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I'm craving crepes.

I've been slowly pulling this layout together for the past several days and tonight I finally decided to finish it - we had a bit of a break in the weather (as in, we didn't get into the 90s... lol) so the attic wasn't quite as hot. 

This is from October 2006 when Melody, Vic, Dustin & I all went to Paris for a week.  On one of the days we all went out to Versailles to tour the palace and grounds and after we finished we wandered around the town for a bit until we found this little brasserie tucked around a corner.  It was crowded and smoky and no one spoke English, but they had fabulous crepes on the menu so we knew we'd found our dinner spot.  These were wonderful... covered with berries, sorbet and whipped cream. 

Crepes a Versailles
The lighting was bad in there and I'm bummed that I only got one really good picture (the one of me and Dustin) but you get the idea!  And now you can probably also see why I'm suddenly thinking a crepe would just about hit the spot right now!

On the school front, I got my first homework assignment today (school doesn't start until Monday) and I was suddenly feeling like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.  And then I realized that the fact that I actually know about my assignment in advance makes a pretty non-comparable situation.  But it was kind of funny while it lasted ;)

One more week.

Nothing exciting to share, just wanted to pop in with an update.

It's still super hot, which means my attic is like a sauna.  Good for sweating off a little water weight, not so great for crafting.  I'm not feeling inspired or motivated to scrap anyway, so I guess it works out :)  Maybe it's the heat making me uninspired... it's possible.  I think next year I need to get a mini air conditioning unit or something.

In the meantime I've started my "back to school" shopping.  It's kind of fun to do this!  The first week of school is Residency Week and I go full-time (I have to take a week of vacation) and we'll also have some evening study groups.  For the first day, we all have to wear business suits for photos and the rest of the week is business casual.  Since my office is straight up casual, this will be a bit of a change change... lol.  I could probably swing most of it, but I didn't have a good suit to wear so shopping was required, right?  The store was having a 50% off sale and I had a coupon on top of it, so if a few other things slipped into my bag that's just good shopping, right?  Next I get to buy a few school supplies!  It always reminds me of that line in "You've Got Mail" about bouquets of sharpened pencils.  It's too bad crayons aren't required for business school... that would be way fun.

Less than two weeks...

... until school starts!  I still don't know if my student loan has gone through.  It probably will, but it's a little nerve wracking.  I guess the good thing is it keeps me from having time to be nervous about actually going back to school!  I've gotten into a nice, comfy groove with work and home and hobbies and plenty of time to sleep.  The next 2 years are going to be VERY different.  It's all going to be for the best, I guess.  You can never move forward by standing still, right?

In the meantime, I managed to do another layout tonight.  I loved the article in the July Creating Keepsakes about different ways to incorporate travel memorabilia on pages.  Most of these ideas I've already done, but I liked the idea for a collage so I decided to try it with my pictures and memorabilia from my San Francisco trip last week. (Although the fact that the photos also ended up as a collage was pure coincidence.  lol.)

Business or Pleasure
Mostly American Crafts with a little Making Memories thrown in... I got that skyscraper AC paper knowing I'd want to use it for San Francisco pages and I really like how it worked.  The map is one that we picked up at the desk at the Marriott where Sara was staying and I marked our hotels and our office on there... I thought it was a fun reminder.  Behind the green metal frame is a glassine envelope with plane ticket stubs and, obviously, a Ghiradelli wrapper from our visit to the factory.

That's it for now.  It looks like we might have a break in the heat wave this week so we'll see how soon I get back in the scrap attic.  With all the 100+ days I haven't felt like braving the heat up here, but if it cools down I've got lots to scrap!

Back in Utah

So I got back late last night from my work trip out to our San Fransisco office.  It was a pretty good week!  We got a lot done and my co-worker Sara and I even had some time to see the sites!

First, I was back at the Hotel Triton again which is a pretty cool place to stay.  I had a funky little room overlooking the entrance to China Town.  Here's a view:

Our first night we were both exhausted so we went to a really nice little Italian place on 2nd Street (Umbria) and had yummy homemade pasta and tiramisu.  Then we just went to our separate hotels and crashed!  Wednesday after work we had a bit more energy and decided to play tourist for the evening.  We went to China Town on our last trip out but Sara had still never been out to the wharf or to Ghiradelli, so that's where we went.  Soup in sourdough bowls at Boudin, of course!  I loved this awesome sourdough crocodile.

Then we wandered around Fisherman's Wharf where we both ended up buying sweatshirts because it was a bit chillier than we'd prepared for.

And then, of course...

After we wandered around the square, went through the store and got our sample Peanut Butter Square and then we went in for some ice cream... as delicious as ever. After that, though, we'd hit our limit for the evening.  It had been a pretty long day and we had an early morning coming up, so we went back to our hotels and crashed.

Yesterday morning I got up early and wandered around China Town with my camera before hitting Starbucks and going to work.

Then at the office my new boss asked if I could arrange to stay the rest of the day instead of leaving with Sara at one, so we changed my plane ticket and we got lots of work done before I headed off for the last flight out... I got home about 1am this morning and I'm bushed!  I've got my tickets to see Harry Potter this weekend, though, and hopefully I'll get back in the scraproom too :)

Weekend projects

I'm not entirely sure where the weekend went, but it was nice while it lasted!  lol.  I did do a little playing in the scrap room.  First was a card - just playing around with some of my American Crafts stamps and embossing powder. Sorry for the crooked scan... the downside of always working at night is that I never have good light to take pictures!

To You From Me Card
I also did a layout today... this is another from Disney, while we were in the Wild Animal Park.  We had some time before Finding Nemo the Musical so we hung out in the dinosaur area for a while... I'm just bummed we didn't have quite enough time for rides.  Those flying dinosaurs looked fun!

Chillin' in Dinoland
And lest you wonder what happened to my typical verbose journaling, here's a shot with the hidden journaling pulled part-way out :)

Chillin' in Dinoland - Journaling

And now, off to relax and feed my Food Network addiction before bed... tomorrow is going to be busy getting my checklist knocked out at work and home to get ready to head out to the SF office.  Busy is good, though!  It helps keep me occupied instead of stressing until I find out if my student loan came through.  It's not like they're cutting it close or anything... I mean, school doesn't start until August 3rd!

Happy Friday!

Well, I finally did some more scrapping... I've been meaning to get the 4th of July photos off my camera all week!  I didn't really do a lot over the weekend, but it was still a fun little celebration just for me.  I made yummy gorgonzola burgers with watermelon, bomb pops and some seriously wicked cream cheese sugar cookies that I took in to work.  I love the American Crafts goodies here... I knew I had to use that watermelon paper on this page, it was just perfect!

July 4th 2009
So yesterday I mentioned I've been super busy at work and I wasn't kidding!  I've been putting in some long days but I think it will be worth it. We've got lots of great projects coming up and I'm really excited about the ones that I researched and proposed.  It's exciting to have a chance to work on something that could really make a difference!  Not only that, but they've been looking for a new person to bring on who will be my boss and they finally hired him... he starts Monday so I get to fly out to San Francisco next week to get to know him and start bringing him up to speed.  I'm pretty psyched, actually!

Bring on the weekend!

Farewell Joe

Just gotta post this... one of the greatest hockey players to take the ice retires.  I'm gonna miss watching #19 play for the Avs!

In other news, I've been working tons and when I get home all I can do is crash... hopefully more scrapping soon!

Birthday Mini-Album

It was inevitable that over the weekend there would be some kind of scrapbooking project using photos from Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh's birthday last Thursday, but when I saw all the great photos from Erin and Brian, I just couldn't stop myself from making it a whole mini album!  I had this fun pattern for a hand-made album from Club Scrap and used it with lots of American Crafts goodies to make the album.  Pretty much everything here is from my AC stash... here are a few shots of the cover including the fun beaded binding:

Album Cover 1 Album Cover 2

Album Cover - Binding

And, here are the inside pages:
Album Inner Pages
This was such a fun weekend project!

Next I need to get my 4th of July photos off my camera for a layout... nothing much, just a few pictures of some fun traditions I did for myself this year.  I didn't get any fireworks shots since I just watched fireworks in the valley from my upstairs windows (I have a pretty great view) but it was still fun... I also watched several movies, went to the gym a few times and got a few massages.  Mmm... Now, though, it's time to get back to work!  Should be a busy week :)

Eraleigh is One!

Yup, today is Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh's first birthday.  I can't believe it's been a year!  I'm looking forward to hearing about her big day and seeing lots of pictures.  In the meantime, here's the birthday card I made her.  I had to use these cute stamps from Our Craft Lounge (and my Copics) because they totally reminded me of her... when we were at the aquarium at Epcot, there was a giant sea turtle that swam right up to her and she was captivated.  I know she's too young to enjoy the card, but it was sure fun to make!

Birthday Fishes Card
In other news, I've been on a waiting list for a new laptop at work for almost 2 months now and yesterday I finally got it!  Good timing... my old one had decided to start shutting down randomly for no reason.  Fun!  I hadn't realized how slow my old one was until I started using the new one.  It's like the speed of light!

And now just a few more hours until my weekend starts... our office gets the 3rd of July off and I'm psyched for a 3-day weekend! I'm ready to bar-b-que, relax and maybe even scrapbook!