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Friday at Last!

Belgium_smiley Congratulate_smiley Ninja_smiley

It's just one of those days where I'm in the mood to post some smilies, you know?  The peeing smiley had to go up, as a tribute to the Mannekin Pis that we'll be seeing in Brussels in a few weeks.  And the Ninja turtle smiley, lol, I just couldn't resist.  Anyway, no green M&Ms yet(hehe, Steph), but it's still all good.

Where's Waldo?

P9190037lol, that's what I was thinking when I looked at the new picture of this little gem.  What's different?  Black.  Lots of black.  It's like the answer to all important questions.  What should I wear?  Black.  How do I fix that stupid painting so that I don't just hate it?  Black.  Nice.  I poured some black paint on my paletted and added it wherever I felt like it until the paint was gone and then I called it good.  Go figure... I actually like it now.  It might still be a little Picasso-y, but hey.  Oh well.  I've never said I was an artist... lol.

Anyway, in other news, I just wanted to share visual proof that I only liveP9190035 on Slim Fast and Lean Cuisine about 98% of the time.  I'm a better cook than an artist, actually... lol... which might not be saying much.  I just figure when you're cooking for one, why bother?  But tonight I felt the need to pay homage to Melody's unbelievable guacamole.  Now, since I know that I could never replicate it (especially without the recipe), I decided to just be inspired by it and make my own (howbeit inferior) version.  I call it, Gwen's Tomato Chipotle Guac.  And it was pretty good, actually.  LOL.  Throw in some marinated sirloin, tortillas and plantain chips, and it's a tasty treat :D  (I hear someone out there saying, this girl needs a hobby.  lol.  Would you believe that I also did a scrapbook layout tonight and called DirecTV to find out why pre-season hockey is blacked out if they aren't going to add it to Center Ice?  And I only had one Mountain Dew today.  Diet even.  Well, now I've procrastinated bedtime long enough.  Tomorrow is another day ;)

Another Day...

I'm not counting the days until I'm on a plane to Paris or anything (16)... but I'm starting to get super excited.  I got my supply lists for the convention yesterday and now that our plane tickets are all booked, I also got our hotel reservations.  With that done, I'm starting to get pumped up about planning my projects to work on with my team (assuming I can manage to get on one... lol) of French scrapbooking fanatics.  Anyway, I had actually been thinking of canceling the convention part and just meeting up with everyone for the week after, but now I'm really glad I stuck with it and am actually going.

Steph and I were IMing last night, long after I had intended to go to bed :-P and I think, with her help, that I've narrowed down what I don't like about that Venice painting.  I'm going to pop that sucker out of the frame and do a little re-painting of a certain area.  I'll probably re-post afterwards for opinions.  Nicole asked me if I was going for the Picasso angle with that one.  I'm not sure how to take that.  LOL.  I was going for modern, but not quite Picasso.  But hey, if Van Gogh could put 47 layers of paint on his paintings and go until he was satisfied, then so can I!  LOL.

Finally, I added a slideshow (in case anyone missed it... lol).  I'm so proud that I figured out how to insert the code to make that work.  On the first try, even!  It's probably a little odd looking compared to most slideshows since I mixed pictures and scrapbook layouts in there, but I had a blast putting it together so that's all that matters. :D  Of course, Nicole's first comment... "hey, why don't you have more pictures of me?"  Sigh.  Aside from the fact that it's MY blog (j/k... lol)...  Anyway, I added more pics last night.  Happy now?  hehe.  So.  Now that I've called out my geeky accomplishment of the day, I'm off to finish lunch.

Catching Up...

So, the first portion of my post can be filed under "lessons learned."  Never book a flight where you change airlines with less than a 2-hour layover (especially when one of those airlines is Frontier) unless you actually LIKE having your bag "misplaced" going both directions.  LOL. 

Second, I haven't really been doing a lot of scrapbooking lately (although thanks to Mel, I think I'm back on track :D ) so a few weeks ago I decided to pull out some canvases I had started and finish up a few paintings that I was working on.  These were supposed to be somewhat modern multi-media representations of Paris and Venice, but I think the jury is still out.  I'm pretty sure I like Paris, but... well... lol.  Anyway, I found some awesome black wood frames on clearance at Target so I went ahead and framed and hung them anyway :DParis_painting_1 Venice_painting_1

Yesterday, we celebrated my grandma's 79th birthday (although, we did haMiracle_1ve to continually remind her that it was HER birthday we were celebrating.  LOL.)  The best part was after grandma managed to blow out all three of her candles and grandpa says "well, THAT was a miracle."  LOL.  My family is seriously funny.  Of course, we're also quite silly.  I present exhibits B and C below, which involve myself, my sister, and a very dirty dog named Casper.



The other cool thing yesterday was a quote that our teacher read in Sunday School.  Now I'm sure that those who are LDS and have been to gospel doctrine recently have probably already heard this, but it was new to me (our ward is a few weeks behind on lessons)... it's a quote from Spencer W. Kimball that we were discussing in relation both to Jonah and his whale friend, and us personally.  "I can see no good reason why the Lord would open doors that we are not prepared to enter."  That was so cool for me!  I've been staring in an open door with some fears and this was just a perfect message at the perfect time, you know?  Love those!

Now, for the catch-up post finale, I present to you what it looks like wMel_scrapbooking_2hen you scrapbook to Nine Inch Nails and Candlebox (and while, in my case, drinking Mountain Dew.  Mmm... Mountain Dew.)   And, below, we see the direct results of giving a 6-year old a camera.  LOL.6_year_old_with_camera_1

Breathe - 2AM

Okay, so I just looked at the clock and realized that it's now after 2:30am.  I had a sudden flash of reference to that Anna Nalick song.  Anyway, I've got insomnia again tonight (the fact that they're currently re-paving the road outside my window doesn't help either.  Jack-hammers, flashing lights and insomnia.  Nice combination).  Of course, by the time I gave up my battle to just fall asleep, I figured if I took a sleeping pill, I wouldn't be able to get up when my alarm went off (like that's going to change by just staying awake?  lol).  So, instead, I did something that's just incredibly tragic.  Horrible, even.  I turned on the light and went to the living room to get my work laptop.  I'm working at 2:30am.  I'm actually preferring this work time.  I'm not interrupted, I don't have constant requests for information that I've already provided like 27 times.  But, all that aside, I'm being super productive and it's really kind of making me sick... lol.  So, I just had to share that.  Back to Photoshop I go! 

Rise and Shout!

This is just a totally random post.  This morning as I'm getting ready for work, I get the Cougar fight song stuck in my head so there I am, putting on make-up and mentally singing along.  I have no idea where it came from.  LOL.  Possibly it's because football officially started last night and I was thinking to myself that although I do claim to be a Broncos fan, I don't really follow the NFL, but with Steph as a friend, the start of the season was definitely in my mind.  lol.  Maybe it's getting my BYU newsletter or hearing about family out at the Y, possibly the crisp feel to the air that I look forward to every Fall... the scent of bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils (lol, couldn't resist... You've Got Mail, anyone?)  Anyway, I was just proud that I still remember all the words :D  Besides... it's better than the song that was stuck in my head when I got up yesterday morning.  "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care..."  I mean, where does that COME from?  LOL.  I was thinking about work and my current attitude towards it, actually... that might explain it.  But really, if Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about it?  (Yes, it's in a joke I posted a while ago.  Originality is lacking this morning).  The frustrating part is that those are the only words I know and they repeat endlessly.  :-P  The fight song was a definite improvement. 

Go Cougars!