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Jetlag is Brutal.

I was back at work the morning after I got back from Africa last year, but coming back across the international date line from the other direction is probably going to be a very different story.  I'm not looking forward to it, so I took the day off tomorrow too.  But, if I manage to get past enough of the jetlag to crawl out of bed tomorrow, I should have some pictures!  No promises, though ;)

In the meantime, though, one last layout to finish off last week's group of American Crafts HSN projects.  This was my favorite of the bunch from when Melody, Angelina and I went to Witches' Night Out 2 years ago.

Witches' Night Out - Eclectic \
As soon as I saw that particular paper, I knew it would be so perfect on a Halloween-ish layout and I really like how it turned out.

With that, it's crash time! (or at least it will be, once I finally make it off of an airplane and back to my house... lol).

Two cards

Just posting the other two cards I made with the Eclectic Kit. 

You're the Best Card - Eclectic
This is my favorite of the four of them...
You're Invited Card - Eclectic
I love the circle and the black and pink... if I ever need to do some fancy schmancy invitations, these might make another appearance!


I love cherry blossoms... and how about posting a layout of the cherry blossoms on DC which were gifts from China while I'm in China?  Kind of a coincidence, really.  lol.

This is an 8.5x11 layout I did with more of that cool Eclectic Kit from AC.

Blossoms - Eclectic Kit
I do enjoy living in Utah, but every time I do a layout like this I really miss DC.  Who knows, though... maybe I'll end up moving back again someday!

New AC Layouts Part Uno

Even though I'm in Beijing right now doing something undoubtedly fabulous, I wanted to post some of my projects from the most recent American Crafts segment on HSN.  I got to work with a very cool kit they designed that used lots of the new Indie ribbon and some of the Amplified paper line, along with lots of other goodies.

Here are the two 6x6 layouts I did.

Since Ben got airtime in the last segment, it was only fair that I do one of Eraleigh this go round (and I love the embossed paper in this one):
Sweet Baby - Eclectic Kit

And this is one of my favorite pictures - self-portrait of Melody and I the day before her wedding.
Friends - Eclectic Kit
And with that, back to gallivanting!

Hello from Beijing!

I got online at the business center here at my hotel to email the family... I thought I might as well throw up a quick post while I'm at it.  I got in a few hours ago... it's humid and rainy today but should be gorgeous tomorrow.  I can't wait to get out and start seeing the sites!  The group is fabulous and I think this is going to be a really fun time.  Already had some delicious food and now I'm going to go crash from jetlag before we head off to the Forbidden City and the silk market tomorrow.  I can't wait!

The last few hours

Somehow I managed to get everything done at work and I was able to shut down and take off feeling like everything will be fine while I'm out (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood!)  Now, my plane leaves in just over 6 hours and the shuttle is coming in just over 4.  Yikes!  I have a feeling there's no sleep for me tonight!  I probably won't post from Beijing (at least, not with pictures), but don't forget to watch for American Crafts on HSN on the 23rd and then my layouts from the segment will be up after that.

Now, back to the really important trip preparation stuff.  Like making sure I've downloaded all the new music I need and getting my iPod charged up... lol.

I'll be back with pictures in about 10 days!

One day closer...

Again, not that I'm counting or anything.  I mean, it's not like I'm excited ;)  I just have to get through two more days of crazy business at work which is actually a good thing... it makes everything go faster :)  Speaking of work - I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was gunning for a promotion at work and I got it!  It was announced late Friday and I'm thrilled.  Now I'm working to get that next bump at my evaluation so you know it's nose to the grindstone time! 

Last night I ran to the store to finish my pre-trip shopping and then I came home to find Made of Honor from Netflix in my mailbox.  That was a pretty cute movie despite its predictability.  Maybe it was just Patrick Dempsey that made it enjoyable.  I'm not quite sure... lol.  After that I did another quick layout of my niece.  I just realized that last night was probably the last chance I'll have to scrap before the trip (yay!)  This was a really cute one of Eraleigh with my dad on her blessing day (I can't believe she's coming up on 3 months old!)

Grandpa's Princess

K... time to get busy :)


Well, I finished my most recent vampire book at the gym last night, so I was actually able to work on a scrapbook layout when I got home.  I wanted to force myself to do a 2-pager so I could spread out and break out of my single-page-but-slightly-unhappy-with-the-results mold and I also wanted to do something a little bright and cheery.  So as I was going through photos looking for something I wanted to work on, I found these pictures from my friend Angela's birthday party a few years ago.  She wanted a tea party and so we gave her one.  It was a lot of fun.

Tea Party
I'm feeling a little nostalgic now... lol.

Only 2.5(ish) days left before I'm up and away! (Not like I'm counting or anything ;)

For all of my YA Vampire book loving friends...

I'm hooked on a couple more young adult vampire book series' (which is one of the reasons why I haven't been scrapbooking much in the last week... lol).  I don't love these like I love the Twilight books, but I'm really enjoying them a lot.

Here's the first series... I read these about 2 months ago but I'm eagerly awaiting the book 3 release.  Interesting premise, fun read.

Blue bloods This is the series I'm reading right now... I'm half-way through book 3 and book 4 is coming out soon.  Another interesting and slightly different premise.

If you're looking for anything deep, this probably won't do it for you... they're YA, after all lol.  These are just fun, quick reads if you want a little escape.  I know a lot of you are kind of into this sort of thing, though, so I thought I'd post :)

3 days!

Slacking... again.

I was supremely lazy this weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it, thank you very much :)

After class Saturday morning I came home to watch a highly enjoyable football game where our Cougars absolutely annihilated UCLA 59-0.  It was unbelievable.  I think all of us who made our picks for this game last week lost severely... I don't know that anyone came close to picking a 59-point spread.  lol.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy working someplace where there are so many BYU fans?  Game talk on Mondays is so fun.

Yesterday I did spend a little time in the scrapbook room... I downloaded and printed out the PDFs for another class we're doing in Beijing... this time it was the base pages for a coffee table book we're going to put together.  I can't wait to see how this one will turn out!  After that, though, I wasn't in the mood to do anything else.  I got in the mood about 12:30am when I was in bed but I decided sleep was more important.

And now, since I hate posting without a picture, I thought I'd share another layout - I did this one quite a while ago but I'm pretty sure I've never shared it here and I love it :)  These pictures were taken on the pier in San Francisco...

4 days and counting!  I just got an itinerary update that puts in in Beijing 2 hours earlier... I think I'm going to beat the tour group there by quite a bit! More play time for me!

I am a nerd.

I realized that I fully qualify to be called a nerd while I was sitting in class tonight.  I mentioned earlier that I'm taking a GMAT prep class at BYU and tonight I spent four straight hours up to my eyebrows in algebra, geometry and critical logic and I loved it.  I honestly had so much fun listening to the teachers and working on the different problems and I'm not entirely sure that's normal.  I guess it's good that I'm enjoying it, though, seeing as how I have several weeks of 4 hour classes plus homework :)  I never thought I'd look forward to this kind of thing again!

Nerdiness aside, the countdown continues.  I've been steadily working on all of the different project prep for my trip.  One of the coolest things about it (for me, at least), is that because it's a scrapbooking tour, we get to go to tons of awesome places in China AND scrapbook about it with some awesome classes from Heidi!  One of the classes is a travel journal and since we're going to be filling it up while we're there we had to do a lot of the prep work at home.  Mine is ready to go!  Here are a few glimpses of what it looks like pre-trip. (That red paper on the top right isn't quite that bright in real life):

Blog - China Travel Journal 
We'll be adding all kinds of little goodies and writing to this as we go... I'm so excited to have this - I'm sure it's going to end up being something I'll really treasure.

Only 8 days to go!

Quick post...

I am soooo tired.  lol.  Since I've started taking a class on Thursday nights I have to do some of my training sessions in the morning until classes are over.  That equated to me getting up at 5:30 this morning and leaving at 6am to make it for my 6:30 session during which I lunged and squatted until I thought I would keel over.  I'll thank myself later, but I foresee a very long day... lol.

Since I was out of the house at that horrific hour, I couldn't make my usual breakfast of a really delicious protein shake.  So, on the way to the office I stopped at the store (Jamba Juice wasn't open yet) and picked up one of those bottled smoothies.  Can I just say, the regular ones are great but the protein ones are gross.  I know how they got 30 grams of protein... they just poured in the powder until it tasted like liquid chalk dust with a touch of coconut.  Bleh.

No layouts for me today... I got home from another training session last night and then decided to watch the Netflix I've had for a few days; I watched "21" which was awesome.  We'll see if I get back to creating tonight... I'm going to a seminar after work so I'm guessing by the time I get home I'll just crash.  lol.

For those interested in layouts, though, the next American Crafts segment on HSN will be 9/23.  I'm going to have to tivo that one since I won't be here :D  Nine days and counting!

It's Monday and I'm already tired.

I shouldn't be tired, but I am for some reason.  Anyway, am I the only one that got hooked into all 6 hours of Samurai Girl on ABC Family?  It was actually better than I expected it to be... not to mention the fact that it starred Brendan Fehr who I totally loved in Roswell.

Since I was really lazy this weekend and not at all in the mood to scrapbook, I thought I'd just post the last of the American Crafts layouts from HSN on 8/28.  These are from the metallic chipboard collection.

This one was fun for me - I rarely do monochromatic schemes, but I loved the silver:
Winter Wonderland
This was one of my favorites from the assignment (and this wasn't actually from Indiana Jones... the picture was taken a few years ago but I had that ticket stub on my desk and I thought it would be cool).
Movie Night
Finally, a quick birthday card:
BDay card

And the countdown until vacation is now in full swing... I'm under 2 weeks until departure!  It doesn't feel real yet, but I think that's because I've been planning for so long.  Not counting today, only 11 days to go!

Back to school!

There's nothing like being on a college campus in September.  I decided to take a class at BYU and had my first one this morning.  Early this morning.  lol.  It was fun to be back there, though, even if I had to keep reminding myself that I'm no longer a college kid.  I'm looking forward to being back in a classroom and giving a little kick to my brain :)

Speaking of BYU... the last minute of today's football game vs. the Washington Huskies came close to making me bite off all my nails.  I'm not completely sure I agree with that last call against the Huskies for celebration, but I'm also quite biased so I'll take it.  I like to think we would have won even if that call wasn't made.  It was a great game, though. 

On to a few more layouts... I think these are the last of the metallic pen layouts.

(This picture is actually me... I think this was first grade.  I feel old now.)

Back to School - Metallic Pens

Another favorite from Nicole & Brian's wedding...
Forever - Metallic Pens

And last but not least, this is probably my favorite card from this batch.
Hi Card - Metallic Pens
And now on to my Saturday evening Slack-tacular!

Sliding Doors

Anyone see the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow?  Last night I was driving home from work later than usual after going to my trainer and as I was passing through American Fork on I-15, traffic suddenly stopped.  I had come upon a major accident right after it happened... as in people were just stopping and jumping out of their cars to run to the scene and see if they could help because the police weren't there yet and the guy whose SUV got smashed was just barely starting to put out the fire.  A semi had passed under a bridge that was too low for it and two giant tanks had come off the truck bed.  One had bounced across and was hanging over the median into the north-bound lanes... right by where I usually drive (in the fast lane, of course!)  What would have happened if I had driven by 2-3 minutes earlier?  If I hadn't taken time for a cool-down on the treadmill?  It made me think of that movie and how you never know what decisions, no matter how simple, are going to change things.  I'm just glad that it appears no one was hurt.  A miracle!  I'm also glad that I got there when I did since shortly afterward the entire freeway was closed.  Anyway, one of those thinking moments.

And on that happy note (lol), another layout I've been working on.  At first I attempted to do something fancier with this cool dia de los muertes fabric that I found and bought with these photos in mind, but it looked terrible so this is where I ended up. 

Bridge to Paradise  

It's not my favorite layout ever but I love all the bright colors and the fabric (I wish I had room for more of that!).  I think my issue lately is this total aversion to doing two-page layouts where the subject of the layout is part of a bigger set from a day in a trip... however I still want to use lots of pictures and so I'm feeling cramped design wise.  Vicious circle.  Oh well...

Happy Friday!

More chipboard love

Christmas Morning - Metallic CB
Lest anyone wonder why that one guy doesn't look like Brian... lol, this is an old picture that I had printed out a few years ago and then never used (probably because Nicole and Jonathan broke up and then she married my awesome BIL, Brian).  When I was doing these layouts I had all of these Christmas supplies and I thought, hey... cool.  I'll use that picture.  So there you go.  I had a great time creating the border on this one.

O Christmas Tree - Metallic CB
Just keeping with the Christmas in September theme... lol.

And now, another card:
Thanks Card - Metallic CB
I'm not usually much of a card maker, but it's been a lot of fun to get into it lately.

Last night I was trying to play with my sewing machine and my little stack of cool fabric I've been hoarding, but that didn't end up working out.  I have to say though, I'm really good at threading the bobbin and raising the bobbin thread now.  lol.  I think I'll just have to keep playing and see if anything comes out of it.

Too cute to resist.

Erin posted these pictures of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh on her blog yesterday and I couldn't resist using them for a layout.  Isn't she just too adorable?

Eraleigh - 2 Months
The color in the photo is a tad off, but I wasn't in the mood to get glue from the butterflies on my scanner bed and I didn't want to wait for it to dry... lol.

Also, since it's been a while and I know my family is dying for another opportunity to mock my "creative cooking," I thought I'd post a quick summer recipe.

Blog - Tomato Stackers
This came about after one of the ladies at work brought me a bunch of ginormous home-grown tomatoes from her garden.  I love roasted tomatoes so I thought I'd play with that a bit.  I sliced them and laid them on a cookie sheet and then put a little grated sharp cheddar on top.  I spread out a can of corn on the sheet next to the tomatoes and then put the whole thing in the oven on broil until the cheese started to brown.  For the toppings, I mixed up some fresh guacamole and threw in a little more grated cheese and plenty of cottage cheese.  This time I used bacon strips but I've also done it with seasoned chicken.  Anyway, it's a light and really delicious way to use tomatoes.  This is definitely going into my list of recipes to keep. :)

Metallic Markers Part Deux

Another busy day at the office... visiting teachers coming by tonight (bleh... so not in the mood to sit and chit chat!).  But!  Excited that tomorrow is already Wednesday.  I love short work weeks.

With that, just posting a few more layouts.

This was one of my favorites using metallic markers... I colored the flowers and cut them out, colored the mini brads, colored over a printed title and colored some of the patterned paper so that the flowers would match. (evidently there was lots of coloring.  lol)

Girls Night Out

Another one... this is one of my favorite pictures of Ben.
Bath Time

Finally, another card.  More coloring!  I colored and cut out the hearts, colored the paper (to bring in the lavender) and I also colored and then smeared the marker around the edge of the chipboard tag.

Cherish Card
And now, time to go home and pick up a little bit before the VTs show up.

I could no longer delay the inevitible.

I knew this would happen, which is why I've been avoiding it to this point.  I finally watched an episode of Project Runway... I started watching during the marathon on Bravo this weekend.  I love it.  It's so addictive.  I've been avoiding watching it because I don't need to be addicted to any more TV shows, but I guess my tivo is going to go on overload once the new TV season starts... lol.

Here in Utah, it feels like the seasons changed overnight.  This morning I laid in bed for a while just listening to the rain (which we haven't really heard here for months!).  You could just feel that sensation in the air that the seasons were changing... the air seems more crisp and it's like you can almost smell the leaves starting to change color.  When I looked out the window, there was snow on the very tops of the mountains.  Fall is definitely on its way!  So, since I was feeling the upcoming season, I decided to do a Halloween layout and take a quick break from posting AC layouts.

It was so nice to work up in my attic again without feeling like I was working in an oven!

And now, back to the episodes of Project Runway that I've been tivoing while I was up here.  lol.

P.S.  I still can't get over how much that jack-o-lantern looked like Vic.  lol.