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A Christmas Story

So it's how long until Christmas?  3 days?  I can't believe how time flies!  I've been a slacker lately, so it's probably going to shock people to see a real post on my blog.  What a concept! 

So... I'm trying to go home for Christmas and to meet the movers to get my condo FINALLY packed up and ready to ship out.  Then, Wednesday afternoon, I found out about the blizzard in Denver.  I was supposed to fly out Thursday connecting through, you guessed it, Denver.  So I call United to re-book since my flights were cancelled.  They were soooooo helpful.  Really.  Can you hear the sarcasm through the computer screen?  Because that was dripping with it.  The earliest they could book me was Saturday (Rep:  I have flight December 23.  You said you want before Friday, right?  Me:  December 23rd is SATURDAY!).  As I had explained to my oh-so-helpful-non-English-speaking-customer-service-rep, the movers were coming on FRIDAY.  However, since there were apparently no flights going anywhere in the country on any airline where there were other flights going to Dulles that weren't already full, and since they couldn't possibly switch me to Delta (like my brother who was flying out direct Thursday evening) I took the Saturday reservation.  This ends up being a good thing. 

Thursday morning, I get a call from United.  Your flight today was cancelled (duh.) We may have rebooked you.  Please call us.  I call, they DID rebook me.  Again.  On Delta, Friday morning.  woohoo!  Direct flight home a day earlier!  (although, and this is important, they kept my original re-booking for Saturday). So this morning, I haul myself to the airport at the crack of dawn, through the beginnings of a lovely snowstorm only to get in and find the longest line in creation to get to the e-ticket kiosks (kiosks, thru baggage claim area, to back wall, wrapped around, back to kiosks.  The paper ticket line was also bad, and they're notoriously slow, so...) I wait in line for about 45 minutes when I hear a man ask, "can I cut in line?"  I turn around about to ask him who he thought he was and then realized it was Rob!  We were on the same flight!  So we stood in line, chatted, joked about the mile high club and started planning New Year's, and then, finally at the kiosk, it said they had no record of a ticket in my name.  After raising my hand and shouting for help (well, almost, but I got attention) the lady got on her computer, told me United hadn't completed the re-booking correctly, she couldn't help me, and I needed to go back to United.  Rob and I sadly part, MHC dreams dashed (snort) and I go to United where I sweet-talked my way into the short line. 

Now at United.  They're all furious at Delta who could have fixed the problem with a 2-second phone call, but since they hadn't, I had missed that flight.  She put me in a first class seat from Chicago to Dulles.  Sweet!  BUT... I had to go stand-by to get to Chicago.  So, after THEN being put in the "special" security line and getting the super-double check (because I apparently look like a trouble-maker.  heh), I get to the gate to find out, after an hour of waiting (and one pizza bagel) that not only were they not accepting standby passengers, but they were kicking off confirmed passengers.  So, I went back to the ticket counter, waited in line again, and then waited for another 45 minutes while they got my suitcase back. 

Finally, all bags in hand, I got to drive through the snow to come to work (love the whole accrued PTO thing, don't you?).  Excellent.  Of course, 5 minutes after I got here, one of my vendors called to say he had dropped by with a Christmas present for one of his favorite clients.  Sweet!  I went to meet him and later unwrapped my shining gift.  Ladies and gentlemen, I'm the proud owner of not one but TWO beef sticks!  AND some cheese and mustard.  The mustard is crucial.  (This is the point where I silently note the differences between vendors in Utah and the east coast... Last year I got Harry and David truffles and bing cherries, gourmet peppermint patties and a "Memoires of a Geisha" toiletry set.  But who wouldn't rather have a beef stick?  lol.)

So.  Fortunately for me, I still have tickets leaving tomorrow.  Which is good (see? I said it was.  lol), because if I hadn't already had that, I wouldn't be leaving until Christmas day.  So, I get to go to the airport tomorrow at 4am (the flight leaves at 6:30) and go to San Francisco!  Then, after a 4 hour layover and a 6-hour flight, I'll be home.  Where, since my ENTIRE family has purchased tickets to see "A Night at the Museum" at the Udvar Hazy Imax, I get to catch a cab home to chill with my dogs. 

So, I did miss the movers today, but my dad went over and sat with them.  All day (with TV service unplugged and suspended until January).  I just got off the phone with him.  He says I have so much stuff.  I'm thinking yeah, I know scrapbook stuff.  I have too much, I admit it.  But then he says, you have way too many sets of dishes.  Dishes?  I was like, Dad.  I have eight plates!  I do have to laugh, though.  Apparently it took one man 5 hours to box up my little storage room (insert sheepish grin here).  You know you have too much stuff when it takes 3 professional packing people 7 hours to pack a 1-bedroom condo.  My name is Gwen, and I have a problem.  Sigh.  BUT! My new place has a red wall.  So that's exciting (again with the sarcasm! but I am actually excited about the wall.  It takes the attention away from the white facing on the kitchen cabinets, which is just wrong on so many levels, but I digress).  So I called Comcast today to get them to come set up internet next week (I'm tired of the no tv / no internet lifestyle, let alone the no furniture portion of it) so maybe I'll take a picture of my red wall and post it.  It's exciting.  Really.  heh. 

Well, I've taken enough precious time from the hectic-day-before-Christmas weekend rush in the office (cricket noises here) so I think I'll close this epic, to sighs of relief from the hardy souls still reading.  Anyway, all will be well... eventually.  lol.

Merry Christmas!

Seduction Style?

I'd like to thank Stephanie for introducing me to yet another enjoyable quiz.  lol.  This one was fun to take, although I totally have to laugh at my result.  I can't believe Steph and I got the same result... I swear... i was totally honest! lol.  I'm now enjoying the suggested follow-up feature for those of us with the Midas Touch: Anti-Seduction Assistance for the Passive.  It involves cookies.  I'm in.