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Okay, I needed a laugh today.  I REALLY needed a laugh.  Then about 15 minutes ago, as we all stood at the windows watching gloomy rain filled and traffic stopping clouds move ever closer to our building, I got an email from one of my co-workers with this link.  This, people, is high entertainment.  For anyone who has ever had to try and follow some crazy-a$$ diet plan, click this link, take yourself back to Weight Watchers circa 1974, and note the amazing and instantaneous appeal that your current diet plan will gain.  Trust me.  Take the tour.

1974 Weight Watcher's Recipe Cards (with highly amusing commentary)

Got Ink?

Woohoo!  My ink shipment came at last.  Okay, so it wasn't really *that* exciting, but I had been annoyed for a week that I couldn't print grayscale with an empty cyan cartridge.  So, after watching Hell's Kitchen (which I'm totally addicted to... lol.  No idea why.) I was finally able to finish up a layout I started last week.  Just some old pictures from a BBQ at Steph's house in VA.  Good times.  Oh well, onward and upward!


1203965Also, I finally managed to post a mini-album I did of my 2006 Year in Review.  Last year was CRAZY!!! and since I'm a totally unpredictible scrapbooker who will most likely never get all the cool stuff scrapbooked, I thought I'd do a review album.  I love it :D  It's hard to get a sense of it from scans, but here's the cover, and if you want to see the pages you can see where I posted it here.

Oh, and Eclipse comes out one week from today.  Not that I'm counting or anything, and I'm also definitely not unbelievably psyched that I found out she's contracted for a 4th book and is also writing Twilight from Edward's point of view.  I think I need another hobby.  lol.  Or something. 

Drive-By Layouts

I can't believe the weekend is almost over.  They always seem to go so fast!  I have to admit, I re-read both Twilight and New Moon this weekend - a little reading fest wrapped around a double-feature at the movies.  I saw "No Reservations" which was cute and touching, and I saw Harry Potter again, just because :D 

I had to laugh at Tara's comment about reading Twilight... I don't really have a good argument for why I love these books so much other than the fact that there were so many things about Bella that I relate to.  I guess I don't see her as subservient so much as I see her afraid of losing something that means more than her own life... I see her as being careful and still not yet believing that someone like Edward could love her.  Besides, if I was in love with a vampire, I'd probably be careful too.  lol.  I have to admit that Edward is what I read for.  I swear, if a guy like him turned up in my life and cared about me that way, I'd take him too... vampire or not!  Anyway, it's all good fiction.  Keeps me sane :D 

So I'm currently waiting for an incredibly slow ink shipment for my printer (I really need to monitor my ink supply so that I can re-order BEFORE I run out... especially since they don't sell ink for my printer in stores.  Is that Epson's way of telling me to upgrade?  I think so, yes.  lol).  While waiting, I went ahead and finished a few layouts with pictures that I've had printed out.  Anyway, here they are.  Off to enjoy the last hours of my weekend (while it lasts :-P).




My sister, whose job traveling to fabulous, exotic, international locations has me drooling with envy on a regular basis, is currently in Yemen.  She hasn't been able to take a lot of pictures, but she just sent 2 and I had to post them for those who know her... these are so cool!  I hope she got more.  And I'm just saying now, if I ever decide to move back to DC, I'm totally applying for a position in her company.  I want to do this!



I can't wait to find out if she was able to get me a good deal on a sword :D

It's Greek to Me

Saw this quiz on Steph's blog and since I love languages and it's been a while since I did a quiz, I took this one.  Had to laugh at the results, but I think it's pretty accurate :)

Your Score: Linear B

You scored

You are Linear B. Even those who can follow you think you're all Greek to them. Which, after all, is true - Linear B being the first known text for written Greek. To most people, you're incomprehensible. But what do you care? You're tough, hard, long-enduring and have greater nobility than most. Naturally, you don't admit to borrowing extensively from your brother Linear A.

Link: The Which Ancient Language Are You Test written by imipak on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Oh, and as a follow-up to yesterday's post on the book Twilight, last night I stopped at Borders on the way home and picked up book 2 - New Moon.  It was fabulous.  Read the whole thing last night, my heart in my throat half the time and so immersed that I forgot to eat.  Maybe I should read books like this more often ;)  Marking August 7 on my calendar to get the last book in the triology.  Love it!


Twilight Okay, I just read this book last night and I'm now quasi-obsessed with a gorgeous, fictional vampire.  Seriously.  I'm running to get book 2 in the trilogy after work, and book 3 will be out shortly.  I have to admit, reading the summary for book 2 has me nervous since it sounds like it isn't going to continue on in the exact storyline I fell in love with, but the first one was soooooo good I have to read the rest.

Also, I found out the author, Stephanie Meyer, went to BYU.  So keep in mind that this book *is* actually very clean as I point out what's probably my favorite passage from the entire book:

"I brought the jacket for you.  I didn't want you to get sick or something."  His voice was guarded.  I noticed that he wore no jacket himself, just a light gray knit V-neck shirt with long sleeves.  Again, the fabric clung to his perfectly muscled chest.  It was a colossal tribute to his face that it kept my eyes away from his body." 

LOL.  Anyway.  Just had to share.  This book was amazing :D  I might have book 2 read by tomorrow.  We'll see ;)

Chatterbox Finalist Album - 2006

Well, some of you know that I was chosen as a finalist in the Chatterbox Make it Meaningful contest for a second time last year.  They had my album for almost a year and photographed it and everything, but the company has changed ownership in the last month or so and things are pretty crazy there right now.  So, they felt like it wasn't right to ask us to continue to keep our albums private after so much time has passed.  They may still make a book in the future, but for now it's up in the air.  In the meantime, I went ahead and made mine public and posted it on the 2Peas scrapbooking site as well :)  Here's the cover of the album:


This was an album that I did about people who inspire or have inspired me.  Inside are a bunch of mini-albums made from file folders, one for each person or couple.  This isn't all-inclusive, of course.  I was under a time crunch to get this made and submitted, and there are a lot of people who have touched me in one way or another.  But here's the album that Chatterbox has photographed :)  You can't see any of the journaling here (which is a good thing.  It's sappy.  I don't like to share sappy things.  But Steph can back me up on the sap-level since she snuck into my bathroom with it and read it while we were supposed to be watching the Grammy's or something.  lol).  Anyway, I also posted it on 2Peas for those who go to that site :)


Well, I can FINALLY say that I know what happens to Harry Potter.  No fear, I won't post any spoilers :)  However, since I was apparently on the late delivery schedule to get my book, I didn't start reading until about 7:30pm on Saturday.  So before that, I got to go over to Mel's to celebrate Angelina's 7th birthday.  I can't believe she's already 7!  I still have her baby picture hanging up in my scrap attic.  Anyway, it was fun.  Angelina was on the couch when I got there feeling bad from what looked like an ear infection, but some Tylenol, cake and presents seemed to make the pain go away very quickly... lol.  So, here are some pictures from the little party :)






Blog_angelina_and_i_sp (The little Hello Kitty photo tote was from me.  Because I would never give anyone a scrapbook kit, Hello Kitty or otherwise, right?  lol).

Blog_the_deathly_hallows_2 I picked up my mail (and my beautiful new HP book) on my way in after the party, and immediately set to reading while I ate dinner.  It's actually pretty lucky that I don't have stains all over the carpet given how little attention I was paying to dinner.  But I thought the book was worth the excitement and the suspense.  I couldn't put it down and read the whole thing, all 750ish pages, in one sitting.  It was awesome.  I'll probably read it again in a few days just to pick up on details.  Loved it!  And I'm so glad that even though it's the last book, we still have more movies to look forward to :)

Friday Layout Share :)

I've been having a hard time sleeping this week and so I've been pretty tired lately.  So, what did I do?  I stayed up until 2am last night endulging in a spurt of creativity.  I figure since today is Friday it's not too big a deal, right?  And it was fun :D  I finally did a layout with the pictures I took in Mexico in April - my first one is from the great pyramid at Chichen Itza.  You can see all the supplies, etc, here.  I'm totally loving doing these hand-drawn borders right now.  I bought a digital border kit by Sande Kreiger at 2Peas that has totally been inspiring me lately.


Also, there are a bunch of layouts I did earlier this year that I've never gotten around to posting, so I'm sharing.  Because I can, really.  lol.






and finally,


Happy Harry Potter Eve!  (I'm not counting the hours until the guy in brown shows up or anything ;)

A New Wall and Harry Potter Part Deux

At long last, the painter showed up at my house to do the accent wall going up my stairs.  I won a free accent wall when I renewed my lease in May, and I've been sooooo excited to get some color in my VERY white stairwell.  The painting has been delayed several times, however, due to lack of the proper equipment to paint a wall that high over the stairs.  As it was, James (the painter) still had a hard time.  But, I now have a gold wall :D  Mannered Gold is the color, and I LOVE it!  I was a little unsure about how it would look, but I figured it couldn't be worse than white. 

Of course, after I looked at my nice and *sophisticated* new wall (okay, comparitively sophisticated ;), I realized that there was no way I could put my avian wall collage back up the way it was but I still wanted to put it back up.  So, I ran over to the Hobby Lobby in South Jordan (LOVE that there's one close by!  Although totally bummed that they didn't have the new Love, Elsie scrapbook line which was the REAL reason I trotted out there with a  They had a whole bunch of frames on sale for 50% off, so I got enough to do all the canvases for that wall.  I'm really liking the results.  It gives it a more finished look that it didn't have before which has been bugging me for months.  So, here's how it looks:



And a few "After" shots:


P7150001 The flash from my camera washed the color out a bit - it's actually darker than the pictures show - the bottom left corner of the picture to the left is a better idea.  Anyway, I'm very pleased.  Now I just have to save up a bit more money and wait for another 50% off sale to get frames to do the little fishies on the other side :)

Also, I was finally able to see Harry Potter this weekend :D  I had a bridal shower to go to on opening night, so I figured since I was waiting, I might as well wait until Saturday and do a matinee at the Imax.  I'm so glad I did.  I had an awesome seat and I LOVED the movie!  I know there are people out there who aren't quite liking the changes that were made to get an 850 page book into a 2.5 hour movie, but I really felt like a lot of the changes made a great impact.  And I thought the scene at the end when Sirius falls through the arch was just beautifully done; achingly poignant.  I have to see it again.  And again.  lol.  I was going to get tickets to go again this Saturday when I realized... duh!  Book 7 is being delivered Saturday.  Like I'm going to want to put it down long enough to go to a movie I've already seen once!  I'm re-reading book 6 this week and I can't wait to FINALLY get to see how it ends.  I've heard rumors that JK Rowling was thinking of killing off Harry at the end to make sure no one could write any sequals, but I really hope she doesn't.  He has to get together with Ginny!  Okay.  I'm getting off my geeky HP rant now ;)

Bye Bye Baby

Okay, totally trying not to cry as I'm posting this (especially since I have a meeting in 10 minutes and I don't want to frighten but I found out yesterday that my little baby, Beethoven (affectionately called Beeter by our family and Beetie by me), has gotten to the point where it was his time to go.  He went blind from cateracts when he was about 5, and even after surgery he could never see too well, but in the 6 months since I saw him at Christmas, he's evidently become very thin, gone completely blind, deaf and become disoriented.  So, my parents made the tough decision that it was time for Beetie to go to that big 'ol rabbit chasing meadow in the sky (or squirrel and chipmunks in the case of our dogs).  So at 9:45am eastern time this morning, Beetie got his sight back :)  Deep down I'm happy that he's finally in a better place, and I believe I'll see the little guy again.  In the meantime, here's one of my favorite pictures, and I'm sure I'll be posting lots of dog layouts in the near future :)


Missing you already buddy :)

French Food, Transformers, Harry Potter and a Layout

As much as I would have liked to finish another layout this weekend, I only managed to complete the one from the 4th of July last year that I started on the 4th this year (confusing much?  lol).  This was fun; just playing with paper scraps, some older product I had laying around and some stamps.  The pictures of the fireworks are pretty bad (as I mentioned last week, my camera is NOT good with the low lights.  Someday I'll have that dSLR to play with :D), but I really like them anyway because they show the way the fireworks reflected in the water of Monterey Bay.  Can't wait to go and do it again next year! 


Anyway, I got a little distracted and didn't get back to scrapping after I finished this one.  My Aunt Annette and Uncle Tommy were in town from California for a reunion so Ryan, my cousin, called to see if I'd like to come hang out with them while they were here.  I always love spending time with my family, so I went and spent Friday evening with them.  One of Ryan's hobbies is food, so he knows lots of amazing restaurants around SLC that I've never even heard of!  Since we got discussing Paris (he was looking for honeymoon tips) we decided to go to a little French restaurant up near the U.  Although I was continually amused by our waiter's inconsistent and bad attempts at a French accent, the food was delicious.  I had homemade gnocchi with eggplant (although Ryan and Tommy had the "Paris Burger"... *snort*) and we all shared a lemongrass crème brulée for dessert.  After that, we went to meet Ryan's fiancée, Jill, for a late movie.  We saw Transformers, which I loved, but as we walked out I realized I was the only one who enjoyed it... lol.  I think Uncle Tommy's words were "looks like something I'd buy on the $5 DVD rack at Walmart."  (However my mom said that she loved it too, which helped me feel a tad more normal).  But it was fun, and I'm glad they've moved the wedding to SLC so I can crash the reception ;) 

After that, I decided I really needed to start my preparations for the new Harry Potter movie and then the final book (I've mentioned before that I'm a geek, right?).  I've had the book on pre-order since the first day possible, and I'm setting aside the entire day to read it when it gets here.  But I decided (as have many others that I've seen) that I wanted to re-read all of the other books.  So, I re-read books 1-3 this weekend, watching each movie as I finished the book.  I know.  Thrilling weekend, right?  lol.  It was nice to relax out of the heat, though, and fun to go back and read the books again since it's been quite a while.  I'm currently about 400 pages into book 4, so I should easily be done with 5 before the movie.  Already have a ticket to see it in Imax 3D.  At least for the first time ;)  I saw a new commercial tonight in between laughing at another (staged?) episode of Hell's Kitchen and got goosebumps.  I can't wait! 

Friday Drive-By

Quick layout posting... I did this last weekend and finally scanned it last night.  Of course, my scanner decided to stop working in the middle giving me a few minutes of techno-panic.  (Can I coin that phrase?  lol).  Fortunately, I still have the install disk and got it all up and running again.  I use my scanner a ton, so thank goodness I don't need a new one!

This is from when Nicole and I were at the Cape of Good Hope on our trip to South Africa in May.  Can't believe I've already been home more than a month!  Anyway, this place was amazing... just beautiful.


I actually *did* work on that July 4th layout last night, so I'll finish and post that soon :)  Love that I'm scrapping again!  It's such a great release after work in the evening.  And I love getting those pictures off the computer and out where I can enjoy them and remember all of the things that make life so awesome.  Who knows... maybe this weekend I'll get crazy and do TWO layouts!  lol.

Happy Friday!

July 4th Recap

Honestly?  Not a whole lot to recap.  LOL.  I slept in, read a book on the treadmill, and printed off some pictures from last year's 4th in some idealistic thoughts of doing a scrapbook layout.  Then Melody called and we decided we were actually going to get together to bar-b-que, so I ditched my inspiration-less scraproom to bake cookies :D  I made star-shaped sugar cookies with homemade red icing along with my famous couscous salad (minus the feta.  Believe me when I tell you it needs the feta.  Stopping at Smith's on the way home to get some for my leftovers... lol.)  So Mel came over with her cute little family and we cooked, ate and enjoyed each others' company.  Just a few pictures...




And finally, me, as taken by Angelina :)


So after eating, cleaning up and visiting for a bit, Mel, Vic and family took off to try and catch the fireworks on their way home.  I just went upstairs and enjoyed the show from my window :)  I think I saw 6 different shows across the valley.  It was a fantastic view!  If only my little digital could take better low-light pictures.  Since Target has managed to lose the one and only roll of film that I took in Africa, I wasn't really keen on going back to film again just to get fireworks shots :-P  So, here's one of the shots that I took just to give an idea of the view :)


Anyway, maybe tonight I'll get that layout done :)  And now I can start counting down until the next 4th when I'll be back in Monterey again!

Adorable Baby!

P7010299Yesterday I got to go to Mel's ward for the blessing of her new little baby.  Logan is only 2 weeks old, but he's a big boy!  He's also a really sweet baby and totally adorable. It was fun to get to spend time with Mel and her family.  Vic's dad and nephew came, along with Jason and his wife Candice.  Vic's dad was so funny.  He kept telling me how natural I am with kids and how he expects me to be married the next time he sees me (snort... cough... snort).  I love children as long as they have parents to take them in charge when they cry or that kind of thing.  Of course, my mom said she was the same way before she had kids, so you never know. 

Anyway.  Melody's mom is a trip (her parents flew up from Texas).  She's from Mexico and has the cutest accent.  We had a long chat in Mel's kitchen after lunch.  Mel's sister Lola was there with her little family, and I have to say, she had the cutest shoes!  I should have gotten a close-up of them for you Steph ;)  Angelina and I spent some quality time hanging out (have I mentioned how much I adore her?) and she taught me to play one of those hand slapping chanting games that the girls I didn't hang out with in elementary school played while riding the teeter-totter.  I think she was cheating, but it was still fun... lol.  It was great to sit and chat with them all... and I'm very thrilled that I was able to be there for their special day :)