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Taking a breather

Well, despite the fact that I ended up slacking Wednesday and Thursday nights (although Thursday was only because I absolutely crashed at about 9pm), I'm done with the reunion album!  Not only did I finish the sample album, but I refused to let myself go to be last night until all of the other albums were completely kitted and ready to go.  (It was a late night.)  Whew! 

Here's a quick glance at the cover and the rest of the pages (minus the 3rd and 4th pages from the Hearst Castle spread that all look similar).

Blog - last pages

I have extra cardstock and leftover paper if anyone wants to make more pages or have extras for more pictures.  I even have extra stuff printed / assembled, etc... for the Hearst Castle spread.  That's going to be our "Day Away" and there's also going to be golfing and fishing so families that have different or multiple activities will have pages for all of it.  It took me a while to figure out how I was going to work around the fact that there are so many of us going in different directions some days, but I think this will work.  It's pretty simple, but I think my goals of having something that I can take without checking a second bag and which can be assembled in 2 hours or less by non-scrapbookers have been met. :)

And now, I have a few more projects that I'd like to finish and it looks like I might have time.  Off to get back to work!

Drive-by posting

Everything has been crazy busy from the moment I get up until I finally get to bed... I'm exhausted and it's not even half way though the week!  lol.  I'm still making good progress on my projects... I thought I'd share the next pages in the family reunion album.

Blog - next 6 pages
There are 2 more of the beachy themed pages since we have a lot of those types of activities but they look about the same so I didn't post them.  I've also been making some of the pieces I'll need for the album kits as I go along as well as getting all of the elements ready for the next set of pages.  At this rate I might get to do some playing this weekend!

Off to sleep. :)

This is not your mother's family tree.

Okay, so technically this is my mother's family tree.  lol.  But it's kind of a funky modern version.  One of the activities at our upcoming reunion is a family history night.  I'm actually looking forward to hearing the stories and seeing what everyone else brings.  My contribution?  I made this cool family tree to put into the scrapbook.  I have a pedigree chart that goes back a few more generations that I'll put on the opposing page so they get names and dates to go with these photos.  I'm really pleased with how this turned out... until tonight it's just been kind of a concept in my head.

3 Generation Tree

I've had the tree drawn for over a month but tonight I finally scanned it.  I had scanned all the photos a few weeks ago and I've just been putting off pulling it all together, but I'm so glad I followed through on this.  I even got a ton of photos uploaded to my online tree on Ancestry.  I've also finished 6 more pages for the album, but they aren't scanned yet... still plugging along!

I think it's bedtime now.

I think I might make it.

I was getting worried that I wouldn't get all my projects done before I have to go out of town, but I've gotten enough done tonight that I think I might make it.

But first, in the spirit of procrastination, I went to a comedy double-feature yesterday.  I saw The Love Guru and Get Smart.  I really enjoyed both of them, despite the critics' remarks about Love Guru.  Of course, I didn't seem to be enjoying it quite as much as the guy in front of me who was nearly falling out of his seat with laughter.  Not that I was in a similar state during the Bollywood-esque version of The Steve Miller Band's Space Cowboy or anything.

Once I read two books and watched another movie, I thought I should finally get down to work on the album for family reunion.  You wouldn't think it would be that big of a deal but the thing is, I have to design an entire album based on the activities that are planned during the reunion (many of which are options that not everyone will do) along with kits for 6 more albums for each of the family groups.  It has to be something I can carry on the airplane, all tools included, with the new luggage restrictions (meaning financially, I don't want to pay $50 to take an extra bag each way) and it has to be able to be completed in 2 hours or less by people who don't scrapbook.  Not a tall order at all!  But I dug in and I've finished the first 5 pages including a lot of the prep work for the other kits.  Here's what I've got so far:

Blog - first 5 pages

They don't look all that great without pictures, do they?  Since I have to figure that most people don't have tools at home, I'm trying to leave room for them to just slap on pictures once they get some printed.  We'll see how this works out.  I also have 4 more partial pages laid out on my desk so if I can keep up the pace working after work this week, I should get done in time to work on some other things I'd like to finish.  Crossing my fingers!

But for now, I'm off to watch Iron Chef America.  Priorities, you know.


So I got home from my trainer's about 7:30 last night and still managed to eat dinner, finish a book, and get several little things finished that need to be ready for the reunion.  Yay me! 

In the middle of all the things that have to be done, I'm trying to finish the brag book I've been making for my mom with the last pictures of Ben.  I got the pictures printed out and did one quick layout.

Too Cool for School

One of the other things I needed to do was my grandma's birthday present.  She said that this year she didn't want presents, she wanted hand-made valentines (because I'd imagine that, as fun as presents are, getting 60 of them at once is kind of overwhelming.  Especially when you have to get them home!)  So last night I also decided that I would turn my little bird into a valentine.  I cut a heart out of fabric and stitched it on and then found a branch in my yard and attached the bird and made this little card to hang.  I'll put a personal message on the back.

Blog - Love Bird

Get it?  It's a love bird!  lol.  I did make it so she can take the bird off the stick but after doing this, I'm definitely making that mobile some time when I've got a little extra time.

Next goal... significant progress on the reunion albums by the end of the weekend.  Time to buckle down!

Whilst procrastinating: fun sewing projects

I should have been working on the sample for our family reunion albums.  Instead, I made this little birdie while I watched Hell's Kitchen on tivo.  It was a fun little diversion and I am thinking about making one as my little gift to my grandma for her birthday celebration at our reunion.  

Blog - Stuffed Birdie
Blog - Stuffed Birdie 2 I found a link to the pattern on another blog I read.  This one only took about 30 minutes and I was sewing by hand.  Next time I might break out the machine.  Here's another view so you can see how fun it is with coordinating patterns (although the ones on the actual site are much better, of course).

Here's the link directly to the pattern and samples.  I really want to make that mobile.  All my fat quarters that I bought because they were pretty might come in handy!

Tonight's goal:  work on something that actually needs to get done... lol.

Getting motivated

You're supposed to get all motivated in the Summer time, right?  Eating lots of fruit and barbecued chicken, playing outside, all that stuff.  I was at the store last night buying all kinds of things like raw organic sunflower seeds and giant bottles of whey protein.  I've got a new plan that I'm excited about.  I'm also counting down the days until I go to Monterey for family reunion.  Have I finished my checklist of projects before I go? Ha!  Barely started.  Hopefully the motivation will extend to getting to work on that this week.

In the mean time, this is one of my favorite layouts ever.  This is from Africa last year - Nicole and I did a small tour group of the area around Cape Town and here we were visiting Cape Point.

Exploring Cape Point

I really can't wait to get traveling again... my camera is feeling neglected!

Happy Father's Day!

I've been slacking off a bit with my posting lately... watching a lot of movies after work instead of scrapbooking or doing anything else at all productive... lol.  Now that's it's Father's day, I thought I'd share the cards that I sent.  This one I sent to my grandpa - I made it as a make-and-take at Robert's last year and saved it.  The insides of the wheels are actually silver.

Father's Day - Card Car
Here's the one I made for my dad:
Father's Day - Tree Card
Both of them have Father's Day sentiments stamped inside.

Now I'm just trying to get back into the groove doing pages.  This is the time of year when I don't work as much since my little attic room gets nice and hot.  Of course last year I didn't have my nice big fan either so we'll see how it goes :)

I have a ribbon crush.

Okay, maybe not a crush, but I just got my hands on some of the American Crafts Indie ribbon today and it's totally gorgeous.  Why haven't my local stores been carrying this stuff?  Anyway, we all know what happens when I get a new toy that I love.  It's play time!  More Italy pictures from our day trip to Florence.

Piazza Living

I can still practically hear the music from that band that was playing in the Piazza della Repubblica that day.  So cool.  We need piazzas in the states.

P.S.  Tell me that ribbon isn't fabulous?

Another quick layout post... last night I made some Father's Day cards that I mailed off this morning, but I'll wait to share those in case anyone is peeking ;)  I also did another quick Italy layout.  This was of Nicole, Jim and I chowing down on gigantic and delicious pizzas at a little place right off of the Piazza San Marco (I think that's one of my favorite things about this kind of travel... I spend so much time walking that I can eat whatever I want.  Too bad that doesn't work in real life.  Sigh.)


I got the DVDs of photos I was waiting on in the mail from Brian last night... no more excuses.  It's time to get to work editing and cropping and then there will be LOTS of wedding layouts to come :)

Weekend projects

First of all, I saw Zohan this weekend.  I was a bit disappointed... a lot of it was really funny, but the rest was just kind of crude.  I usually like Adam Sandler but this was a was little too far over the line for me.  I have higher hopes for Mike Meyers :)

Aside from that, this weekend I worked on some projects... I'm making progress getting photos cropped and edited for Nicole & Brian's wedding album plus working on the album kits for family reunion.  At our last reunion I was asked to put together album kits that each family could work on so that they'd have pages for all of the activities we did during reunion that they could just add pictures to.  I guess everyone liked it since they asked me to do it again this year.   I'm doing whole albums this time, using book board and my Bind-it-All.  My grandma loves birds, so when I saw this Joel Dewberry fabric I knew I needed to use it for the covers.  I finally got them all done - gessoed, painted, fabric with ribbon and interfacing adhered, holes punched and inside covers done.  If they ask me to do this again I think we'll just go back to pages... lol.  Here's a quick shot of how it's looking:

Blog - Reunion Album Covers

The insides are covered with the Basic Grey paper and we'll put the coil bindings in when the albums are done at the reunion.  I still need to work a title on these covers somehow.  Maybe vinyl letters cut on my Silhouette?  We'll see.

One of our activities at reunion will be a family history night.  I've drawn this cool Klimt inspired family tree that I want to add photos to so I've been scanning and uploading all kinds of pictures to my tree on Ancestry.

Blog - Genealogy Stuff

I know a lot of people find genealogy a bit boring, but there's something really satisfying about pulling together all the facts and photos into one place :)

Well, this week at work is probably going to be crazy, so I'm off to face the insanity!

2 years

Benjamin would have been two years old today... although we all miss him very much, the last two months have really brought a lot of peace - to me, at least.  I meant to do another layout with pictures of Ben last night, but I was sucked into a show about airbrushing cars on TLC (Rides) and then into finishing a book I was reading... lol.  Even though I didn't get a layout done, I wanted to share this one.  I did it a while ago - the picture was taken just a few days after Ben was born and I thought it was just too precious.

One Perfect Moment

Happy Birthday Ben!  We miss you kiddo.


hehe.  I just had a total flashback to grad school.  I can picture my cousin Aaron and his roommates saying "quickie" and then laughing like they were still 13.  I mean, quick post... just a layout I did last night.  This is from Germany when my sister and parents and I were there for Christmas in 2004.  Obviously, I have a LOT of unscrapped travel pictures.

The Night Watchman

I absolutely LOVE these fabric brads and the little clips and all, but they really make it hard to scan :-P  There's a little pamphlet and a postcard and a few not-very-good photos from the tour inside the little folder.  I think it's time to get some albums so that all these layouts can get put away instead of just sitting in a pile.  I'll just put it on the list. ;)

Warthog Wishes

If there was a richter scale for work, yesterday would have been about an 8.7. lol.  Okay, maybe not really, but it was pretty insane.  I was still taking bites of that fabulous spinach salad until about 4pm when I decided lunch was over.  I'm hoping today will be a little less crazy, but at the same time I love the business of it all.  Things will probably settle down after this next big campaign launches but one of the cool things about marketing is that there's always another campaign :)  Anyway.  Enough about work.

I'm still feeling Italy while I scrapbook... last night I did some more pictures from Florence - this is a kind of warthog wishing well on the Piazza San Lorenzo (we were there on Saturday which was sweet because that's market day).

Make a Wish

I think this is the first time I've used rubons on fabric... it was surprisingly easy!  I also think I'm in love with those AC Jewelry Box Thickers.  I'd had the package a while and never used them and now I can't figure out why... they rock!

P.S.  Every time I hear Supermassive Black Hole by Muse it gets better.  It's an insanely awesome song. 

It's possible that I may turn into Popeye by the end of the day.

I brought a salad for lunch... when it was lunch time I looked at it and wondered if I shouldn't just go down and get a hot pocket from the machine.  But no, I'll be good... so I opened the package and realized that I have about a pound of baby spinach with a few croutons and feta and stuff.  I guess it's good for me :-P  Still munching.

Tastebook And now, the real reason I popped on.  I just found this!  I think it might be time to start pulling together some of my favorite / frequently used recipes so I can make myself a book.  How cool would this be?!? 

Okay, people have been lined up at my desk asking me to help them get their campaigns set up so I think I'd better go do some work.

P.S.  Still eating spinach.  Yum.

Sneak peeks are fun.

I'm starting to get Twilight fever again.  One of the ladies I work with went and got the new special edition of Eclipse that came out yesterday which happens to feature the first chapter of Breaking Dawn which comes out in August.  She emailed and asked if I'd like to borrow it and read the chapter.  um, yeah.  I went over to borrow it and practically read it on the spot.  (One of my guy friends at work passed by while I was reading and said oh - is that the vampire trilogy?  You know, he dies at the end.  I was like, dude... he's immortal.  Edward can't die!  Some people just try to mess with your brain, you know?)  It's possible that my life revolves a bit too much around book and movie releases.  lol.  (Speaking of which... anyone else going to see Zohan this weekend?  Looks hysterical.  Of course, I almost cried I was laughing so hard when they showed a trailer for The Love Guru during the Stanley Cup Finals game 5.  That's a must see.) 

Okay, enough of that.  During / after last night's marathon playoff hockey game, I did another layout.  This time I was feeling like scrapbooking Italy pictures.  These are from a trip in March 2005 when we went to this gelateria in Florence that had the most amazing gelato EVER (it was also 15 euros per cone!  Granted, the cones were ginormous.)

Most Expensive Ice Cream

Apparently my life also revolves too much around food.  But that's no surprise, really.  For such an apparently simple layout, this one sure took long enough.  And yes, that's an actual gelato spoon that I've saved for 3 years.  If it weren't actually memorabilia, there's no way that hot pink sucker would be stuck to the layout.  lol.

You know you've been busy when...

... you're a die hard hockey fan and you have to look on to find out if the playoffs are over yet.  I got a text from Steph the other day thanking me for introducing her to the beauty of hockey.  At the same time I'm thinking to myself, oh yeah, the finals.  I seriously had to look to see if they were still on since it's been so crazy that I haven't watched a single game.  I need to remedy that tonight :)

I've been so busy at work that I haven't had breakfast yet (which is sitting here on my desk) and it's now lunch.  So I thought I'd take a quick break to eat something and post quickly :)

First, a layout.  I'm getting back to Paris pictures... these are some of my favorites from le temple d'amour at Versailles.  (It looks better in person... the brads made scanning and stitching kind of wonky.)

Le Temple d'amour

I'm also loving all the fruit that's hitting the stores now that it's warmer.  Cherries are my favorite... I couldn't wait to get to the grocery store this weekend so I could pick up my first bag of the season.  And now, I'm hungry.

P.S. Melody - I have to call you!  I'm a slacker.