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New recipes and a layout

I can't believe how fast this week flew by!  I'm sure it was dragging for some, but for me it was like light speed.  Of course, that brings me that much closer to my big presentation due in class on Tuesday night.  Have I started it?  Of course not!  So I spent my Friday night procrastinating a bit more :)

First, a few new delicious and nutritious recipes were attempted.  Both were quite successful and will be made again.  First, I decided to make my own pizza... I based it on some different articles and recipes I read about making your own healthy versions.

Ham and Mushroom Whole Wheat Pizza

This is two servings... I took a big piece of whole wheat naan and topped it with low-cal pizza sauce, 1 ounce of fresh mozzarella, 3 slices of sliced canadian bacon, some sliced and lightly sauteed white mushrooms and a sprinkling of fresh, chopped parsley.  It was delicious and it smelled amazing!  I picked up some campari tomatoes at Costco yesterday (apparently these are the ONLY tomatoes to eat at my mom's office and the package does say that they're the "foodies' choice.")  I think I'll slice one up and do a quick oven roast and then add it to my leftovers for lunch today.  Yum!

For dessert, I found this recipe in a 2006 issue of Weight Watchers magazine that was stored with my recipe books.  It's a nectarine and cherry shortcake.  Since it involves two of my favorite fruits AND shortcake, how could I resist? 

Peach and Cherry Shortcakes
You slice up one nectarine and then pit and halve 1 1/4 cups of cherries (I used rainier) and put them in a bowl with 2 tbsp of sugar.  Then you make the shortcake out of 1 cup of self-rising flower and 1 cup of fat free sour cream.  Mix them until they form a dough and then flour your hands and your counter and roll them out.  You get a disk about 1/2" thick... the recipe said to cut them with a fluted circle cutter which I didn't have.  I had a plain circle and a heart, so I went with the heart because I LOVE dessert!  You bake the shortcake and then split it, fill it with fruit and a dollop of FF sour cream and put the top on.  I sprinkled just a smidge of powdered sugar to make it look pretty and add a bit of sweetness to the shortcake.  Again, YUM!  This made 5 servings for me.

And then, to continue the procrastination, I did a layout.  I realized that I'd never scrapbooked my class photo and it was fun to look back at it after a year and realize how differently I saw the picture.  So that's what I journaled about. 

Class of 2011 Layout
Close up, naturally...

Class of 2011 - Close-up

And since anyone who has seen this picture has inevitably asked where I am in it, I made a little guide... I'm in the top-right portion.  I even labeled the non-blurry people in this shot!

Class of 2011 - Here I am
It's really funny how when this picture was taken, other than my three fellow Ancestry peeps (who I didn't know well), I didn't know a single soul in this picture.  Now, I look at it and see several close friends and people that I've really come to care about.  It's awesome.  Can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Fun with stamps!

And ink and paint and crayons and tape and mist... lol.  I've been really inspired lately by some great tutorials posted on the internet like the roses in my last post.  Today was from a couple of different places.  First, I really wanted to try this idea for building your own stamped doily designs using different sets of Papertrey Ink stamps.  I already had the stamps so I thought it would be a blast.  The other inspiration was from Julie's Art Journaling Week... she had a whole week of posts on art journaling last week and it really got me revved up to do something in my journal.

I've been feeling generally happy and optimistic lately so I thought I'd do a page about that and use the build-a-doily technique at the same time.  Here's the base of the page before I added the journaling:

Hope - No journaling 

I stamped in white and then heat embossed all the stamping.  Then I decided to get really crazy and try coloring the designs with my Caran d'Ache crayons.  I colored and then blended with a water pen; they're really highly pigmented so the colors actually turned out awesome on the black paper.  I also used one of my new Prima masks with some Tattered Angels chalkboard mists.  That didn't work out too hot, but you can still kind of see it at the top.  Some closeups of the "doilies:"

Hope Detail 1

Hope Detail 2

You can see where I did a little bit of outlining with Stickles to enhance the jewel tones on black.  For a page titled "hope," I really loved the idea of bright, shiny designs standing out from a black background.  It seemed cool and symbolic :)

Hope Detail 3

I love how the embossing plus color makes the whole design seem to float on top of the page just a bit.

And lest you think I didn't actually write anything, here's the finished page.  I blurred out most of the words since they're too generally mushy for the old blog... lol.  I also added a bunch of Golden Pearl Mica Flakes in the corners and along the edges... just for kicks.

Hope with Journaling Blurred

I liked it better without all the words and stuff, but I guess that defeats the purpose, huh?  Anyway, I had a ton of fun doing this page tonight. I'm sure I'll be doing this kind of stamping on some layouts soon! 

Fun with flowers

Just popping in to post another layout I finished yesterday.  This is another from the August Studio Calico kit - I had a lot of fun making my own roses.  I found this tutorial while blog surfing and I know it's one I'm going to use a lot!

This is from our afternoon shopping on Cannery Row when we were in Monterey last month.  I had to document our favorite little boutique that we always stop at since we probably won't be going back there for a while.  We always find really cool tree ornaments for our collections along with other fun stuff like purses and jewelry.


Here are some close-ups where you can see the roses I made.  These were tons of fun to make!  I also added some Stickles to bling them up a bit.



I foresee myself going through a Handmade-Roses-on-Everything phase in the very near future :)

Now, it's time for me to read my Intel case study while I eat lunch.  Later!

Summer Fun

It's a beautiful summer Saturday afternoon here and I'm enjoying sitting up in my little attic with the window open to a nice little breeze and a cold bottle of Crystal Light lemonade (yum!).  I found a new slimline tower fan that fits perfectly in my studio so it's much nicer to work up here... I had to come up to play today :)

First I did a layout of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh on her new trike.  She can't pedal yet, but I love how obvious it is that just just loves it.  I think it's hysterical how Rick got on and rode with her... apparently attempting to teach her the rudiments of peddling (which wasn't exactly successful.  lol).  I used the August Studio Calico kit which was just perfect with the colors.

Have Wheels Will Ride
And some close-ups of the fun little flowers.  I mixed the Sassafras Lass Paper Whimsies with Basic Grey fabric brads and some vintage lace from my stash.  They're so fun!

Have Wheels Will Ride Close-up 1

Have Wheels Will Ride Close-up 2

After a summer layout, I need some summer food!  I think I've posted this first one before, but this is one of my absolute favorite summer recipes... especially if I can get my hands on some nice big home-grown tomatoes!

I just slice the tomatoes and lay just a bit of cheese on top (I used Bergenost which was yummy!) and I put them on about 450 until the cheese is melted and just starting to brown.  Then I add one strip of crispy bacon, fresh sliced avocado and a heaping tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese.  It's such a great blend of flavors and textures and it's nice and fresh.  You can make it with chicken... it's not quite as good, but still yummy.

And here's one I tried last night - I got the recipe out of a low calorie cooking magazine (Delish) that I picked up at the Phoenix airport after Steph's wedding back in February.  I just looked at it this week.  I know!  I'm a little behind.  Anyway, it's a Moroccan spiced turkey burger with carrot slaw.


You mix 93/7 ground turkey with grated summer squash, cooked couscous, fresh mint, cumin, salt and pepper and garlic to form patties.  I grilled mine in my George Foreman for 6 minutes and it was perfect.  The carrot slaw is carrots mixed with cilantro, cumin, salt, pepper, lemon juice and a touch of olive oil.  I added 1 tbsp of a spread made from plain non-fat Greek yogurt, cumin, S/P and lemon juice.  It was actually really yummy and boy does the kitchen smell delicious!    It was pretty filling and had the texture and satisfaction of a big 'ol burger.  I think next time I'll amp up the spices (and maybe just a touch of feta?)... since I skipped the shallots I wanted it to have a bit more flavor.  Besides, more cumin and fresh ground pepper is never a bad thing!

Finally, I found some fun new music last night.  I went on iTunes to grab the new Arcade Fire album and found a few new bands through suggestions.  One of them is called Breathe Electric and they're electronic and I'm really enjoying it... the other is one I'd never heard of called Sleigh Bells.  I was fascinated by the snippets they had so I downloaded the whole album - it's like nothing I've ever heard and I like most of the songs quite a bit.  It just makes me want to move!  Onto the exercise playlist it goes :)

Off to check the mail, grab lunch (because after posting those recipes I'm hungry!) and do a little more playing before I start working on my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow.

This week...

...I have absolutely nothing interesting to post.  So far.  lol.  But I have a few fun new finds that I wanted to share.

I've been searching for a good non-fat Greek yogurt for a while, and this stuff is yum!  Peach is my favorite so far.  It's really good mixed with 1/4 cup of granola.

Archer Farms Granola Bites.  I can't find a picture, but I'm loving these... especially the Chocolate, Caramel, Sea Salt & Almond ones.  They're like a fun little 80 calorie dessert and perfect to throw in my bag as an after dinner treat on school nights.

I'm loving all the new goodies starting to show up in stores from CHA!  I'm still waiting to see some of the lines I'm drooling over, but I have to admit that as soon as Prima showed up, I put in an order.  I've been especially excited about these masks:

Prima masks

I'm loving my new exercise playlist... I added back in tons of old favorites including lots of Linkin Park, a little White Zombie and even some Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson (in small doses.  lol).  I also added some new favorites like MuteMath and Passion Pit.  Good for motivation in the mornings.

And who doesn't love giveaways?  Especially with lots of Prima and American Crafts goodies!


Okay... enough rambling for now.  Excited for my package from the Pink Paislee warehouse sale to show up today along with my new Asics cross trainers (the blisters on my heels will thank me in the morning).  I'd like to do a little scrapping tonight, but we'll see how I'm feeling.  Lately I'm so tired that I all I can do is crash!  I guess it will take a while to get used to being on an exercise plan with my school schedule.


My little soul sister

Erin sent me a text earlier tonight with the cutest little picture... they were shopping at Target and Eraleigh was entranced with the scrapbook supplies.  We've frequently joked about how much she's already getting to be like me so I laughed when I saw the caption to the photo - "she's your soul sister alright."  And of course, how could you not scrapbook something like that?  So I did.  I used the  August Prima Build-a-Page  sketch to get me moving.

Little Soul Sister

And my obligatory close-up shot:

Little Soul Sister Close-up

And with that, I have just enough time to watch Master Chef on my tivo before I hit the sack.


I think I'm allergic to Idaho.

Well not literally, but I find it suspicious that I was perfectly fine when I left my house on Friday night and within hours of crossing into Idaho I had a stuffy nose and was sneezing all the time.  A steady dose of decongestants is all that's keeping me going right now... lol.  I think it was the hay or something.  Whatever. 

Friday night I was able to get to Twin Falls early enough to join everyone for a late dinner at Tomatoes restaurant.  It was fun to see my mom and my aunts and uncles and some cousins that I didn't get a chance to see at our reunion last month.  Mom and I stayed at a hotel right there... we all wanted to be there so we'd have more time in the morning, plus it was a shorter drive for me :)  Everyone else drove in from Boise the next morning for the sealing at the Twin Falls temple.  It was a beautiful ceremony!  I'm so happy and excited for Kim that she and Brian found each other.  They're a fantastic couple.

Exiting the temple after the sealing:

Blog - Exiting the temple
Family photos aplenty were taken.  This is a fun 3 generation photo... with my Aunt Patricia and my cute grandma.

Blog - 3 generations 

And my cousin Kris with her cute boys (they were so GQ in those suits).

Blog - Kris, Kim, Jordan and Mason
And the Clark family...

Blog - The Clarks at the Temple 

After the photos, we went for lunch at the Idaho Pizza Company.  It was fun, yummy, and had the added perk of being full of really cute firefighters from SLC.  I neglected to take any pictures at lunch... I left it all to Uncle Merrill.  I was lazy.  I own it.

After lunch, Mom and I wanted to see the local sights - we figured the chance that either of us would be back in Twin Falls was slim, and they had some gorgeous scenery.  First, we stopped at Shoshone Falls.

Blog - Shoshone Falls 

Then we drove out to the edge of town and got out at the scenic overlook for the Snake River Canyon.  It was just beautiful!

Blog - Me at Snake River Canyon

Blog - Snake River Canyon 2 

Then we hopped in the car to head to Boise to help set up the reception and ring ceremony at my aunt's house.  We started out behind everyone else but thanks to my lead foot er, inexplicable circumstances, we were way ahead of the rest of the cars when we found out that there had been a really terrible accident on the freeway just a few minutes after I passed by and some of the others got stuck there while they brought in the life flight helicopters and cleaned things up.  We were just grateful that no one from our party was involved.  Mom and I were able to get there in time to get started finishing up the decorating and everyone else made it through in time to finish up the food.  We got everything cleaned up and ready just as guests started to arrive. 

Kim and Brian had a lovely ring ceremony under the tent... one of the favors was a fun paper fan that came in super handy in the heat!  Here's Kim walking down the aisle with my Uncle Nile.

Blog - Walking down the Aisle

Exchanging the rings...

Blog - Exchanging Rings
The happy bride and groom!

Blog - Bride and Groom
The cake:

Blog - The Cake
The cutting of said cake:

Blog - Cutting the Cake

Everything was beautiful and I'm so glad I got to be there.  Mom and I stayed with my aunt and uncle Saturday night and then mom flew out at the crack of dawn on Sunday... she wouldn't let me get up early to take her to the airport so that I could sleep and be awake to drive home.  Probably wise, but I still missed not seeing her.  I guess I'll just have to go home for a visit :)  Sunday morning I went to church where the entire family showed up... my cousin Kelly's son, Forrest, just got back from a mission in Ghana and was giving his return talk and Kelly spoke as well.  It was wonderful to be there with all of my aunts and uncles and my grandma - I don't think I've ever gone to church with all of them!  After church we had leftover wedding cake and fruit (that balances out, don't you think?) and then I had to hop in the car to drive back home so I could get ready to get back to work.  All in all, a busy but very fun and happy weekend.

The rest of the (mostly unedited) photos I took over the weekend are here

Residency Week: The blog.

Wow, time sure flies when you're having fun!  I spent my last week before school started plowing through an enormous stack of trash novels.  It was a fabulous use of my time, I'm sure.  lol.  And last week was Residency Week... the first week of each year of school we take off work and go full time (and then some!)  The entire week is 3 credits and it's jam packed.  We did case studies, lectures, field trips and a 3-day StratSim competition.  Oh, and we ate.  A lot.  I'm going to have to go on half rations for weeks to make up for it!  But it was a lot of fun.  Picture heavy post ahead!

Monday, we did a case study and lecture about a hospital and then went up to IHC in Murray for a lecture and also a tour about how they've turned into one of the premier medical centers in the country.  It was fun - we carpooled up in vans and I always enjoy spending the time hanging out with my classmates and getting to know them better.

Tuesday, we did a case study and lecture about Harley Davidson and then, of course, followed that with a tour of the local Harley Davidson.  It's a pretty amazing building, constructed of mostly found and re-purposed materials.  And the bikes are pretty sweet too :)  I took a bunch of pictures on my phone while we were there.

The famous and iconic water tower:

Harley 1 Blog
An original, 1918 Harley:

Harley 4 Blog
Checking out the bikes... here's Rick:

Harley 5 Blog
And Chad and Mark (who smiled and turned away before the picture finished taking.  Argh.):

Harley 3 Blog
And Erik, expounding on the delights of owning a Harley to Greg and Rasmus:

Harley 6 Blog
Motorcycles aren't my brand of adventure, but I have to admit the bikes are gorgeous!  We finished our visit with famous sliders from Marley's and then went back for a career coaching session.

Wednesday we worked in our teams on StratSim - we were broken into "worlds" simulating car industries and each team was a car manufacturer.  We started with a small line of cars and a set of financial statements and spent three days simulating 8 years of business.  We had to make decisions about marketing, manufacturing and product development and make sure we maintained a profit.  The winner was the team with the highest cumulative net income.  We were a competitive bunch!  At the end of the day, we had a picnic for all of the class and families.  It was too bad we had massive thunder and lightning, but it was a huge pavilion so we stayed dry and the kids still got a little use out of the moon bounces.  I took some pictures of my group from last year.


Picnic - Laura
Mike and Janell:

Picnic - The Freddies
Rick, Carolyn and their kids:

Picnic - The Hyatts
Brent and Sheralyn:

Picnic - The Rawlings
And Brent (AKA Captain) and Maggie... they aren't this blurry in real life (Go me with the awesome pictures!  lol):

Picnic - The Ropers

It was a fun night, even with the rain.

The rest of the week we worked on StratSim.  This was serious business.  Here's my group - my team was 4/5ths of this year's learning team... Tom, Mark and Mindy.

StratSim 1

StratSim 2

StratSim 3

Our strategy was to sell stock to get lots of capital, invest a ton of money at the very beginning in technology and capacity capabilities and then increase capacity, production centers and products every year.  We also wanted to spend a lot on marketing and make sure we watched our existing products and maintained our brand equity.  We knew this would hurt our income in the first few years and it did... this had the effect of getting the other teams to count us out.  Hehe... we did a major sneak attack in the 4th year and ended up winning the whole thing.  We had the highest income of all 15 teams.  Go us!  Then we did a presentation on the whole thing which I ended up presenting and it went really well.  Here we are with our trophy (and I love that it's actually an FBLA trophy for 8th place in Desktop Publishing.  lol.)

StratSim Champions
Whew!  It was quite a week!  Right after we finished, I headed home to change clothes, gas up the car and head off to Twin Falls for Kim's wedding.  It was just non-stop busy!  (I'll post wedding pictures in the next post :))  Now I go back to my regular class schedule starting tomorrow and I'm excited to get going again.  This should be a great year!