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Wall Art?

Okay, by popular request, I'm posting pictures of the wall art (using the term loosely) that I've created and put up to try and alleviate the blinding whiteness of my walls.  I know that these are very definitely subject to personal taste, but I'm really enjoying them so far, so that's all that matters, right?  They were fun to make, and it was nice to pull something together that required minimal spending - most of this was done with supplies I already had on hand.  It always feels good to do things like that.   So these were made with canvas, paint, modeling paste, fabric, ribbon, fakey jewels, felt, cardstock and patterned papers.

So, here are the pics.  On the wall for the staircase going upstairs, I did birds and bright colors.  On the wall going down to the living room / kitchen, I did fish and cool colors.  I was trying to be all symbolic, you know ;)





Everything on the walls themselves is just adhered with a removeable adhesive, so when I'm ready to take them down, they just peel off (and I can re-use them if I want) and then I just wipe down the walls with soap and water and I'm good to go :)  Anyway, I'm enjoying them.  Making the fish was a ton of fun, and the brightness of the birds makes me smile every time I see it.

Almost Forgot!

I can't believe I forgot to mention... I'm so excited!  I found out that I won a RAK from the Fancy Pants blog for some of their incredible product!  I've been drooling over everything that they just released at CHA a few weeks ago.  So a shout out and thank you to them!  Can't wait to play :D

Sharing Time

Just throwing up some more projects I've been working on.  I actually need to get busy with my scanner... I have a bunch of layouts I've done in the last few months that I haven't bothered to scan... yet.  I've also been working on some mixed-media wall art for my place.  Since I can't do anything permanent to the walls (such as paint, or any other traditional method of wiping out the gigantic expanse of WHITE that's everywhere) I thought I'd spice it up with something else.  I admit it, my addiction to home decorating blogs and the links they point you to is growing by leaps and bounds.  However, my newfound sense of fiscal responsibility (gasp.  yes, I said it, and it's actually true!) made it impossible for me to spend $50 on a set of removeable wall decals, no matter how much I was in love with them (but I just found another one that would cover an entire wall and WILL be mine.  Eventually).  Anyway, I've been taking pictures and I'll have to post that soon. 

So.  projects.  Just a layout and a little wall hanging thing that I did.  The layout is from Paris in October... we decided to take the stairs up the Eiffel Tower instead of the elevator (and another thank-you to Dustin who carried the backpack with our picnic lunch up and down without complaining.  lol).  It was a blast, but that was a LOT of steps.  The view, however, is unbelievable!


And here's a fun little project I did, just something to take a break from making layouts.  I'm getting a little into sewing, but so far I haven't worked up the nerve to use my sewing machine for anything more than loading thread onto bobbins.  Baby steps.  It's all about the baby steps.

Love_hanging_full Love_hanging_closeup

In Honor of Black Wednesday...

Here's a fun little thing that they cooked up here at work... go online, put in your name, and find out the odds of marrying your significant (not significant? distant crush? imaginary?) other... or, if you have no name to put in, find out who the odds say you should marry.  Kind of fun... we've played for hours over here.

Vegas Wedding Odds

All I can say is, some guy named Everett had better watch out!