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BYU Homecoming Weekend

Well, the weekend has come and gone.  It was so nice to have my family here for a few days.  It was kind of a whirlwind, but I enjoyed getting to spend time with them.  So here's the rundown...

Friday my parents and sister picked me up at work and we grabbed dinner.  Then we went over to the BYU campus and went to the new football training building.  They have this big museum area in the atrium where you can see Ty Detmer's Heisman trophy, all the National Championship memoriabilia and tons of other displays for different athletes in school history.  Very cool. 

After that, we went to the Homecoming Spectacular at the Marriott Center where Rick, Erin and Ben joined us just in time after driving down from Idaho.  There are some very talented performing groups at the Y.  The Living Legends, Young Ambassadors and Ballroom Dance Company all performed.  They also had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra at Temple Square.  The music was beautiful.  My favorite was when the choir and orchestra performed "If You Could Hie to Kolob" with the ballroom dancers.  Fabulous.


Saturday, game day!!!  Rick, Erin, Ben and I went out for pancakes and then met the rest of the family at their hotel and we all headed to Provo for the game.  We managed to make it through the traffic, find a parking spot and get to our seats in time for kick-off.  Ben was so cute... he was playing peek-a-boo with my BYU hat in the car.Blog_ben_in_byu_hat

What a great game!  Despite the pouring rain that started towards the end of the 3rd, it was awesome.  I was the only one that stuck it out to the very end in the stands, however.  Even my parents took off with a few seconds left on the clock.  I pride myself on being a hardcore fan ;)  Here's a shot I got of the first touchdown of the game.Blog_touchdown

And Ben, enjoying his first game.  He loved the colors, the action and the noise.  Especially when everyone in the stands would start stomping and shouting on kick-offs and 3rd downs.  He was so cute!


After the game (which we won 31-6.  Yay!), and fighting through the post-game traffic, we had a family dinner and then Nicole and I met some of her friends from when she was in Choralaries (am I spelling that right?  Probably not) at Weber and we saw Transformers on IMAX.  I loved it the first time I saw it,  but it's awesome at such a huge size! 

Sunday was just a visiting day, and then Rick, Erin and Ben headed home.  And yesterday my parents and Nicole took off.  Sigh.  Visiting time is over :(  But they'll be back out again in December for Rick's graduation and my cousin's wedding.  More pictures from the weekend are here.

Oh, and my Avs?  Still rocking the pre-season.  Can't wait until the regular season opens on Sunday afternoon.  Yay for Autumn and the commencement of good TV and awesome sports.  Yay for hockey!

Jambiyas, a wall hanging and another layout

Today was almost better than Christmas!  After work I came home and met my parents and my sister at my house.  They flew in from VA today to visit for homecoming this weekend.  I've been excited to see them... I haven't seen Nicole since we parted in Frankfurt after our trip to South Africa in May, and I haven't seen my parents since April when we were in Cancun.  (Did I just sound like a pretentious jet-setter there?  lol.  That one was for you Steph ;)  This is the first time they've been here since I moved out to Utah and it was fun to show them my little townhouse.  We all went to Ruby River for dinner - beef.  Yum. (my sister has been craving it for months, apparently), and then stopped to drop our parents at their hotel - Nicole is staying with me tonight until Rick and Erin come tomorrow.  The chance to have her own room was too good to pass up, I guess... lol.

At the hotel, Nicole showed me all her pictures from Yemen and then the ones she took in Africa that I haven't seen yet.  (She should be burning a CD of them as we speak...)  Also, Nicole started bringing out all kinds of goodies that she'd brought me from her trips.  A nepalese style pashmina from Kazakhstan, another one from Yemen... you should FEEL them!  So soft.  She also brought me 2 Yemeni Jambiyas - one of them is made from camel bone and the other is attached to a belt.  She thinks I can be a sheik for Halloween this year.  I just have to find myself a white robe now :D  She also brought the most gorgeous quilted wall hanging... I had to hang everything up immediately!  I have to admit, I have an awesome sister.  Below are a few pictures of my new treasures :D



Finally, a layout I started 2 weeks ago scrapping at Mel's again (while listening to Vic and Dustin's commentary to Jurassic Park.  It was almost as good as Mystery Science Theater 3000!)  Another one from Cancun.


And with that, I'm crossing my fingers that the Cougs got a fire lit under them at practice this week and that they'll come out ready to play against Air Force on Saturday.  And did I mention my Avs are 2-0 so far in the pre-season?  Looking good!

Who are you and what have you done with the Cougars?

We're in mourning at work today.  Most everyone is refusing to discuss anything that remotely touches on college football.  In fact, we're avoiding discussion of sports in general.  The only good thing?  ALL of us got the 40 point penalty for picking the wrong team to win this week. 

What's up with the penalties BYU?  14 penalties and 4 turnovers?  I'm all for scoring 47 points in a game, but come on!!!

Okay, rant over.  Related topic... am I the only one seeing the similarity here?  Every time the camera would zoom in on Max Hall during the game, I kept thinking... dang, he looks so much like Matt Bellamy! Is it just me?


Now I'm just counting the days until hockey starts, hoping that my Avs, at least, won't disappoint.  Training camp started last week... the pre-season is nearly upon us!

Matt Bellamy is insanely talented.

I mean, seriously.  Muse was AMAZING.  Unbelievable.  One of the best shows I've ever seen, and I've seen some great shows.  And Matt is a sick guitar player.  He and Chris and Dom would just go off at the end of songs or in between and just jam or Matt would do these amazing riffs... my ears are still ringing.  At the end of the main set, they were playing Plug in Baby and from the side came out all of these giant white balloons that bounced out into the crowd and as people hit them they popped and showered paper confetti all over.  It was very cool.  They played all my favorites and I was *thrilled* to finally get to listen to their music as loud as I wanted to.  My ears are still ringing, but it was totally worth it.

Rob and I were totally laughing as we looked around and we were saying that it was kind of incredible that a band like Muse would be playing in such a podunk venue.  I have nothing personally against the McKay Events Center - it was nice, and I loved being in such a small place with such an amazing band.  But these are the same guys that headline Glastonbury and sell out Wembley on multiple nights.  I guess America is still catching on (Heh.  says the girl who's been a Muse fan for how long?  lol :)  Whatever the reason, I'm so glad they came to Orem.  And Rob, who came with me for kicks, is now a fan :D  Although he claims Muse will be a mood thing for him.  Pfft. 

They were checking purses at the door, so I had to smuggle my camera in (although I don't think they were looking for cameras judging by the number of other people taking pictures... lol).  We were in the front row of our section right by the guards that kept trying to catch jumpers going into the GA section.  So I didn't use my flash just in case.  Most of the pictures are a bit blurry as a result, but I got some decent ones.  Here are a few :)








More photos here.

And now, bedtime for me... I have to be back down in Provo by 8:15 tomorrow morning in order to carpool from the office to the Marriott for our company meeting.  Bets on whether or not I make it on time?  lol.

P.S.  Have I mentioned that I really really REALLY love Muse?  Oh.  Yeah.  I guess I did.  :D

We all knew it was true...

You Are 40% Weird
Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!
... that I'm weird.  I'm actually surprised that the percentage wasn't higher!


Today is MUSE!!!  I'm a little excited.  Just a teensy weensy little itty bitty bit excited.  So, in the spirit of weirdness and Muse, here's my final video posting.  Weird video, great song - and I'm loving that it's made its way into the video rotation on the music channel at Golds :D  I switch over from my iPod every time it comes on.

Powdered Sugar Fingerprints

Ugh... The worst part of a long weekend is waking up when it's over and realizing that you do, in fact, have to get out of bed and go to work.  Bleh. 

Ben_and_i_3 It was a fun weekend :)  Rick and Erin came down Friday night and it was fun to see them and see Ben.  He's walking now - spreading chaos wherever he goes.  My house is definitely not child proof, so we were continually scrambling to try and keep ahead of Ben.  He also really liked my stairs.  Partly because the stairs in Rick and Erin's place are always blocked at top and bottom, and partly because of my rail - he loved playing peek-a-book through the bars.  He also quite enjoyed leaving crusty powdered sugar fingerprints all over... I'm still finding them.  He seems to favor remote controls and anything remotely electronic.  lol.  Here are a few more of the photos I managed to get before I dropped them all at the airport Saturday (including this first one with the source of the powdered sugar fingerprints ;).  The rest of the pictures are here - scroll to the bottom.

P9010018 P9010026

Saturday, after leaving the airport, I went home to work on a scrapbook layout and watch the BYU v. Arizona game (or at least the beginning.)  Go Cougars! Way to start the season!  :D  Hopefully they'll be able to keep it up.  I left during the 2nd quarter to meet Mel and run a few errands.  We stopped at the scrapbook store so she could shop for some things for Logan's baby book.  I have to admit to being extremely proud of myself.  I had a tiny little budget to get a few things to play with and I stuck to it.  Go me!  Then we picked up Vic's Spiderman birthday cake and went back to their place for Vic's birthday party. 

Dustin, Tim, Al and Jason all came over carrying armloads of video games and I brought a bag of scrapbooking stuff so Mel and I could crop while the guys (and Angelina) played games.  Melody had promised that if Tim and Dustin brought the stuff for Guitar Hero we would play, so, since they had brought it Melody and I jumped in for a few rounds.  Neither of us had ever played before, but we both did awesome for a couple of first timers (we kicked Jason's butt, at least... lol).  I'll definitely have to play that again sometime.  It was also fun to watch Angelina play - she wasn't quite grasping the concepts, but she had a great time trying! 

(Dustin doing his Zoolander impersonation.)






The rest of the pictures from the party (mainly made up of Angelina's fabulous portraits) are here.

Here are the layouts from this weekend - the giraffe one I finished Saturday morning, the snorkling one I worked on at Mel's on Saturday night :)



Finally, Mel and I went to see Becoming Jane yesterday evening.  It was so good!  Heartbreaking, of course, but I expected that since I knew Jane never married.

So that's it... back to the grind :-P