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Quick layout...

I wanted to do more this weekend, but just didn't get around to it.  I did get back to Steph's wedding album and did another page (more fun with my Cricut!). 

Steph Wedding pg 10

Some fun pictures that Steph's brother got of her niece.  I couldn't resist adding a little humor.  lol.

Now I'm going to take my raging headache off to find some dinner and some pain medicine.  Maybe I'll get more done tonight... I might just take it easy :)

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

(That song is now stuck in my head.)  The problem with using Saturday as your day to sleep in is that by the end of the day, you wonder what happened to it.  I was feeling like it was still Friday night just now!  I think I need a vacation.  lol.

Anyway, aside from catching up on sleep, I did get a few things done today... Sunday School lesson... check!  We're talking about Balaam and his talking donkey tomorrow which is always one of my favorite Old Testament stories.  Or one of the most interesting, at least.  Also watched some hockey... sadly, Colorado did not beat my expectations and were ousted from the playoffs tonight.  But nobody expected them to even make it there (me included!) so it was still okay.  Now I'll have to see who wins Caps vs. Habs... at least one of my 3 favorite teams is guaranteed to make it to the 2nd round! 

I've also done a little art journaling this weekend - trying something a bit new.  I've had a Moleskine journal sitting around unused for quite a while - mostly because I was intimidated by all the blank pages, afraid I'd ruin them by putting something on the paper.  I thought the best way to get past this was to just do something, so I took some inspiration from Pam Garrison and just started drawing.  This is all pencil (colored and sketching pencils).  I had a lot of fun with it - I need to think of something to write on here, but for now I'm happy with it because I actually DID something.

  Molskine 1

I followed it up with another page - I sketched a little bunch of these white flowers that are all over the trees here.  They're gorgeous, but they stink!  I threw the flowers away (outside!) after I finished sketching.

Molskine 2

And of course, I had to make a little jewelry.  I decided to do something fun for this week's church outfit.  This is the dress... paired with a little brown cardigan and heels:

Green Dress 

And here's the necklace.  I tried doing it on a display, but for some reason all of the black throws off the camera and it doesn't get enough light for a good shot.  This gives an idea of the length, though...

Red and Green Flower Necklace 1

I've really wanted to do something like this for a while... definitely my most complicated piece so far.  Bronze chain and findings, faux pearls, carnelian beads, and some other plastic and ceramic beads mixed with bronze leaves and lucite flowers and leaves.  Won't it be just perfect with that green dress? (I love that color green too.  So happy!)

Obligatory close-ups:

Red and Green Flower Necklace 2

Red and Green Flower Necklace 3

The pendant is about 55mm - it's a thick, carved shell material (feels like and has a sheen of mother of pearl) with bronze and lucite flowers and a big 'ol plastic faceted bead.  This might be my new favorite :)

Hoping to do some layouts tomorrow... I've got my study group coming Monday night so I have to make sure everything is cleaned up and I'm up to speed on all my case studies first... we're studying for our Operations final on Tuesday night.  Bleh.  But I'm making strawberry shortcake for dessert, so at least it won't be completely awful, right?

iPad envy.

I have it.  Bad. 

Today at work I was talking with some of our developers about a project I'm working on.  One of them asked me a question and as I was answering him I happened to glance over his shoulder to see his brand new, beautiful, shiny, super-sexy iPad sitting on his desk.  He was like, "do you want to touch it?"  lol.  He showed me some stuff with the Netflix app and another one called Space Walk that was super cool.  I want one of those puppies so bad I can taste it!  My tax return went to pay tuition, though, so I'm going to have to hold off and start saving for it... after Journalfest is paid for.  But I have a referral bonus coming up in a few months and I signed up for to help me with budgeting and saving, so I can be patient... one of them will be mine.  Oh yes, it will be mine!  (Wayne's World reference, anyone?)

Anyway, I've been working on a case study for class tomorrow, but I did manage to finish the last two scrapbook layouts for my friend Kylene.  It ended up being one, 2-page layout. 

Kylene - Pipe Band

I'm really glad I thought to do diecuts of her association logos... I'd have been really stuck for embellishments otherwise!  It was hard enough as it was, but fortunately all of the photos and journaling really helped dictate how the pages should pull together.  I'm going to take them to her at work tomorrow - I hope she likes them!

TTFN! (and GO AVS!!! Game 5 tomorrow... time to set the tivo before bed...)

Layouts for a friend

A few weeks ago a friend of mine at work was telling me about a little quandary she was in... apparently her family was having a big birthday party for her grandmother's 90th and everyone was supposed to make some scrapbook pages about themselves to contribute.  She had no idea what to do and didn't want to do pages about herself, so I made a few suggestions - she loves to take nature photos and is also a bagpipe player in a pipe band so I thought she could use pictures from those.  I told her that if she would pick out the photos and write up what she wanted to say, I would make the layouts for her.  So... about a week ago she came over with a DVD full of photos to go through and pick some out.  I took notes on what she wanted and she put them on a flash drive and emailed me the journaling and I was off!  Yesterday I was able to edit, crop and print all of the photos (and then I had to watch the Avs game.  Hello! It's the playoffs.)  Tonight I did the first two pages...  All American Crafts on this first one (I just LOVE the Dear Lizzy line!  I used it for the patterned paper, paper flowers and chipboard title.)

Kylene - Spring

It was funny how once she realized she didn't have to be IN the photos, she had a hard time narrowing it down!  We're trying to keep it to four pages, but it's tough!  These are photo heavy, but she has some gorgeous photos so I tried to keep everything else simple while highlighting her favorites.

Kylene - Fall

Next up:  bagpipe layouts!  Sounds kind of fun :)  I already turned the logos of her organizations into diecuts on my Silhouette, now I just need to put them with ELEVEN pictures and figure out how to make it look good while keeping it to two pages.  I'm always up for a challenge :)

Still here!

This week was heavy on homework, projects and meetings at work.  Monday my study group toured the BlendTec manufacturing facility for our Operations class which was really fun.  They're the "Will it Blend?" people - we had to do tour a factory and then do a diagnostic assessment and present our results.  After the visit we stopped for Thai food and then got to work pulling things together for the presentation.  Then I still had all my Finance homework for Tuesday's class / quiz and I didn't end up falling asleep until almost 3am.  We also did our presentation in class on Thursday and the rest of my spare time was spent trying to catch up on sleep.  lol.

But!  Today I had some time to relax and do some fun stuff.  First, I had to run some errands and while I was out, I figured I might as well stop and use my coupon for a new dress.  Since I'm teaching Sunday School again I figured I could justify it, right?  (hee!)  Of course, a new dress also means new jewelry, and Michael's had a bunch of their beads 50% off so I picked up a few strands to match.  My family asked to see the dress since it's kind of funky, with purple, orange and pink in the design.  The website didn't have a picture for some reason, so I scanned it out of their mailer:

New purple and orange dress

I'm going to wear it with a cardigan - I have black and orange and they both look good.  For the necklace, I was torn... I had two different things I wanted to try, so I just gave in and made two necklaces.  lol.  The first one:

Purple and Orange Necklace

The pendant is a vintage piece that I picked up in a lot on Etsy and I just added the beads and chains around it. 

Purple and Orange Necklace Close-up

Then the other necklace I made to pick up on the pink and the modern pattern:

Pink Mod Flower Necklace

The pendant base was on clearance at Michael's and I added a cabuchon and a vintage German chandelier crystal from Etsy.  I took pieces from a 10-foot long pink plastic mod necklace (also Etsy) and added gold chains, rhinestones and the smaller flowers I made with headpins and stacking lucite flowers.  No earrings - I figured I'd wear it with rhinestone studs.

Pink Mod Flower Necklace Close-up

Whew!  With that done, I finally did a layout!  I also broke out my new Cricut :)  I've had it for about a week and haven't had time to play yet, but I did pick up a few cartridges on Ebay (those suckers are way too expensive at regular price!)  I scored some deals so I've got a few to play with now.

This is for Erin:

Cricut in Action 

I just LOVED these new pictures of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh... I can't believe how big she's getting!  And cuter every day, of course.  I used the sketch from this month's Prima Build-A-Page

Chalk Talk 

Okay, that's it... time for bed!

Another one bites the dust.

Another weekend, that is.  I'm absolutely positive that time moves faster on the weekends than it does during the week.  Why is it that Saturday NEVER seems to drag by when Monday lasts forever?  Anyway.  I had lots of good intentions to do projects this weekend and didn't really get to any of them.  I spent quite a bit of time working on my Gospel Doctrine lesson for today and then tonight I spent some time with my Finance textbook.  Super fun!  But I decided that I had to do something fun before the weekend was over, so tonight I put together the next necklace on my list of jewelry that I really wanted to make.

Gold Medallion and Watch Face Necklace

This one is a fun combination of other jewelry that I took apart and re-purposed.  I had an old stone necklace that was one of three a friend gave me years ago that I never wore - the beads were gorgeous but the necklaces were too short and not really my style.  The gold medallion was the focal point of a chain link bracelet I picked up on clearance and the watch face was a pendant from another necklace.  I took all of them apart and re-used the chains in this necklace and added some other stuff.  (Yes, those are tiny little elephants.  I love elephants.  lol.  I also love adding something just a bit unexpected and whimsical.)

Gold Medallion and Watch Face Close-up

I really need to find something I can use to display my jewelry for photos, but I haven't found a torso prop big enough for my necklaces... some of them (like this one) are pretty long.  lol.  I should get something to cover up my stained desk in the meantime.  Oh well!

P.S. - I wore the necklace from my last post to church today and got tons of compliments.  I was told that it was very Jennifer Love-Hewitt in Ghost Whisperer.  I've never seen the show, but I think it was a compliment :)

More fun with jewelry!

Just popping in quickly to post some pics of the necklace I just finished...

But first, YAY!!! The Avs are going to the playoffs!  I'm super excited that they actually got in.  Hopefully they make it through the first round, but regardless, it's great that they made it after the disaster that was last season and all the re-building over the summer.  Should be fun to watch.

Now, for the necklace, I finished with the pendant I posted a few days ago.  Here's how it turned out:

Pearl Flower Necklace 

I took pieces of the chain that came with the original necklace where I got the violet jeweled pendant with the gold tassel and mixed them in with some small brass stampings and some beads.  Then I took pieces of a vintage faux pearl necklace and added it in - it's a bit over the top, but that's what makes it fun :)

Pearl Flower Necklace Close-up
This one was quite fun and I really love it.  I think I'll have to wear it tomorrow :)

Matt Bellamy: STILL insanely talented.

I'm still so totally buzzed after tonight's Muse show.  It was ridiculously awesome.  They played for about an hour and 45 minutes and it felt like 20 minutes... all my favorite songs and a sweet stage show.  I also loved when Matt did the Hendrix version of the Star Spangled Banner... he's just incredibly good.  So... here's your advance warning - LONG POST AHEAD!

Starting with... a pretty bad pic from the opening act; Silver Sun Pickups... the lighting wasn't strong enough for good shots.

Blog - Silver Sun Pickups

They were actually pretty good - a little too much reverb, but on the whole better than a lot of opening acts I've seen.  The downer was that Ticketmaster totally screwed up and oversold our section... there were at least four sets of people that came to claim the seats in front of us, not to mention 3-4 that tried to get ours.  Fortunately, my anal need to be early made it so we got to keep the seats and guest services re-seated everyone else (most of them on the GA floor.  bleh).  I was relieved because we had pretty sweet seats - we were probably not much more than 50 feet from the stage - close enough to see faces.  When I zoomed all the way with my camera it was about the same as what we were seeing.  So anyway, there was lots of drama and I think Steph is planning on writing some nasty emails for having to play usher (they still kept sending people down even KNOWING that all the seats were taken!  Whatever.)

So, here's the crew, chilling between acts.(Bad picture - I was trying to keep official types from seeing that I had managed to bring in an SLR while the lights were up. 

Blog - Muse buddies

Anyway, following the overbooking debacle, Muse!  Tonight's setlist (grabbed from the Muse wiki):

  1. Uprising
  2. Resistance
  3. New Born + YYZ riff + Headup riff + Micro Cuts riff
  4. Map of the Problematique + Maggie's Farm riff
  5. Supermassive Black Hole
  6. Interlude + People of the Sun intro
  7. Hysteria + Testify intro + Back in Black riff
  8. Nishe
  9. United States of Eurasia
  10. Take a Bow intro + Feeling Good
  11. Helsinki Jam
  12. Undisclosed Desires
  13. Starlight
  14. Unnatural Selection
  15. Whistle intro + Time Is Running Out
  16. Plug In Baby
  17. Exogenesis: Symphony Part I (Overture)
  18. Stockholm Syndrome + Township Rebellion riff + riff + riff
  19. Man with a Harmonica intro + Knights of Cydonia

And naturally, some pics. 

Opening number (Uprising) - the coverings fell off of the skyscrapers and revealed a sweet set - the bases moved up and down.

Blog - Muse 1 

close-up of the band...

Blog - Muse 3


Blog - Muse 2

Then during Feeling Good and Natural Selection...

Blog - Muse 4

Blog - Muse 5

I love it when Matt switches over to the piano... he's just so good.

They had pretty sweet lighting throughout the show...

Blog - Muse 6

A close-up of Matt being awesome:

Blog - Muse 7

During Plug-in Baby, they dropped a bunch of enormous balloons decorated like eyes and filled with confetti - so cool!  Whenever they went up onto the stage, the band just kicked them back out again.

Blog - Muse 8

Onto the Encore... Exogenesis Symphony Part 1:  Overture

Blog - Muse 9

Then during Stockholm Syndrome... blurry but I loved it as Matt was pointing right in our direction while I took the picture.

Blog - Muse 10

And then Knights of Cydonia...

Blog - Muse 11 

You know you're at the finale when they start shooting out huge columns of colored smoke.

Blog - Muse 12

And finally, the farewells begin.  *sniff, sniff*

Blog - Muse 13

All good things must come to an end (that includes ridiculously awesome things too, sadly).  I'm so glad I got to go and to see Steph, Mike and Rae.  It was amazing and tons of fun, even with the super overbooking drama and the semi blizzard when we came out of the E-Center (I had to clear almost two inches off my car before we could leave.  Joy!)  Anyway, LOTS more photos here... I culled out most of the blurry ones, but left in several that I still liked.

Okay.  I think I've come down from my high enough that I can go to bed.  TTFN!

P.S. - Steph!  I absolutely do NOT have enough pics from the show, so if you've got good ones, I want them!

Happy Easter!

And of course, not to be forgotten, Happy Birthday Dad!  It was yesterday, but I was a non-posting slacker.  I did call home and I got to be on the phone to sing happy birthday with the family and listen while he opened presents.  They made me extremely jealous with all of the talk of the Baskin Robbins chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake.  Yum.  It sounds like it was a great birthday, and here's hoping for many more!  Here's a quick shot of the card I made to send with the present:

Dad's Birthday Card

Not my best effort at stamping words, but it's the sentiment that counts, right?

And... for today, I took my basket of froofy Easter eggs and added some candy for this year's grown up Easter basket (this is for Mom who was worried that I didn't have an Easter basket for myself.  lol).

2010 Easter Basket
I had Lindt chocolate mini eggs, a few saran wrapped pieces of my favorite Sees candy and a Hershey's bunny, a Cadbury caramel egg and a Butterfinger egg. Yum!

I spent most of the weekend watching General Conference, which was wonderful as always... but I still got a few other things done.  First, a layout.  I printed these photos of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh weeks ago and never made the layout.  Since I was officially a few holidays behind, I thought I should get to it.

Valentine Sweetheart

I had some fun playing around with this one... I took the tags and cut out squares to make frames and then misted them and added fun trims and Japanese masking tape along with flowers and hearts cut from a sheet of Making Memories patterned paper.  Some fun vintage lace down the right side of the layout and Pink Paislee chipboard letters.

Finally, I decided that just because I was "finished" with a piece of jewelry didn't mean I couldn't go back and change it if I thought of something that would have made it look better.  I mean, duh.  It's not that hard.  So I made some changes to my seahorse necklace and updated my previous post with new pictures.  Nothing drastic - just subbed in some copper colored beads in place of blue ones to tie in the pendant better.  I like it even more now :)

I didn't complete any new pieces this weekend (that pesky house cleaning and laundry crap got in the way), but I started assembling a new pendant - I'm waiting for the E-6000 to dry so I can keep working.  Here's a quick look at where it's at:

Pearl - faux amethyst flower pendant 1

The flower is a mother of pearl carved one that I got for like $2 on Etsy... the jeweled part on the front was a pendant from a bunch of vintage necklaces I picked up.  I cut off the bail and sanded it down and glued it to the flower - I'll save the chain and either use it here or later.  I glued a new bail to the back of the flower and added some brass findings and jewels.  I don't know why the small jewels look so blue in the photo - they're violet.  I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this one... I'm making it up as I go :)

Tomorrow night is the Muse show at the E-Center and I'm SUPER PSYCHED!!!  I'm meeting up with Rae at my place where we're going to fix dinner and then meet Steph and Mike for the show.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get a camera in now that I just have an SLR... I'll think of something.  I can't wait, though.  They're sooooo amazing live.  Of course, I didn't put two and two together until earlier today when I realized that Muse on Monday night meant that I couldn't call into my Monday conference call with my study group and that also meant that Monday night was out for working on Finance homework.  Doh.  So I spent several hours this evening working on that.  Fun, huh?  (Maybe if I'd gotten online yesterday instead of slacking and doing housework I'd have realized that and started yesterday.  Oops.) BUT!  While I did homework, I witnessed my own little Easter miracle - the Avs actually won a game! They're still in the playoff hunt! (jinx!)  Obviously it was a bit of a non-traditional Easter chez moi, but it was still fun, peaceful, relaxing and very uplifting.  Now it's time to get ready for another week!