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Just because...

I'm not much of a card maker but I've seen so many fun projects using the Damask Designs stamp set from Papertrey Ink that I've been dying to make something with it.  Tonight I finally decided to use it to make a card just for fun.

And while I was at it, I made a matching envelope in vellum and stamped on it so that it would cover the design on the card while it was in the envelope. This turned out really cool but I can't claim credit... I saw this online somewhere :)

So that's it for now... I've got to get my dad's birthday present packed up and ready to ship off in the morning.  Hopefully it makes it there on time!

Slacking off

I didn't realize it had been longer than I thought since my post until I was talking to Erin tonight and she mentioned that she was wondering what was going on since I hadn't been posting.  Well, I've kind of just been slacking.  lol.  Just working, working on my Stats class, reading books and watching hockey.  The layouts have been kind of fighting me lately so I figured I'd just give it a break.  Yesterday I spent a few hours on a fun project for the Journaling 101 class but I couldn't post that so here we are!

I've actually done a lot of organizing this weekend.  Some of my stuff was getting piled instead of put away and the way I work has changed enough that I felt like I should change the way things are put away a bit.  Not to mention the fact that I'd accumulated quite a huge pile of Thickers while I was working with American Crafts this past year that needed a home... but now it's all put away and it even inspired me to work on something!  I pulled these photos out of my pile of "to redo" layouts.  This is from back in Virginia when I was in the young single adults ward... our ward went on a weekend trip to Kirtland, Ohio to see some cool historical spots.  The front picture is Amber, Rachel and I after our visit to the Kirtland Temple.

And then the top flips up for more photos, a brochure and a scanned and reduced copy of the pages in my journal from the visit there:


So that's it!  We'll see if I get to scrapping more this week, I guess :)

Scrapping Angst

It's one of those nights that I'm cursing the fact that I'm totally unable to walk away from a project sometimes.  Tonight was one of those times... this layout just did NOT want to come together but I couldn't let it go.  Now that I'm done and posting it I think I should have walked away... lol.  Tomorrow evening I'll probably look at it again and want to completely redo it.  I was really in the mood to scrap these photos which is why I'm surprised that it was so hard and I'm kind of mad at this layout for not working easily!  It's making it hard to decide if I like it.  (Breathe!  It's just a layout.)

Anyway... these are from our first full day in Istanbul.  The last thing we did that day was to visit the Basilica Cistern near Hagia Sophia.  This is where a scene from "From Russia With Love" starring Sean Connery was filmed.  It was so cool down there!  There were even big fish swimming around in the water below the walkways.

Yerebatan Sarnici  
This didn't actually start out looking quite so much like a lot of my other recent layouts but I guess I kind of gravitated in a comfortable direction when it wasn't working.  Oh well - it's not like I can't change it later if I think of something I like better :)  In the meantime, I got the story down on paper and that's what's important.


I did another layout after the temple dedication yesterday... this from the tour Nicole and I took near Cape Town in May '07.  We went to Boulders Beach to see the African penguins... they had lots of babies with them and they were so cute!  Well, they were cute until they started braying like donkeys (which is what earned them the nickname jackass penguins) and then they were just loud.  lol.  We were really excited at how close we were able to get... there were even a few that seemed to just stop and pose for us.

Boulders Beach
I totally scraplifted myself on this... I based it on the False Bay layout I did - another one from this tour.  I guess there are only so many ways you can arrange photos on a layout so you gotta just go with what you like, right?

Well, off to work!

Counting Down

Rick, Erin and Eraleigh are moving back to the lower-48 this week and I'm super excited because it means it's that much closer to my next vacation when we all get to hang out and I get to meet Eraleigh for the first time.  Erin posted this photo of Eraleigh hanging out of a suitcase while they were packing and it was so cute I couldn't resist scrapping it.

Moving Time  
Lots of fun goodies from Sassafras Lass on this layout... I just love the bright, fun patterns and those cute little button flowers.

Today should be great... our church meetings were canceled so that we can all go to the Draper Temple dedication.  I've got my ticket and I'm ready to go!

Look what followed me home today.

My new baby...

My New Car
Yup, after yesterday's verdict from the mechanic, it was time for Barney and I to part ways.  It was actually really emotional to drive off and leave my old car in the dealer parking lot like that!  But I really like my new one... it's similar to my old Saturn in a lot of ways and is ranked #3 in Consumer Reports for best small car.  Not too shabby!  Thank goodness for family in the car dealership business!  I was able to get a great deal with no pressure... he even invited me to join him for tacos while the paperwork was processing!  The thing that makes me feel better about leaving my old car behind, though, is that someone else actually came along and bought it while I was sitting there!  He knows all about the engine quirks and is planning to take care of it.  So it works out all around!

The best part?  100,000 mile warranty and tire and wheel protection.  No more worrying if I'm going to have another huge mechanic's bill every 6 months!  This should definitely get me through school and then some.  Maybe by then I can upgrade to the Charger :D

P.S.  Yes, the weather here today really IS that beautiful.  It's a lovely 76 degrees outside... I was able to break out the flip-flops!  Too bad it's supposed to snow Monday.  Sigh.  Utah in March, I guess.

It's like really bad deja vu.

I was driving to work this morning and was only about 1.5 miles away when I started to feel something funky with my car.  I've gotten pretty good at recognizing car funkiness over the last year and I immediately knew, this was NOT good!  So, my dilemma... I was almost to work and I had this important meeting to get to, or I could forget about the meeting, turn left, and go straight to my mechanic who was just 9 blocks away.  I decided to be responsible and went to work where my car promptly died in the parking lot.  UGH!!!!!

So I got in and sat down at my computer only to discover that my meeting had been CANCELED!!!!!  So not cool.  So I had to pay $60 for a totally unnecessary tow.  This is the part where I say to myself, "self... why on earth didn't you renew your AAA membership?!?!?"  This is also the part where I pray, cross my fingers and do a chicken dance when no one is looking in the hope that this will not be another ginormous mechanic's bill.  This is about the 8th time since July and I don't even want to THINK about how much I've spent!  So I'm looking into seeing what I can do to get a new car 4 years ahead of budget.  Sigh.

31584a In other news, Depeche Mode is coming to SLC in August!  Anyone want to go with me?  They have a new single out that's pretty good.  Of course tickets go on sale tomorrow and I'll probably be broke by then, but still!  Trying to find the silver linings people.

UPDATE:  Guess what folks?  It's new car time!  That's right... the idea of a car payment won out over tossing another 4k at my '99 Saturn to replace the engine.  The ENGINE for crying out loud!!!  So I'm checking out my dad's cousin's dealership website and, lo and behold, they have my dream car in my price range!  So I'm really hoping I can work out the financials.  Aside from the fact that it's kind of a necessity, I mean... if I HAVE to get a new car, it might as well be the one I want, right?  Right.  Here's hoping I can still swing those DM tickets ;)

Sadly lacking in time management skills.

The last few nights I've gone to bed early.  Tonight?  It's almost 1am and I'm still playing in my craft room and tomorrow I have an early meeting at work.  You can tell that I really think these things through... lol.  The most surprising part?  An early meeting on a Friday morning scheduled by developers.  It's like the world turned upside down... lol.  I've never worked anywhere with developers that work regular (let alone early) hours!  It's messing with the balance of my universe.  Oh well, sooner started, sooner done.  Right?

So what have I been doing while I lose track of hours at a time?  Just finishing another layout... I printed out the photos for this the other night.  Thought it was time to do some more China photos :)  This is from our last full day in Beijing when they decided to add a trip to the Temple of Heaven to our itinerary.  I'm so glad they did... it was amazing there.  Beautiful and peaceful with lots of history and incredible architecture.

Temple of Heaven
For this I used some Chinese ephemera and joss papers that I got from Etsy to supplement what I picked up at the Silk Market... I'm really pleased with how they worked on this layout!

Okay.  Must sleep now.  I'm going to be dragging in the morning!

P.S.  My copy of the Twilight DVD shipped today... maybe it will be here Saturday?  I wasn't counting on getting it until Monday, but I might get lucky!  If I do, I know what I'm doing Sunday afternoon!

Celebrating the Irish

I decided yesterday that I absolutely HAD to celebrate the Irish part of my family heritage with our family's traditional St. Patrick's day meal of... you guessed it... corned beef, potatoes and cabbage!  So this morning before work I put the potatoes and corned beef into my crock pot and when I got home, mmmmm.... it smelled so good!  I actually had to stop at the store to get some cabbage because Super Target was sold out when I stopped yesterday!  So when I got home I steamed the cabbage and then sat down to a super delicious meal.  I need to use my crock pot more often!  It's an awesome invention.

So Nicole emailed me tonight to find out when I was going to make her a scrapbook of our trip to Turkey like I had for our trip to Italy a few years ago (HA!)... not to mention South Africa, Paris and who knows what other trips I'm missing.  lol.  That reminded me, though, that I haven't shared the mini albums I made her from Florence and Verona (I'm missing Venice too, however).  I did these a while ago with some older Chatterbox paper for a class I was teaching, but I still really like them... the Verona album especially.  So I thought I'd share.

Here's the cover (album made with thin chipboard, cardstock pages, a hole punch and some grosgrain ribbon for binding).

Verona - Cover

And the inside pages (I spelled coliseo wrong, however :-P Nicole - go in and peel off one of those "l"s!)

Verona Album Pages
The Juliette pages have 3 photos on each side and you can flip through them like little books.  Anyway, this was a fun little album I forgot about, but Nicole keeps it on her coffee table and I love flipping through it when I'm home for a visit.

I scrapped!

Okay, it hasn't been that long since I did a layout, but it's definitely been longer than usual!  I also haven't done a layout of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh since before I left for Turkey, so I grabbed these cute pictures from Erin's blog to scrap.  Loving the American Crafts on this one!

Bathing Beauty
And since the scan cuts off the top & bottom of the layout, here's a very badly lit photo that shows how the whole thing looks:

Bathing Beauty - Whole
I'm excited to meet this little cutie in exactly 2 months!  I've already got my plane tickets... can't wait to spend a week kicking back and having fun in the sun with the family.

Still Here

It's been a busy weekend, but I haven't spent much of it in the craft room!  Just enough to finish my Journaling 101 assignment for the week and get it sent off.  Instead of scrapping, I decided that since my knee was feeling up to it I'd do some much needed cleaning, decorating and organizing.  I got a few cheap bookcases from Ikea Friday night to help organize in my bedroom and craft room and while I was at it, I decided it was time that the queen sized bed in my guest room had bedding that fit instead of the old bedding set from the full bed I'm using.  lol.  Then, I finally moved the tapestry from my room to the guest room (because it wasn't exactly matching with the orange and red... lol) and put up the giant fan I picked up in China last September.  And since I hate posting without pictures, here are a few photos:

I hung the fan too high, though.  Next time I get up the energy to get out my power drill I think I'll move it down 8 inches or so.  In any case, I'm so glad it's finally up!

And the new and improved guest room:

If you've seen or stayed in this room before, you know what a huge improvement this is! (and it looks better in person.  trust me.)  I just need to go back to Ikea and get the right bulbs for the new lamp.  I really wish I could paint in here!  Maybe I'll look into having the complex do some accent walls for me.

So after that, I went to Michael's to take advantage of 55% off custom framing and I'm getting the two original watercolors I got in China framed.  Can't wait to get those back and hang them!  And then I stopped by the garage sale at the scrapbook store to see how that was going.  Almost ALL of my stuff was gone with a few hours still to go!  I'll call that a success.

Okay.  Off to watch some hockey.  It just figures that now that Colorado is almost guaranteed to miss the playoffs they'd start winning.  First they blow the chance at the playoffs and then, when they're 27th in the league and sinking fast, they start blowing their shot at the #1 draft pick.  Seriously?  If you're going to suck, at least get something for it!  Oh well.  Maybe we'll get lucky and I just jinxed them :D

Busy Day

I can't believe how much I've gotten done in the last few days.  Yesterday when I posted about pulling the garage sale stuff together I thought I wouldn't be able to work on anything else until that was finished.  I guess I just have a lot of energy or something, though, because since I finished work today I stopped at Target to get ziplock bags and the new PC & Kristen Cast book Hunted, came home and ate dinner and read the first 5 chapters of that, finished everything for the garage sale and loaded it into the trunk of my car and then, since it was only 10:30, I decided to finish my Turkey mini album as well.  lol.  I'll pay for it later, but I'm so thrilled it's finished!  Oh yeah... I've also met my goal for my stats class this week... I'm more than 1/3 finished.  Yay!

Here are all of the pages for the last day of the trip and the back cover (sorry for the crappy lighting):

Turkey Album Part 4
And here's a view of the front again now that it's all finished:

And now, I'm going to bed.  I'm totally ready to crash!


So my list of things I was going to accomplish this week?  Um... yeah.  Not doing so hot.  I definitely plan to get my Journaling 101 layout to Erika and work on my stats class but finishing the mini album is going to have to wait.  But!  I'm still getting stuff done.  I finished and filed my taxes and breathed a huge sigh of relief that I don't owe anything.  Always a happy moment, right?  And yesterday I was reminded about the garage sale my local scrapbook store is having this weekend.  I had wanted to participate but forgot about it.  So I decided that I didn't already have enough to do and reserved half of a table.  I figured that would be about as much as I could prepare for in 3 days and I've really been wanting to do some purging.  So, here's what my guest bedroom looks like right now:

Everything is sorted into piles and stacked the way I plan to bag and sell it; it's all done by either theme or style/color and then I've matched up stickers and other embellishments.  This worked great for me the last time I did a scrapbook garage sale, so here's hoping it works again! 

Here's a close-up including the little bottles of embellishments I put together (buttons, brads and flowers).  I think they turned out great... I'd totally buy them if I weren't trying to sell them!

The only thing left for me to go through is my cardstock; I'm going to do a bunch of cardstock packs.  Aside from that, I just need to stop at Target on the way home tomorrow to get big ziplock bags and then price everything.  The store gave me price stickers with a code so they'll know which items are mine, but I think I need about 100 more! 

Anyway, this will suck all my free time until I drop it off at the store after work on Thursday.  Then, back to playing with the goodies I'm keeping!  Sadly, though, you can't tell I've taken anything out!  Hopefully the cardstock will help remedy that.

My new goal... use what I have and don't buy any more!  Think I'm actually going to stick to that?  lol.  We'll see.  I'm much better than I was when I got all this stuff, that's for sure!

It would have been helpful to know...

... that today was daylight savings time.  lol.  Somehow I totally missed that!  Normally we all remind each other at work and they remind us at church, but this year I didn't hear a word about it and I totally missed it!  That kind of messed up my morning.  At least I eventually figured it out, even if I am a bit slow.  Oh well.

Anyway, this afternoon I baked some really yummy banana bread and made some progress on my Turkey mini album.  Here's part three; this is all the pages from our day-trip to Cappadocia.

Turkey Album Part 3
Our marketing analyst, her boss and my boss are all flying in this week so there should be meetings galore... at least we're starting to really get moving on our projects!  My non-work related goals for this week are to finish the mini-album, work on some other pages, get my Journaling 101 Week 8 assignment to Erika before Sunday and get to where I'm 1/3 of the way through my online stats class.  I think I can do that :)

Have you seen this?

If you're a big Facebook fan, this video might not be for you... lol.  Not that I hate Facebook... it's great for keeping in touch and doing a little networking, but there are some things that seriously bug me.  That said, this guy and I are *SO* on the same wavelength.  Anyway, this is really well done.  Watch and enjoy!

Almost 4 years ago to the day...

...Nicole and my buddy Jim and I took off for a long weekend in Venice.  I say it every time, but that was such a fun trip!  Here's a layout I've been working on from our second day in Italy.  We took the train from Venice over to Florence for the day and I finished Irving Stone's The Agony and the Ecstasy while we were on the train.  What better book to get in the proper frame of mind for a trip to Florence?  Part of my subsequent Michelangelo pilgrimage had to include a trip to la basilica di santa croce in order to see Michelangelo's tomb.

Santa Croce
I love those new Thickers from American Crafts... such a fun font!  The flowers were made with some powder blue tulle, flower shapes cut from handmade paper with my Slice, blue liquid pearls and a few Martha Stewart Gerbera Daisy stickers.  Here's a little close-up:

I'm kind of bugged by the journaling placement, but I didn't want to break it across two pages even though it would have looked better.  Oh well, at least I got the story on there, right?

Now, off to catch The Bachelor: After the Final Rose part 2.  Oh the drama! 

Another weekend flies by

I can't believe how quickly the weekend always goes!  No matter how much I get done, it's never as much as I wanted to accomplish.  But at the same time, I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to work.  Late Friday evening I got word that the project proposal that my team pitched to our VP before I left for Turkey was approved, along with several other projects.  We've got a really short time frame to get them all turned around and I'm excited to get started!

As far as today goes... I'm a total night owl so getting up for church at 9am is like torture to me.  My favorite thing about it, though, is that I'm up and ready early and even after church there's still so much time left in the day!  Today I managed to watch a movie, read an entire book and still work on my Turkey mini album.  So here's the next installment... this finishes up Day 1.

Turkey Album Part 2
And now, since it's not even 9pm yet, I'm off to do some more playing before it's time to crash :)

A little progress

Obviously I haven't been in much of a scrapbooking mood lately... so I've been plowing through my large stack of "to-read" books and watching the Avs get closer to coming in last in the league this season... lol.  But today I got a few things done.  I worked a bit on my Turkey mini album, but there's no way I'll finish it this weekend; I'm just not feeling driven enough.  Or rather I should say I'm too distracted by all the things I want to spend time on to focus for long enough.  lol.  But I'll get there!  Here's where I am so far.  I messed with the cover a bit and I'm not sure how I feel about the gold but I like the diamond glaze.

Turkey Album Part 1

The pages themselves are pretty basic - I decided to make the chipboard pages the embellishments.  This is more painting, stamping and heat embossing than I've done on any single project for a VERY long time!  It's fun, though.  I also love envisioning all of the tabs on the album once I get it finished.  Should be colorful!

This is the part where I show off my treasures.  lol.  This weekend I got the shipment of shredded memory foam I ordered to stuff the leather poufs that I bought at a little shop near our hotel.  I've wanted some of these for my living room forever but they're hard to find and expensive when I do find them.  But I found these beauties for only 10 YTL each (about $6) and I couldn't resist.  They're really comfy too!  It's hard to see the detail, but here they are in my living room in front of the coffee table:

Blog - Living Room 1
I also got the pillow cases for the pillows on top of the poufs in Turkey at a little shop right next to our hotel.  We saw this type of patchwork everywhere and I love them - they're really fun and different.  Here's another view where you can also see some of the painted ceramic balls I got hanging over the patio door.

Blog - Living Room 2
While I'm at it, I might as well show off an updated view of the wall opposite my couch by my piano where I hang a lot of the treasures from my travels (and a few things Nicole brought back from Yemen and the Congo). I added the big Happy Buddha mask after China and the knife with the mother of pearl sheath and the colored pottery tile covered with nazar are both from Istanbul.  I think this wall is now officially full.

Blog - Mask Wall
It's kind of small, but it's bright and cozy!  I love hanging out in my living room.

Also, for those who have asked, here's a view of my upstairs landing with the carpet I bought in Cappadocia:

Blog - Upstairs Landing
As I've said... it's not very big, but the colors and pattern are beautiful and I LOVE it!

Okay, time for me to go to bed so I can get up for church in the morning.  For some reason having to be up and out of the house before 9am seems soooo much harder on the weekends!