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Sometimes I wonder about Netflix's suggestion engine...

...because I just rated "Smart People" and it suggested that I might like to rent a Hannah Montana live concert DVD.  Umm, no thanks.

Today has been a CRAZY busy day.  I don't remember the last time I accomplished so much in one day, but it was 3:30pm before I had a chance to eat lunch.  That's kind of insane.  But my goal was to not have to work over the weekend any more than necessary, and I think I might have accomplished that :)

And now for a few more layouts... metallic and b/w Thickers this time.  I love using these things!

Holiday Cheer
And last but not least, another card :)
Merry Christmas Card
Also, if you're looking for any scrapbook inspiration, check out the list of blogs I added to the left!  It's all of the 2007-08 and 2008-09 AC Contributing Design team members along with the local and in-house design teams.  Some awesome talent!  I'm hoping I'll have a few minutes this weekend to browse through more of them myself.

With that... happy holiday weekend!


It's Sharing Time!

I have to admit, I set my tivo but I ended up pulling HSN up on a screen today while I was working.  It's kind of trippy to see layouts I've made with pictures of myself and friends and family on TV and watch other people hold them up and talk about them.  Very cool, though.  In case anyone is interested but didn't catch it, here's a link to the show that was on earlier this afternoon (the most recent one isn't posted yet.)

The segments that I did samples for were the metallic marker set and the metallic & b/w chipboard set.  The markers were definitely hard for me to work with at first... I hardly every use markers myself, but I have to admit (hopefully not sounding like a commercial) that they were very cool and I had a hard time not using them when I made the chipboard samples. :)  Anyway, now that the segments have aired I can start sharing the layouts and cards I made for them!

I made quite a few so I won't overwhelm anyone by posting all at once... these three were all made using metallic markers and the new Romance collection.

Cupcake Love

Temple of Love
And final one for this post... here's a quick card:
Love Card
And now, off to get tortured by my trainer :)

A little randomness...

Well I mentioned last night that today I had a very big, very important meeting at work.  I'm very pleased to say that said meeting went very well.  I've been pushing for a new position at work and today I think I bagged it.  Nothing is official yet but all signs are good.  I just need to put together a few more things (like a presentation for the CEO... lol... no big deal, right?) and I'm hoping I'll get the green light.  We'll see how it pans out but even if it doesn't work out I'm happy with my effort.

That aside, I did a little more playing tonight... this time some more wedding photos from Nicole and Brian's wedding (little suckers are gallivanting around Krakow right now... I'd be jealous if I wasn't going to do some gallivanting of my own in a few weeks... lol).

I love (haha... no pun intended) that I busted out some old supplies on this one.  I think I've had these acrylic accents for 5 years!  There's also a sticker tab on the top-left that isn't in the scan.

Also, don't forget to check out American Crafts on HSN tomorrow (Thursday 8/28) - 1 and 6pm eastern time.  I think I'm going to have to set my tivo ;)

P.S.  Is it just me or is it really bizarre that the Firefox 3 spellcheck is flagging contractions?  I swear, before tonight I thought "wasn't" was a real word.

The Sappy-Movie-Suck-In

That's right.  You know what I'm talking about.  That irresistible effect that happens when one of those feel-good movies that you inexplicably love comes on tv before you manage to switch it off.  I got sucked in tonight.  The movie?  Angels in the Outfield on the Disney channel.  It's a little pathetic, but I really love that movie.  Anyway... that's my lame excuse for being up way too late at night on a night before I have a really big, really important meeting at work.  Well, the movie and the fact that I still wanted to sneak in a layout before bed regardless of the time.  Sigh.

So I was in the mood to go back to pictures from my last Paris trip with Melody, Vic and Dustin - these are from a day trip we took to Belgium one day.  I almost called this layout Men Behaving Badly, but I decided that would probably give the wrong impression.  lol.

Boys will be Boys
I do have to admit, however, that since it was already midnight when I was finishing this, my warped sense of humor was perilously close to the surface.  On my desk was a nice, unopened set of travel flair from AC.  I seriously toyed with the idea of using the one that says "Go!" on this layout.  Unfortunately, the colors didn't match.  hehe.  Probably a good thing but you have to admit, that would have been pretty funny.

Okay, going to bed now.  Promise!


Considering how lazy I've been this weekend, I've actually gotten a lot done!  I've been doing dishes and laundry and I managed to finish both of my swaps for China.  I made all of the rest of my ATCs (which was a total pain... lol, but it will be worth it when I get there).
Blog - China ATCs Finished
See?  There are a lot.  And since I ran out of the gold ribbon I was using half-way through, I had to improvise.  But it was all good in the end.  The back-sides have a small picture and my contact information so we can keep in touch.

Now for the other swap.  We're doing a charm swap, which I've never done before but the ladies on the board made it sound pretty cool so I signed up.  I wanted to stick with my Chinese theme so I ordered some brass charms.  I also picked up some black lampwork beads (I LOVE lampwork beads) that looked kind of Asian - especially with the charms added.  I haven't made much jewelry before, so this was kind of an adventure.  Fun, though!

Blog - China Charms
The ones with the Chinese coins are the ones for everyone who signed up (20 total) and then I made a few more with some other charms (that's the Chinese symbol for long life).  Those are a bit too big for the regular swap... I'm pushing it with the other ones!  But I really like them.  I have no idea what you do with them, but I imagine it could be cool as decoration in my scraproom to have them all strung somewhere.

Anyway, time to get to the rest of my to-do list!  I can't believe how quickly the weekends go... sigh.

Happy Friday!

So, the samples I did for American Crafts (that I brought up here endlessly... lol) will be used in a segment airing on the Home Shopping Network and I just found out that it's on Thurs., 8/28 at 6pm (Mountain, I think).  So if you're interested in seeing what AC is offering, don't forget to tune in!  I'll start posting my samples after it airs.

Speaking of... I just picked up another assignment for an HSN segment in early September.  This one looks really fun and I can't wait to start playing :)

Oh, and Steph... last night I had a dream about buying fabric.  lol.  How's that for weird?

You know you've been watching too much "What Not to Wear" when...

... you're browsing the racks in a clothing store and you suddenly realize that you've been shopping by "the rules."  lol.

Anyway, I stopped at the mall after work tonight.  I had a coupon and a book I wanted at Archiver's, but they didn't have it in stock so I just browsed.  I saw this one stamp set from Hero Arts that I really loved, but it was $30. I don't think so.  But it totally inspired me... I started thinking of ways I could get the same effect using other stamps that I already had.  So I came home and did this layout, just playing with stamps and markers, and then found a picture to go with it... lol.

31 - Vic's Birthday
Mel - correct me if I'm remembering Vic's age wrong.  My brain is fried tonight.

This was lots of fun... I'm going to have to try similar things with other stamps now :)

Dusting off the old heat gun.

I signed up for several swaps with the other ladies on the Beijing trip and I thought I'd better get started on them now so that time doesn't slip away from me.  One of the swaps is ATC cards (Artist Trading Cards).  These aren't really my favorite things to make, but they're fun to trade so I always participate.  ATCs are usually pretty artsy / collage-y but I decided to try and keep mine a little simpler... I'm making 30, after all! 

I'm doing both of my handmade swaps with a China theme... I have exactly 2 Chinese themed stamps and I thought one of them would be perfect for a background on the ATCs but it would be even cooler if I heat embossed it.  It's been years since I've even touched my heat gun but it was really fun to pull it out and play again.  I'm doing half gold on white and half gold on black... here's what I think I'm going with:

Blog - Beijing ATCs

Two down, 28 to go!

A little forced...

The layout, that is.  I really wanted to play with some of my new AC goodies and I ended up trying to force it rather than go with the mojo.  I think I would have done better if I had made this a two-pager, but I still like it.  This is a layout of the villa we stayed at when we were in Costa Rica two years ago.

Casa Linda
Man that place was gorgeous.

Blog slacker extraordinaire.

Yup, that's me.  I should be back to posting more this week... I finished my AC assignment on Saturday and then my cousin Anna came by for a visit.  She was in town from CA for the weekend teaching a workshop so we hung out and went to dinner.  It was so fun to see her!  We stayed up way too late Saturday night, though.

So today I dropped off my finished cards and layouts at American Crafts... I hope they like them!  I was really pleased with what I did with the kits they gave me and I hope they like them as much.  Once the segments air on HSN I'll share the layouts I did for the kits they're selling :)

Finally, It just so happens that I also managed to pick up my order of a whole ton of their new product at the same time that I was dropping off and I can't wait to get home and do some playing.  Too bad I can't just take off and skip the rest of work and my training session tonight... lol.  My fingers are itching to get playing!

Learning a little Chinese

Heidi posted these helpful phrases on our China trip list-serve last night and I couldn't resist sharing.  Make sure to say them out loud... as with all language study, pronunciation is key ;)

1) That's not right...................................Sum TingWong
2) Are you harboring a fugitive.................... Hu Yu Hai Ding
3) See me ASAP........................................... Kum Hia Nao
4) Small horse.............................................. Tai Ni PoNi
5) Did you go to the beach?.........................Wai Yu So Tan?
6) I bumped in to a coffee table..................Ai Bang Mai Fre Kin Ni
7)I think you need a face lift......................Chin Tu Fat
8) It's very dark in here............................... Wao So Dim
9) I thought you were on a diet................ Wai Yu Mun Ching
10) This is a tow away zone........................ No Pah King
11) staying out of sight............................... Lei Ying Lo
12) He's cleaning his automobile..................Wa Shing Ka
13) Your body odor is offensive...................Yu Stin Ki Pu



Since I'm exactly half-way done with my AC assignment and well ahead of schedule, I thought I'd take a quick break and do a layout for myself.  My niece, Eraleigh, was blessed this last weekend at church and Erin just sent a link to the pictures.  Perfect timing!

Blessing Day
It's probably kind of ironic, though, that even though I was taking a break most of the supplies on this layout are American Crafts... lol.  I have to say, though, their new cardstock is fabulous and I'm just loving the Flair.

Now, however, it's time to get back to work.  This half of the assignment should be a bit easier, though, so I'm looking forward to it.

I'm Official!

Blog - Chinese Visa
This was just delivered.  I've been working from home all day waiting for FedEx since I had to sign for this bad boy in person, but it's such a relief that I finally have it (and no small relief to have my passport back safely since I had to ship it off to get this).  I can't believe it's almost time to go!  These last few days I've been watching the Olympics more because I'm enthralled by everything I'm going to see than the by actual events (except for Michael Phelps because he's awesome).

Okay.  Happy dance over.  Time to get back to work!

Quick update...

Kind of a quick update post here... nothing to share yet, but I'm moving right along on my American Crafts assignment.  In fact, I'm ahead of schedule for my deadline so I might get a chance to play a bit for myself here soon.  I tackled the hardest assignment first and let me tell you, it's been a tough one for me.  Once I can share it will make sense but in the meantime I'll just say that I'm doing layouts using a particular scrapbook tool that I rarely use on my own layouts... lol.  This is an excellent exercise in creativity but I'm looking forward to moving on to the second set of layouts which should be much more up my alley.

Aside from the scrapping, I'm having continued paranoia about my car... some day I'll be able to stop holding my breath and wondering if it was a bump in the road or my engine.  I expect that day will include a new car.  lol. 


All work and no play?

Technically I'm working right now, but it sure feels like playing :)  I picked up the stuff for my American Crafts assignment this morning on the way to work and I've been brainstorming on and off all day on how to fulfill my assignment.  I've been working on some of the concepts I came up with since I got home from work...

Blog - work or play
Do you think cleaning off my desk might help?  lol.  I have all kinds of stuff piled on there for the assignment and I think I'm running out of room to work.  I've already got two layouts done, though, so I'm making progress!  I'll be able to post them after the event they're being used for and I can't wait to share.

Thursday already?

This week is flying by!  Time has been flying for a while, actually, but I think that's just because things have been so busy at work.  And speaking of time flying, little Eraleigh is now 1 month old!  My parents are flying out to see her and Rick and Erin for her blessing this weekend and I wish I could be there to meet my little niece.  Since I can't be there, I'll just have to hope they all take lots of pictures (hint hint!)  In the meantime, another layout with pictures Erin posted recently:

Eraleigh - One Month
She's so tiny!

Aside from the obvious fact that she's an adorable sweetheart that I look forward to spoiling with cute clothes, one of my favorite things about having a niece to scrapbook about is the unlimited possibilities for doing layouts with flowers and putting a dent in my stash of pink patterned paper (it was a phase... lol). 

Now... time to take some more sinus medicine, turn on the humidifier and hit the sack (drat the dry Utah climate!)

Quick layout posting

Just posting another layout I finished up tonight (I'm much more prolific with the layouts this summer!). This is from last year when I had a 12-hour layover in Germany on my way to Africa. There was no way I was hanging out at the airport (although given the fact that I had been on a plane 12 hours I should have found a hotel and slept... lol) so I hopped on a train to Mainz and did a walking tour of the city. While I was there I stopped at the Guttenberg Museum which was really cool.

Guttenberg Museum
Today was another brutal training session, so I'm off to let my poor sore and shaking limbs have a rest :)

P.S. - Melody - I have to call you!

My legs feel like jello.

Holy quad exercises Batman!  My trainer put my legs through the wringer tonight... I can't wait to see how it feels in the morning!  lol.  There's something about the pain that feels good, but I'm still glad that tomorrow night should be arms :)

Once I was finally able to walk up the stairs again, I finished a layout I played with all weekend.  It still doesn't look quite right to me, but at the same time I like it and it feels done, so I'm moving on to the next one.


I'm excited because I should have my first DT assignment from American Crafts this week and I can't wait to jump in!  I won't be able to post anything, though, so the next little while might be a tad bare of blog material.  We'll see :)

P.S.  Is it nuts that I've already finished Breaking Dawn for the second time?  Probably.


Got my car back last night... no more service engine lights!  Everything appears to be good (knock on wood) so now I'm just crossing my fingers that I'm set for another 50,000 miles or so.

And... of course, I finished Breaking Dawn this morning.  I  Seriously.  I waited in line with other 1000+ people getting their book (not kidding... I had wristband 1075) and finally got home about 2:45am.  I thought, it's pretty late.  I'll read a bit, sleep, then get up and finish.  I finished about 9:30am.  I realize that it's pretty stupid to not sleep at all when you have a choice, but it just never occurred to me to stop!  lol.  I LOVED it.  No outright spoilers, but I was quite pleased with the way the whole thing turned out (which, if you know me, might tell you something... lol) and I was surprised that I guessed right on a lot of things that happened in the book!  Anyway, I took a nap and I'm letting it all sink in, but I'm sure I'll start my re-read here soon.

Okay, seriously?

So yesterday I went to the Saturn dealership to do the last step in my repair process.  I should have known it wouldn't be that simple.  They said there were still problems from the work at the other shop and they couldn't finish until those were cleared up.  So this morning, I was at the shop at 8am again where after an hour they told me that the problems were because the Saturn thing needed to be done and they just needed to clear the codes first.  I went back to Saturn.  The head mechanic told me that was a load of crap.  Much calling back and forth between Saturn and shop ensued and after 4 more hours they put me in a shuttle to work where I'm now awaiting a call to hear if anyone knows what's wrong with my car, if it will be fixed this afternoon, and if it will cost me more money. (I'm betting yes on that one.  argh.)

Focus on positives.  Breaking Dawn is released at midnight!  Since I didn't realize it was a Saturday release and I don't want to drive back down (assuming I could drive) I'm sticking around for the release party at the Borders by my office.  By this time tomorrow I'll know whether or not Bella becomes a vampire (and I'll probably be reading it for the 2nd time... lol).  At least I can look forward to that :)  We're all in various stages of giddy anticipation here at work.  Counting the hours!