracious.  Some have jobs and or cars and still can't afford housing.  Many were well groomed.  If I had met them on the street, I wouldn't have thought they were homeless.  Appearances are deceiving, and again I learned (and I, from personal experience, should know better!) that appearance is NOT basis for judgement; that I have no right to judge at all.  I spent some time sitting and talking to one man who told me about his 8 children who were all grown and living on their own.  He was so proud of them, but I couldn't understand why they didn't take care of him!  And yet, he didn't want them to.  He "raised them..." he didn't want them to turn around and raise him in return.  He was going to get back on his feet so he could have a home where his grandchildren could visit.  I admired his pride and determination.  I was humbled.

I've thought several times since I left the church that was their shelter for the week, I am so incredibly blessed.  Many of these people had a good life at one point, somehow lost their way, and are trying to get it back again.  How different am I?  And yet here I sit, complaining because my garbage disposal doesn't work, when I'm so blessed to even have food to worry about disposing!  Let alone a fabulous new home.  So yes, I had a little attitude adjustment yesterday, and I'm very grateful for that as well. 

Moral of the day... St. Augustine said it best:  Happiness is loving (and appreciating!) what you have. 

Access Granted!

P2130026 Yay!  Okay, I came home to internet access at last.  The weekend is already looking good ;)  And for those who were asking today... lol... Marrakesh pics are up!  "Friends" album, scroll to the bottom :)


Okay, everyone may soon wish that I had NOT decided to start blogging again... lol.  But I'm going with the adage that grievances aired, shared, whatever... will be easier to deal with.  That being said...

I was soooo excited that my cable modem came yesterday.  And yet, notice if you will, that the Marrakesh pictures have NOT been uploaded after all.  Why, you ask?  Maybe because just HAVING a modem and paying for service don't ensure that said service will work.  I mean, first of all, you'd think that a cable modem would come with, well... a CABLE.  Coaxial, that is.  No, no it didn't.  It was supposed to, but it didn't.  Figures.  Luckily, I happened to have an extra one.  I get connected, follow the instructions, but 2 hours and a couple of tech calls later and I realized an important truth.  Online registration doesn't always actually register you for anything.  I'm supposed to get a call-back today.  Sigh.

Next... my stupid bluetooth decided to disconnect itself from my phone and wouldn't reconnect as I was trying to dial into a conference call this morning.  Nice.  I LOVE technology!

On a high note, my rosemary chicken turned out fabulously.  So tender it just fell of the bones and it was delicious.  (Of course, I then had to pour all of the left-over juice and scraps into plastic bags and haul them out to the trash to avoid stinking up my non-functional disposal.  Fun... really.)

At this point, all I can say is, TGIF!  Here's to long holiday weekends and (hopefully! although I'm sure I just jinxed myself, lol) getting out of work early the day before!

I'm Becoming Domestic!

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I'm blogging pretty much solely at the behest of Steph, and also Rae, to some extent.  Steph told me the other day that as I'm learning to become a more patient person, I might fill some of that waiting time by blogging.  Hint hint.  Apparently reading the occassional comment posted on HER blog is not sufficient.  So, although I really have nothing profound or all that interesting to say, I figured I have to start somewhere, right?

So, that said, I'm on to the subject of the day.  Domestication.  Why didn't anyone warn me that buying my own home was going to expedite the process whereby I become more like my mother?  I mean, don't get me wrong, I think my mom totally rocks and there's nothing wrong with being more like her.  I was just hoping that I could skip certain aspects, you know?  For instance... my day yesterday:  Get up, exercise, get ready for work, go to work, go to the grocery store, unpack groceries, open the mortgage bills, listen to my answering machine say "no new messages," heat up left-overs, mop the floors, scrub the toilet, vaccuum, watch the end of Lost, go to bed.  I know, thrilling, huh?  I think the trump card is the fact that I threw together a new recipe for Rosemary Chicken this morning and it's happily cooking in my crockpot as we speak.  Sigh.  Shudder. 

I guess it isn't so much becoming more like my mother as it is just becoming more like an adult in general.  I mean, isn't there some way to have the things we want out of life without having to actually grow up first?  I guess I've procrastinated long enough, though... most people reach this stage well before I have, so I shouldn't really complain.

Anyway, in the spirit of not complaining... big wins this week:

1) My struggles with Verizon have FINALLY yielded a dial-tone.  I can now, as a result, buzz-in visitors to my ultra-secure compound.

2) After almost a month (thanks to my property manager refusing to sign for packages... no secure storage location my butt!), my cable modem was delivered to me at work today, so pictures from Marrakesh should go up tonight!  Crossing fingers :-P

3) Valentine's Day was actually fun this year!  Thank you Steph!  And all you crazy people that kept me laughing throughout dinner :D  I actually forgot what day it was!

4) There was birthday cake in the kitchen at work yesterday.  Despite my addiction to sugary frosting, I managed to refrain.  I think that counts as the biggest win of the week by far!

Okay, frustration sets in again... going from wins to another vent... My garbage disposal.  It's brand new but has never worked.  It's under warrenty at GE and I called them for help... first the tech decided he didn't want to make the service call so he sent me a new one and told me to install it myself.  What the... ?  THEN, when I called back the helpful young man told me to just call Home Depot.  The manager that I talked to after that was equally helpful.  Sigh.  It has started to stink despite my best efforts to keep it clean.  Joyful.  In any case, I was too ticked off at them to accept the appointment that was 10 days out, so I told them no thanks.  I thought I could get it taken care of on my own, but I had to admit defeat and just scheduled another appointment.  In another 10 days.  Sigh.  I think I need to go buy some air fresheners now.

Being an adult is thrilling.  Really.  LOL, it's also worth it ;)

Happy Steph?  :D