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Photo booth fun

Another busy week flies by... it's been pretty good, though.  I was able to get off pain killers from the root canal almost immediately and it's felt great all week.  I finished and submitted a paper for my leadership class - this was the equivalent of my final and worth 40% of my grade so I definitely took my time getting it done!  I started my Marketing Management class on Thursday and I think I'm really going to love it... my group is off to a fun and rather notorious start after the first class and I can't wait to really get into it.  Since then I've been trying to catch up on Accounting so it's definitely been a heavy school week! 

Tonight, though, I couldn't go to bed without coming up to ye olde scrap attic to play for a little bit.  I had these fun little photo booth pictures just sitting there from a wedding reception last weekend so I decided to scrap them (8x8 layout).

Photo Booth Fun

So now, off to get ready for another week!  I'm back at the dentist tomorrow... time to check the root canal and put in a crown.  I also need him to take a look at a wisdom tooth that needs to come out so there's a good chance I won't be able to do anything other than mumble all day.  lol.  Good thing I don't have meetings for once!  Wish me luck :)

Ouch! Part Deux

Just checking in quickly... I discovered a new talent today!  I'm apparently an excellent root canal patient.  I've got a temp filling in and I'm going back for a crown next week, and I've got pretty good drugs so I'm feeling fine.  The anesthesia hasn't entirely worn off, but it's mostly gone and I'm okay.  I'm on the soft food plan for a few days, though.  It feels great to get rid of so much pain but I have a feeling it will come back when I get the bill. :)


Why is it always the smallest things that cause the most pain?  I guess it isn't always like that, it just feels like it right now.  A while ago I had a very old filling fall out of a tooth and shortly afterward, the back of the tooth just fell off too.  It didn't hurt at all so I let it go, planning to get to it after I put some money in my flex spending account (dental work is $$$!).  I should have known better, it never works out that way, right?  This last week  my previously quiescent tooth went into full flare-up.  It was like 0 to 1,000 in a half a second.  I didn't realize it was the tooth at first since I just had sinus headaches - normal for me even if these were worse than usual.  Then the additional pain kicked in and I knew I was in for it.  I'm going to the dentist first thing tomorrow and I have a feeling the words "root canal" will be spoken.  Ah well, it's time.  At least they called in a prescription for some Lortab to get me through the weekend.  It's not perfect, but it takes the edge off and has been helping me catch up on some much needed sleep :)

I did get a few things done, however.  A friend from work got married yesterday so I met up with another co-worker for dinner and then we met the larger group at the reception.  It was beautiful and we had a good time.  I made this card to go with my gift for the happy couple.

Jana's Wedding Card


Today, in between drugged naps and light reading, I played a little bit more... first is a card to send off to Melody tomorrow (don't peek Mel!) in honor of the new baby that's due to make an appearance any day...

Happy Baby Card

Finally, I've been meaning to add to the "Watch her grow" album I've been making of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh for quite a while but hadn't gotten around to it.  So tonight, I added pages for the last four months.  I can't believe how much she's growing!  She's already walking and everything...








With that, it's time to hit the sack!  Here's hoping everything goes well at the dentist :)



It's here!


It's a convenient night for insomnia... instead of wasting all that time in fruitless attempts to fall asleep, I'm hours ahead of schedule on getting sucked into the new album!  I've said it before... Matt Bellamy is insanely talented.  Absolutely not what I was expecting and yet completely amazing.  Now I just need to head over to Border's at lunch to pick up the new Dan Brown and the day will be perfect :)

Quick layout

It's been a pretty quiet weekend here... just getting stuff done - laundry, dishes, cleaning, studying and watching the Cougars kick Tulane's butt... stuff like that. :)  I've still got to finish my accounting homework and get going on the reading and paper for my leadership class, but I thought I'd take a quick break to do a layout with the photos I printed earlier this week.

This is another one from Epcot - Nemo has become kind of special in our family so we couldn't miss the Nemo ride and the photo opp outside.


So now it's back to homework and hopefully a nap :)  If I'm lucky I'll have a little time to get back in the scrap attic later tonight.

Just checking in...

As Typepad so kindly reminded me, I haven't posted since the end of August.  What happened to the last 10 days?

Actually, Nicole and Brian flew out to visit over the long weekend so I was busy playing :)  We ate out a few times (Nicole can't visit Utah without a trip to Ruby River for steak), went to the movies, hung out, watched football and even went hiking!  I managed to post the pictures... the only ones I took all weekend.  I know, BAD scrapbooker!!!  Anyway, here are the pictures.  After Nicole and Brian left on Monday afternoon, it was time for me to hit the books!  I had a takehome Accounting midterm and it took several hours to plough through... I turned it in yesterday evening.  I actually think I did pretty well, but we'll see!

Anyway, tonight I finally had a few minutes to do a layout so I grabbed a few of my favorite pictures from our hike to Doughnut Falls and did a little scrapbooking!

Doughnut Falls 

While I was at it, I printed out a few more photos from Epcot so I'm hoping I can get to those sooner rather than later.

Anyway, that's it for now... class tomorrow night so it will be another late one.  It's a fun class, though, so I'm always excited to go.

P.S.  Dude.  BYU beating Oklahoma?  How sweet was that?  I just hope Bradford has a speedy recovery.

P.P.S.  NHL training camp starts this week!  Wahoo!  Where I'm going to find time to watch the games is another story ;)