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Fun with glitter!

Time for a little weekend recap.  On second thought, it wasn't all that interesting... lol.  I came down with a virus last week so I spent the weekend resting up so I'll be ready to play when my mom comes out next weekend for my birthday.  I can't wait!  In the meantime... here's a snapshot of my weekend.  The fall weather is perfect for cuddling up with my favorite blanket and a hot glass of apple tea to go with my studying (my last accounting class is tomorrow... can't wait to be done!)

Blog - Accounting and Apple Tea 

And of course I had to play in the attic a bit... it's getting to be the time of year where I start to work on a lot of projects to give as gifts (I love that my family actually wants and requests scrapbooky presents!)  Our family has 3 November birthdays and then Christmas right afterward so I figured with my schedule I'd better jump on it!  Here's a little sneaky peak of a project that's in the works (I'll share the whole thing after it's been opened by the intended recipient):

Blog - Secret Project 

As you can see, this is where the glitter came in.  I painted some chipboard flowers with crackle paint and then coated the edges in glitter.  Then I misted a white paper flower with Glimmer Mist and added some glitter and layered it on top.  I also made some more fun jeweled leaves.  I think I'm addicted.  Exhibit B:  the layout I did tonight:

I love your smile

(Sorry for the blur... scanning anything lumpy sucks but the lighting is too bad for photos.)  I knew as soon as I saw these pictures that Erin posted earlier today that they had to become a layout and they were just perfect for this fun contest from Ella Publishing.  I downloaded their latest book last week (20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers) and it's really inspiring - I love flipping through it!  

So, since I've posted about the jeweled leaves a few times, I thought I'd throw together a quick little tutorial for anyone interested.  I used to do these all the time when I was teaching but I've gotten out of the habit... hopefully this is helpful to someone :) (It's in an image so you can right-click and save if you want to).

Jeweled Leaves Tutorial

Whew!  Long post tonight.  So that's it... time to hit the sack so I don't get sick again from too little sleep.

Flying with Aladdin

Tonight was nice and relaxing... a much needed break!  My study group met until 2am on Monday night to get ready for our group project and presentation in Accounting last night.  It went pretty well and we're all quite glad it's done!  So tonight I kicked back and watched the Avs play and then came up to the attic to do a quick layout.

Back to Disney tonight... I love these pictures of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh from the Aladdin ride.  It was so much fun to be there with her because she just enjoyed everything - even in the rain!

Flying with aladdin 

I can't believe how fast this week is going... I'm not entirely sure how we got to Thursday so quickly, but I'm not complaining!

A little inspiration

This has definitely been a weekend for relaxing... last week was busy!  Busy at work, busy at school and a few trips to the dentist definitely wore me out.  The dry socket from my extraction is healing... I found out that I lost the blood clot because of a bone spur that worked its way through the opening.  Nice!  And now, I'll stop grossing everyone out :)

Yesterday I went to check out a nearby scrapbook store that I'd never been to... I knew it was there, Melody used to live nearby but I'd never checked it out.  Heidi taught there recently, though, and posted about it on her blog so I thought I'd swing by.  It's huge!  but they have a ton of stuff that was new when I was working at Scrapbooks Plus 5+ years ago and not a lot that's new, so good for my checkbook.  I did find a few fun things, though, and found out that Heidi will be teaching there frequently so I'll have to watch out for that.  Also, Marah Johnson is scheduled to come next month so I signed up for 2 classes from her - they look like they'll be a lot of fun and they're very technique and tool heavy so I thought it would be something to inspire me to break out of my box more.  I hope enough people sign up that the classes go on... I'm really looking forward to them!

Speaking of inspiration, Prima posted another fun product collage this weekend... I'm drooling over the colors.

Prima Picks Oct09 

See what I mean?  Totally drool worthy.  In fact, I decided to pull out some similar products from my stash and use them on a layout right away... I pulled out my Glimmer Mists and a glimmer screen to play with as well - still trying to break out of my box and try new things while at the same time, keep plenty of pictures on the page and tell the story.  It's a fun challenge :)  Here's what I came up with...

The Climb 

Yes, as a matter of fact I DID take a few hundred pictures during the visit to the Great Wall!  lol.  I can't help it, it was such an awesome trip I want to scrap tons of them... one or two layouts just isn't cutting it.  The pink flowers are actually from a jar of white ones and I misted them with Glimmer Mist.  I took a single Say it in Crystals element and cut it into pieces... another challenge I've been enjoying... using bits and pieces of embellishments to stretch them out and get more for my money.  Also some old school Basic Grey and some 7 Gypsies masking tape.

Oh - and the lovely lady in the pictures with me?  That's Emily who lives in a simply gorgeous part of England - the Cotswolds... we're going to be roomies in Peru and I'm looking forward to seeing her again!

So that's it for now... time to head down and make dinner!

Water baby

I was so excited when Erin posted these pictures of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh... I've been wanting to see them since they were taken this summer and all the cuteness was described over the phone.  I just can't get over the "fierce" look that she sometimes gets when she smiles.  The cute little pink polka dot bathing suit just ups the adorable factor.

Water Baby 

I had fun playing a bit and stepping outside of my box, even if just a little.  Lately, anything that doesn't have a white or kraft background AND has tilted pictures AND stamping (let alone embossing!) is pretty crazy for me, and I did all of that tonight!  I dug into both the stash and the scrap bin, finding all kinds of things that seemed to work well for this.  You'll have to ignore the bottom of the scan, it popped up the tag and puffy letter and I was too lazy to re-scan... it's flat in real life.

And now once again, I've stayed up way later than I had intended (you know how it is when you get on a roll, right?) and I'm going to be a zombie tomorrow at work and in class.  Oh well, sleeping is what weekends are for :)


Thursday AM update... I jinxed myself when I said my dental issues had been concluded.  Guess who has the beginnings of an infection!  I know, the fun never ends.  At least I recognized the symptoms immediately and called about it... they called in more meds and I just picked them up and started on them and I have to go back to see the dentist tomorrow morning to check on some other weirdness.  I think there's going to need to be a layout to document all the crazy! 

Ouch! The conclusion.

Today was the last of the three dreaded dental appointments... I have a beautiful new crown and I'm minus one sideways wisdom tooth!  Today was probably the worst of the three... getting the tooth out was a bit challenging because it was sideways, but it's out!  My dentist started to tell me what he was going to have to do to get it out and I told him not to give me any details until it was done... even on laughing gas, that was going to freak me out.  On the whole, I'd rather have the root canal again than go through today's fun and excitement, but it's done and I'm relieved.  Now I just have to keep working on getting the swelling down and keeping it clean until it heals.  Love the salt water rinses!  Mmm...

Aside from that, I finished up a layout that I started last night; the back side to my last layout in the divided page protector.  These kinds of pages are deceptively simple - at least for someone like me who can't stand to just put in the pictures and call it good.  Still fun, though.  And yes, another Great Wall layout - no journaling this time since at this point I've covered most of it... lol.

Let the Exploration Begin

And now, I'm off to kill the last bit of time before my final medication dosage for the night.  Whatever I end up doing, I'm pretty sure it's going to involve an ice pack ;)

Taking a shortcut

So I stopped by the mall on my way home from work today... I got to the point where I couldn't go any longer without a new bottle of moisturizer so I headed to the Macy's Estee Lauder counter.  Of course, Archivers just happens to be right there as well, so I stopped in on the way.  They had a sample album out on the counter showing how to do a quick and easy scrapbook using divided page protectors.  I'd seen the idea before, but having an actual album there in front of me sold me.  The fact that the page protectors were all on sale didn't hurt!  I picked up a couple just to see how I like them and ended up doing a quick layout tonight.  I also had a coupon for 100 free 4x6 prints from Shutterfly that was about to expire, so I uploaded a bunch from China and I got them last week... it works out great with the page protectors.  Here's my first stab...

First Sight 

Since the layout came together so quickly, I had a chance to do a little bit of playing on my embellishments.  I saw these awesome Prima leaves on Two Peas but I couldn't justify $4 right now for just a few leaves, no matter how beautiful.  But!  They gave me an idea.  I have quite a few skeleton leaves from years ago plus some microbeads, glitter and jewels.  Why not make my own?  So that's what I did here.  I just put the leaves on a piece of non-stick paper and laid them in a bead tray and then coated the areas I wanted to cover with Mod Podge.  Then I sprinkled on microbeads and chunky glitter and let them dry.  I really love the result!  I'll have to try it again with jewels and other goodies.

So that's it!  My Accounting final is next week (the day after I get my final crown and wisdom tooth extraction.  Whose bright idea was that?) so my study group is meeting for a 6-hour marathon session tomorrow and then some of the spouses are joining us and we're all going out for pizza.  Should be fun!  Er... sort of.  lol.

Your eyes do not deceive you...

... I'm actually posting a layout in the middle of the week!  I know, it was starting to seem like that might not happen until I finish school in another 21.5 months.  lol.  Tonight, however, I decided to take a little break from homework and do some playing.  I've been meaning to do another layout from China for a while since it's now been over a year since my trip.  Time certainly flies!  This is from the day of our Hutong tour when we went shopping in Ho Hai after the rickshaw ride.  We found this little shop selling Chinese papercuttings and it was like a scrapbooker stampede!

Chinese Papercuttings 

I mounted one of the papercuttings I bought with mod podge and stamped the corner with a chop to make it look like the wall hangings they were selling.  Those papercuttings are seriously cool!  I have a little stack of them and I need to use them more.

And with that, back to homework!

Autumn is here...

One of my favorite things about Utah (TIC) is the way that, during certain parts of the year, you have absolutely no way of predicting what the weather will be from day to day.  Tuesday it was 80 degrees and Wednesday it was freezing and there was snow in the mountains!  Since then it's been cool and you can smell the change of seasons in the air.  I love this time of year... if it didn't have to be followed by Winter it would be perfect :) 

Aside from the cooling weather, we get college football and hockey starts!  Yup, the NHL season is here again and, shock of all shocks, the Avs are off to a 2-0 start!  I'm excited to watch how this season plays out... even though I'll be watching most of it on my tivo, lol.

With the cooler weather also comes the ability to work in my attic without feeling like I'm in a sauna.  So today, while listening to / watching conference, I finished up a layout of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh.


I still think she's pretty much the cutest little girl ever :)

Now, off to watch the rest of conference and then finish up my Accounting homework (only three more weeks until this class is over... I can't wait!)