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For a while now I've wanted to do a little thrift shopping to see if I could get some older books to do book page flowers and to use in collage, so I decided that this morning I'd head over and see what I could find.  I got a great old dictionary and a pretty cool book with great text and pictures, and I scored a huge old Encyclopedia Britannica World Atlas for $5!  I also found another great atlas like the kind people used to keep in cars before GPS.  Then I did a little more poking around to see what other treasures were waiting to be uncovered.  I was actually shocked when I found a nice little cache of vintage lace and trimmings just waiting for me to come and take it home.  Check it out...

Lace and Trim Super Find
Yards upon yards upon yards of gorgeous lace and cool trims... I got all of this for $11.  I KNOW.  SCORE!!!

So after finding a treasure trove like that, I was definitely in the mood to do some scrapping.  I wanted to use some of my lace, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on so I used this month's Prima Picks to pull together a stack of supplies and then picked pictures to go with them.

Prima Picks Feb10

Here's the layout I did... can I just say that I'm totally in LOVE with these Grand Dame flowers?  They're gorgeous.  I'm a total Prima addict, so this was a super fun layout.  These are from Christmas - Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh was opening the Pretty Princess Kit I gave her for Christmas. 

Fit for a Princess 

And of course a close-up of all the pretty flowers :)

Fit for a Princess Close-up

The pictures I ordered for Steph's wedding scrapbook came today, and I got them all organized in the album's page protectors so I know which ones to put on which page... hopefully I can start on that tomorrow.  Of course, tomorrow is also the USA vs. Canada men's hockey hold medal game.  I haven't watched any of the Olympics this year, but I have to watch the big game!  Should be a good one. 

Happiness is a journey...

Whew... another busy week!  Time is certainly flying, though.  Between work, school and homework, though, I still snuck in an hour or two here and there to work on a new project.  After I finished my last layout I had an idea for a new collage piece that I wanted to try.  I sketched it out and realized it would work really well with one of my favorite quotes, so I worked on it this week and finished it tonight (staying up too late yet again... with an early meeting in the morning, of course!)

So... here's my new piece:

Happiness is a Journey Collage 

I worked the entire thing around the hot air balloon which I was really excited to make.  I wanted it to be 3D, so I cut the base shape out of chipboard and then did the balloon in papier mache on top of it.  The basket is made from modeling paste mixed with paint and mica pigment powder and spread about 1/8" thick on a chipboard base.  I cut the lines into it while it was still wet and let all of it try overnight.

The background is watercolor and glimmer mist and then I did the mountains in chalk pastels (sealed with Mod Podge).  I stamped the dot images in acrylic and made the clouds out of Mod Podge, tissue paper, Pan Pastels and Stickles.

Some close-ups, of course!

Happiness is a Journey - Close-up 1 

After the papier mache dried, I covered the balloon with Japanese Washi tape, a sheet of letterpressed paper, fabric, a handpainted design with acrylic paint, patterned paper and more fabric, with lace and other trims in between.  The little bags on the basked were hand sewn from tiny scraps of Amy Butler fabric and they're stuffed with tissue paper.

Happiness is a Journey - Close-up 2

I cut the butterflies out of thin chipboard, decoupaged phone book pages on them and then colored them with my spray mists.  Then I stamped on them and heat embossed and then curled the wings.  I edged them with a Krylon leafing pen and added the crystal pins and pearls.

Happiness is a Journey - Close-up 3 

And the last close-up:

Happiness is a Journey - Close-up 4 

And that's it!  I always have so much fun when I work on these types of projects... in fact, lately I've been very interested in making other 3D figures and I've gotten interested in Art Dolls.  So today I signed up for an online class to make a specific project.  I'm really excited about it - I'll post as I work on it.  The class starts March 9th, and I should get my supply list soon.  Should be fun!  I can't wait to start.

Anyway, I'm up too late again, so off to bed!  Here's hoping I stay inspired over the weekend and I get some more fun projects done.

It's play time!

I started this layout last night and just sat and stared at it so I walked away... tonight, I immediately wanted to scrapbook when I got home from work and, since my homework for tomorrow night is already done, I jumped on it and it really came together!  I pulled out some older pictures of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh and did a little playing. 

I made the two main flowers - die cut thin chipboard and then covered them with mod podge and phone book pages.  I sprayed them with Shimmerz and Glimmer Mist and then inked the edges.  I used some left over paper lace I saved from some packaging and then took the center from some old silk flowers and used these jewel brads.  Then I just added some Sassafras Lass blooms on the back.  Fun!  The flowers in the punched circles are letterpressed, but it's hard to tell.  I was really having a good time playing tonight.  A little Japanese washi tape on the side, and some alcohol ink on leftover backing from paper ribbon (that's the red scalloped trim).  Too bad the black ink on my printer was running out and I didn't get a "replace me!" message, but you can still read the journaling.  Anyway, enough blabbing...


I'm trying to convince myself that it's okay to use my stash of goodies, but despite the piles of gorgeous Prima flowers I'm dying to use, I ended up making my own yet again.  In this case I really feel like they fit the feel of the page better, but still.  It's time to suck it up and use my stuff!  I have way too much of it.

I found out this weekend that they're starting to re-open Macchu Picchu weeks ahead of schedule.  After they postponed our trip, of course.  I felt better after I did some reading and realized that it looks like the re-opening isn't happening in the town where we were staying.  Oh well, it's just setting up next year to be amazing... Peru, my Foreign Business Excursion for school and graduation!  Yay!  Okay, yanking myself back to present reality.  I'm off to try and finish editing the pictures I took at Steph's wedding so I can send them off to be printed.  She picked a wedding album in lieu of something from her registry and I'm excited to start on it.

Sweets for the sweet

I'm supposed to be reading my assignment for my accounting class that starts tomorrow, but today was a busy and somewhat stressful day at work, so I had to do something tonight to just relax for a while.  I wanted to scrap these pictures of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh as soon as Erin posted them last week so I pulled them out to play.  My mom, Erin and Eraleigh made Valentine's cutout cookies while they were snowed in and the pictures were just too cute.

Sweets for the Sweet 

Okie dokie... time to try and get in a little reading before I crash.

A very happy Valentine's Weekend

Well, it's been a fun and a bit of a whirlwind weekend.  Friday afternoon I picked up Rae at her office and we headed off to the airport for a quick trip to Phoenix for Steph and Mike's wedding.  We got in about 9:45pm and headed to the hotel where we met Steph and some of her family coming from the bridal shower (we were bummed we had to miss it, but neither of us could take off work to come earlier).

Saturday was the wedding and it was beautiful.  We started out with the sealing and photos at the temple in Mesa.  Here they are just after walking outside after the ceremony...


And then a fun one of me, Steph and our friends who all came in for the weekend (Sarah, Amber, & Rae). Steph had some seriously sweet pink flowered cowboy boots on under her dress (Mike is from Texas.  His boots didn't have flowers on them. Nor were they pink.)


After pictures, Rae, Amber, Sarah, Sarah's mom and I all headed off to The Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch / early dinner while all of the family did their thing and Steph and Mike got their couple photos.  (Their photographer was over the top.  He kept shaking his butt to get people to laugh.  He takes great pictures, but wow.  He was an odd one.)

Later that evening at a reception center in Mesa, they had the ring ceremony and the reception.  I didn't get great pictures - the lighting wasn't good and I'm not good at night photography, but I got a few decent shots.  Here's one during the ring ceremony.


And during the dancing... I caught this cute shot of Steph and Mike.


Cutting the cake... Steph loved her asymmetrical cake.  It was pretty cool!


And then the farewell as they headed off to Sedona.


The rest of the photos from the day are here.

After that we headed back to the hotel to sleep!  Then we got up early yesterday to head to the airport and I got home yesterday afternoon.  I was just in time to get a delivery of beautfiul flowers and yummy chocolates (thank you mom and dad!) and then I promply crashed. lol.  Between all the late nights with my study group and the travel over the weekend, I was wasted.  Now I've got to get back in gear and do my Global Negotiations homework before tomorrow :-P  I really like school, but this is one class that I'll be glad to be done with!


I just got bad news... because of the mud slides in Peru my tour has been postponed until March 2011.  ARGH!!!  I was sooooo excited and so ready to get out on vacation.  But, Karen will be coming back to do photography with us next year and it looks like everyone who had been booked is planning to come, so that will be fun.  Sigh.  At least I won't be missing any class! 

Just catching up...

Well, another busy week has just blown by!  I think I've only had one night all week when I was home before 10pm, but even with that it's still been good.  Mostly I've been doing school stuff to get ready for our final project / presentation for Entrepreneurial Management.  It's coming up fast!  We did our focus group on Wednesday night and it went really well.  We had a pretty good crowd, lots of yummy treats, the surveys and Q/A session went great and I think everyone really enjoyed playing with the trimmers and making their projects.  There were some pretty great little mini albums that came out of that!  We gave our prizes for the projects along with goodie bags, and I think that was a hit. 

We decided we want to include pictures of the event in our project, and since we're analyzing a business making a new scrapbooking tool, what better way to include the photos than to scrapbook them?  So tonight after I got home from my study group, I went through the photos we took and printed out a few to make this layout (using the CutterPillar, of course!):

Lovin' the CutterPillar

I made it 8.5x11 so it will fit in the binder... as you can see, it was a good time.  After everyone left and we got it all cleaned up, we went downstairs to unwind a bit by playing Rock Band.  I've only played Guitar Hero once, but after playing guitar for about 2 songs, I bumped it up to medium difficulty and was still getting upwards of 90%.  I even did bass for a few songs (I like guitar better).  I think next time I want to try drums.  We had a blast :)

Here we have Rick on drums and Brent rocking some Billy Idol on vocals... I just wish I'd caught the head banging on film (or digital... or whatever.)


Same song, different view... our other Brent (AKA Captian) on Bass and Laura on guitar.


Then we switched it up again and I took over guitar for a bit (I look terrible here... it was a looong day.)  I think my favorite one was One Step Closer from Linkin Park.  That was my first song on medium and it threw me for a minute, but I got the hang of it before too long!


We'll definitely have to play again!

Hopefully I'll have time to do something else fun this weekend, but there's lots to do between now and Thursday's presentation, so I have a feeling it's going to be solid homework for the next four days.  I'll just roll with it, I guess!