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It's Official...

... I'm now completely and hopelessly addicted to "Arrested Development."  Over the last year or so, I've lost track of how many people have mentioned this show to me and said I ought to watch it.  Although, as I recall, most of those suggestions came during hockey season so I never got around to it.  Hockey v. unknown TV show.  As if there was a real choice there?  At least, that's what I said at tArrested_developmenthe time.  Oh, what fools we can be!  THIS is the reason they invented TiVo people!  However, thanks to the miracles of modern science, we have DVDs of the first 2 seasons (with season 3 coming next week.)  So, since the NHL pre-season is still about a month away and I'm trying to break away from the Discovery Home channel (variety is good, right?) I decided I had some time so I would go ahead and check this show out and see what I had missed.  Steph and Amber came over Saturday night and we started watching... Nicole said she could hear us laughing from down the hall as she was walking into my building.  I believe the term "howling with laughter" can be appropriately applied here.  We watched the first 7-8 episodes, I think, before they called it a night.  I watched another one after they left and then finished disc 2 last night (sorry girls, I just couldn't resist!).  So, despite the fact that we missed it while it was still running (and WHY oh WHY did they cancel it?  sigh.), we were able to express gratitude for the DVD format and not needing to wait a week between episodes.  Excellent.   In any case, I'm so glad that I finally followed all those suggestions and checked this show out.  Five stars! 

Next up... The Office.  I watched the pilot when it first aired and was not impressed, but apparently it's gotten much better.  I got several recommendations yesterday alone, so I'll have to give it another try :) 

The Benefits of Insomnia

Yes, it's a silver lining day here in Gwen-Land.  I'd like to thank my insomnia, along with Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, RED, Evans Blue, iPod and Precor for an awesome workout this morning.  Of course now I'm sore, tired and have the perpetual dull, throbbing headache that also comes with insomnia, but I count it a small price to pay.  LOL.  Mostly, I'm just psyched about finding some cool new bands that are not only a good listen, but most excellent for dancing... I mean exercising.  (sorry, I needed my Bill and Ted reference this morning :D). 

Evans Blue (kind of A Perfect Circle-esque)

RED (Chevelle meets Linkin Park meets Breaking Benjamin)

Enjoy :D

Back from Utah :(

So, I'm totally jet-lagged and sitting at home waiting until my 2pm conference call.  I just got back from Utah this morning; a red-eye flight that landed at about 8:15am.  NEED SLEEP!  lol.  The fact that my insomnia has been back for the last few weeks isn't helping, but the weekend was totally worth it :D

Rewind... all airplane trips necessitate an iPod update.  My top additions:

1.  Breaking Benjamin - Phobia (the entire album ROCKS!)

2.  R.E.D. - End of Silence (found them somehow browsing iMixes and LOVED them immediately.  Entire album is awesome.)

3.  30 Seconds to Mars - Capricorn (another older but still amazing song).

4.  Keane - Is it Any Wonder?

5. Michael Bublé (jazz, love it.  Entire album is awesome.)

So... iPod fully ready for the journey, I flew out to Utah Friday morning and Mel met me at the airport.  We picked up her sister and her daughter and went out to lunch and did some shopping to get ready for Lola's (Mel's sister) baby shower the next day.  Friday night, Melody, her husband Vic, and Dustin and I went out for dinner.  We ended up at Buca di Beppo's and had an absolute blast.  We were so busy talking that I think it took us about 20 minutes to actually look at the menu, and then we kept distracting ourselves.  Ali, our very patient waitress, came back at least 3 times to see if we were ready tP8110006o order.  LOL.   And, of course, I took pictures. 

P8120007_1  P8110005

All I have to say is, I hope Paris is ready for us!

Saturday we had a great baby shower for Lola and then Mel and I visited another scrapbook store.  That evening, the four of us got to have our planning session for our trip in October.  #1 on the to-do list:  the Louvre Steeplechase.  I'm bringing my running shoes.  After that, we went and picked out a movie, ordered some pizza, and kicked back to relax with Glory Road.  And I got to remember exactly how much I LOVE Mountain Dew.  Mmmm.... 

Sunday was interesting.  I went to church with Mel and Vic and as I sat in Sunday School I felt like I was in one of those cheesy church movies.  I suddenly realized that the depictions of church meetings in those movies weren't just bad acting or over-dramatization... it was just reality.  Of course, as I realized this, I also realized that they were some of the best church meetings I've been to in a long time.  And I LOVED relief society.  (Steph.  Stop laughing.  I mean it!)  It was a really great meeting.  I was half convinced to come home and immediately start sending out my resume to contacts in Utah.  I'm seriously thinking that I'll eventually do this.  Not right now, but I don't think it's too far off either.  We'll see how things work out.  It just felt great to be there and I'm totally bummed to think that I won't see Mel, Vic or Dustin again until October!  Oh well, it's always good to have something to look forward to, right?  :D

So, in conclusion, two numbers:  34.  The number of days until the NHL pre-season begins.  And, 56.  The number of days until we all meet up in Paris :D  I can't wait!

Tagged :-P

In response to Steph's tag...

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your LJ/blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

"Propped on pillows in bed while wind swirled the trees and scoured the windows with rain and salty mist, I read Gardens of the Italian Villas by Marella Agnelli, and The Italian Renaissance Garden by Claudia Lazzaro, trying to imagine the decision to build a garden with paths which could be flooded so your guests could drift through the garden in little boats.  Some gardens had waterworks which could simulate rain or the wind howling.  I was struck with the concept of the garden not only as a setting for the house and a place of pleasure but also a place of surprise and fun -- fountains that unexpectedly sprayed you as you passed, and il giardino segreto, the secret garden within a garden."

So Adorable!

Okay, so my little nephew Benjamin (who is exactly 2 months and 2 days old now) was blessed on Sunday.  Mom mom bought him the cutest little white tux to wear for his blessing.  Can I just say that he's a super-adorable little Ben_and_his_tuxcherub? 

Anyway, I'm off to Utah on Friday to play with my best friend Melody :D (and there will be NO visits to scrapbook stores while I'm there.  Seriously.  I mean that.  No sarcasm here.  HA!)  Counting the minutes until I get on the plane!