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Another Studio Calico Layout & Days 26-27

Yup, I'm still playing with the Daydream Believer kit... this time I did a boy layout! Considering what a feminine kit it is at first glance, I thought I was going to have to use something else, but it worked really well and I'm liking it, even though it's not at all what I pictured when I started.

A Boy and His Dog

These pictures of William playing with Bella were too cute to not scrapbook. I love the ones where she's licking his ears and he's just laughing. So cute.

A Boy and His Dog - Close-up 1

The cardstock and all the patterned paper were from the kit, along with most of the extras. I added the star trim and some washi tape and a few brads.

A Boy and His Dog - Close-up 2

I popped a few things up for some dimension... the center photo and one of the frames with the heart punched out.

A Boy and His Dog - Close-up 3

This may be the first layout that William has gotten all to himself! I'll have to do more...

29 Days of Love Blog Header

Coming into the home stretch on the little 29 Days of Love album here... I have days 26 and 27 ready to share.

29 Days of Love - Days 25-26

Day 26 was "I love my favorite restaurant" and... no surprise, I don't have a favorite restaurant. lol. But I love to go try new restaurants with my friends, so I made it about that instead.

29 Days of Love - Day 25a

and the other side:

29 Days of Love - Day 25b

And yesterday was, "today I love something in my closet."

29 Days of Love - Days 26-27

I have lots of cute clothes, bags and shoes in my closet, but this sweater is my favorite thing right now. I wear it probably once a week, and it goes with lots of stuff and goes pretty much anywhere.

29 Days of Love - Day 27

I had lots of fun stamping the background for this page... some slightly older Papertrey sets.

k. Time for dinner and The Biggest Loser. Sadly, even though I hate this season because of all of the drama that annoys me and makes me roll my eyes and fast forward rather than inspiring me to be healthier (take a hint NBC!) I still want to know what happens. But I have it on my DVR with that handy little fast-forward button at the ready!

Project Life Week 8

Last week was long and very busy, but still went very quickly. Weird how that happens sometimes! I'm glad I'm making an effort to capture some of the details this year, even if I really wasn't in the mood to do this tonight... lol.

Project Life Blog Banner

I took quite a few pictures and decided to let this week's layout really just be mostly about words and photos.

Project Life 2012 Week 8

This week I just opened all the photos first, then picked a template and merged them into their spots. Then added journal cards and did all the writing, then threw a few accents on top. It still took longer than I'd like to be spending, but my absolute refusal to let anything be simple kind of nipped that "do it fast" idea in the bud. lol.


This was not a good "healthy in 2012" week. But at least I'm owning it... it's the quickest way to getting back on track, right? Avoiding the cupcake truck is probably a good start (but that was a DARN good cupcake!)


Maybe the tomatoes balance out cupcakes? I'd like to think so.

It's now snowing outside and my hockey game is over (go Avs! They just won another one... loving how they're playing lately). I guess that means it's time to call it a night :)

Turkish Kofte and 29 Days of Love

I love the smell of spices floating through my house... and my hands still smell a bit like olive oil, even after washing. Yum.

Today was a cooking day for me, and I had been craving Turkish food so last week after my menu planning, I got a few things so I could make it this week. Plus, it helped me use a few of these beauties:

Bountiful Baskets Heirloom Tomatoes

I ordered the heirloom tomato add-on from my Bountiful Basket this week... I absolutely adore them, but they're $5 a pound at the grocery store. However this way, I got 10 pounds for $12. Is that a deal or what? They're fresh and perfect and delicious. In fact, yesterday for dinner I just sliced one up with a little fresh mozzarella:

Ancho Veggie Polenta with Heirloom Tomato and Mozarella

(That's my Ancho Chili and Veggie Polenta - or kitchen sink polenta. lol. I cook the polenta and mix in roasted asparagus and mushrooms, 2 ears of sweet corn and several diced tomatoes along with sea salt and ancho chili powder. Yum.)

I think the purple ones are my favorites.

So tonight, I used a few to make the tomato sauce for my kofte with yogurt from Claudia Roden's New Book of Middle Eastern Food (one of my favorite cookbooks.)

Kofte with Yogurt

I used beef instead of lamb... 1.5 pounds mixed with salt, pepper and a small to medium chopped onion. I don't love onion, so I diced mine quite small and sauteed it before mixing into the beef. I also added about a tbsp of kofte spice mix that I got at the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul. Kofte spice for kofte. Makes sense, right? I have no idea what's in it, although I'm sure paprika is in there somewhere.

You form it into patties and either grill it or broil until brown on both sides but slightly pink in the middle.

For the pita, you toast it - I cut mine first... it's easier. Toss in a little bit of olive oil in a sautee pan until brown and set aside.

For the sauce, about 1 pound of diced tomatoes (I left the skin on), 1 tsp of sugar, salt and pepper and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Cook until soft.

Layer pita, hot sauce, 4 patties, room temp plain Greek yogurt (I use fat free) and a few pine nuts. Also a drizzle of olive oil mixed with paprika.


29 Days of Love Blog Header

And now a little catch-up on my 29 Days of Love album.

29 Days of Love - Days 23-24

The 23rd was "Today I love something in my purse." I used this fabulous little wool pouch I picked up at the Alpaca showroom in Cusco. I use it for all kinds of little things I carry with me and I just love it. And it's cute!

29 Days of Love - Day 23

The 24th was "Today I love my favorite letter" and I was going to do this... the letter "G," of course, (mostly because there are several fonts where it just looks cute) but I was inspired by my Bountiful Baskets instead. As much as I love those and continually get new people hooked on them, they can't be left out of this book.

29 Days of Love - Day 24

Check the punch art action! It's been a long time since I've done any of that.

Yesterday's prompt was "Today I love someone that comes to visit me" (Or someone in my house, but since I live alone I used the visit option.)

29 Days of Love - Day 25

I put Melody's cute kiddos on there :)

Today's prompt hasn't been posted yet, so I decided to just wait until later and catch up with it.

Time to get ready for a new week. Sigh... the weekend never seems to last long enough :-P

More Fun with Studio Calico

I'm absolutely loving the Studio Calico Daydream Believer kit... I've made 3 layouts so far. This Dear Lizzy line from American Crafts is pretty awesome and I have lots of pictures that work well with it which I love. I really wanted to play tonight, so I pulled it out again.

Lately I've been feeling less than happy with some of my layouts. I *like* all of them, but I don't love them. So before I started, I went through a huge pile of my layouts and sorted them by how much I liked them. Then I kind of went through the ones I liked the least and noted what it was I didn't like about them. Then for the ones I loved and really liked, I noted the things they had in common. I quickly realized that there are a few things that I do or use on my layouts that kind of define my style and what I love. So tonight, I decided to stick true to that list and see how it worked.

I loved it. LOVED. it.

One - Aubrey

See what I mean about the papers matching so well? It's mostly from the new Dear Lizzy Neapolitan line and I just love it (the pink is a Pebbles paper I added). The flower center are some fun epoxy stickers - I used my Cameo to make the flowers to kind of match the 3D flower embellishments in the line (I didn't buy them... I knew I could probably make something similar.)

One - Aubrey a

I added some old dictionary pages, trims and punched leaves to the flowers. I misted the Pink Paislee mistable trim from the kit with a rose Tattered Angels mist.

The title is some Thickers (Hardcover) surrounding the letter card that came in the kit - the fonts matched great... the size is a bit off, but I like it anyway.

One - Aubrey Close-ups

The My Mind's Eye banner trim came in an add-on that I didn't get... I happened to have it in my stash however, so I added it - I like the effect.

I really love how this turned out, and it feels great to feel like I'm back to my own style. Hopefully more to come :)

P.S. - forgot to mention that I based the layout on a sketch from the Hambly blog that I really loved.

Studio Calico Stamped Tag / Feb. Layout

I was listening to the Avalanche game tonight (a pretty awesome game too!) and wanted to do something fun, but I wasn't quite up for a layout. Lately, I just don't have anything I'm really wanting to scrap. Then I remembered this stamped tag challenge at Studio Calico this week and I thought it sounded like the perfect way to just play and have a little fun.

Studio Calico Stamped Tag

I used 4 different Studio Calico stamps on this one... 3 of them from kits, and the bird I bought on Two Peas a while ago (I think). I masked the stars to stamp the banners and then masked the banners to stamp the background. Fun! Some Stickles, tape, trims, and an American Crafts chipboard frame around the bird. A little crepe paper ruffle just for kicks.

And note the color combo... still on my mind after yesterday's 29 Days of Love album entry :)

Speaking of...

29 Days of Love Blog Header

Today's prompt was "I love happy mail days." And I do... it's so fun to come home from work and find a little box of goodies on my doorstep! I had a few things sitting out from some packages I've gotten in the last little while and used them on the page.

29 Days of Love - Days 21-22
I also used a chevron background that I cut on my Cameo from a piece of heart patterned Sassafras paper, added a shipping tag and some airmail colored twine, and then a little envelope I'd made for something else and then not used with some punched hearts tucked inside. The alpha stamps for the title are Swiss Girl Designs - I love them!

29 Days of Love - Day 22

The ink, however, was spreading weirdly on the tag. It was fine on regular paper. But whatever!

And now I'm all played out. Later!

My Silhouette Cameo is here!

I'm so excited... and relieved! There was a HUGE accident on the way home from work tonight so when I got home at 6pm on the dot and found that UPS had delivered my package to the office instead of the doorstep as usual, I flew to the office and caught the girl before she left. They're usually gone at 6 on the dot, so I was so relieved. She let me in to get the box (it was enormous... no wonder they didn't want to leave it!) and I took it home and happily unpacked after a hurried dinner.

New Cameo

Turns out Amazon double boxed it. This is more what I was expecting! So fun to open a new tool... the only problem is that I can't get my previously purchased images to restore to the new Silhouette Studio so I had to email their customer support. We'll see how that works out. But I had a few new ones I got in anticipation of the delivery, so I still played, of course!

29 Days of Love Blog Header
Yesterday's prompt was "today I love something new" so of course, it's my new Cameo!

29 Days of Love - Days 19-20a
I had an original Silhouette before this. I still had the box in my garage so I brought it in to package it up to sell... it still had the receipt taped to it - crazy that when it first came out, it was $100 MORE than the Cameo is selling for now, and the Cameo is so much better... and that 12" cutting surface is awesome.

29 Days of Love - Days 19-20b

I didn't use my old Silhouette all that often, so I've been debating getting one of these since they were announced. But after reading countless message board posts raving about how much better it is, and seeing what people were doing with it and all the new designs, I decided I'd go for it.

And wow. It's amazing. A lot quieter and the new software makes it much easier to use, and let's admit it. The cleaned up craft attic gives me the room to use it (I have to put it on the floor when I want to use it to have room for the cutting mat to go through.) And it makes killer detailed cuts. As you can see, I didn't start small. lol. (did you check the detail on the white flower cluster on the little center page? So sweet.)

29 Days of Love - Day 20

I used a background design from Karla Dudley and shrunk it down for this page. Also experimenting with the Blackout font, but I need to play more with fonts.

And today's prompt was "I love something I listen to" which I did on the 17th, so I went back to a prompt from Alissa that I hadn't done yet - "I love my favorite color." Or in my case, colors. lol.

29 Days of Love - Day 21

If you look around my house, it's pretty obvious that I love turquoise and red... especially together! Even at Christmas, my tree and all my decorations are primarily done in those colors. So I used a few pictures from around my house that illustrate my love for these colors - especially turqoise and sapphire blue.

And now I have to put away my toys... I have early meetings for the rest of the week so I'm off!

Project Life Week 7

Yup... it's that time again!

Project Life Blog Banner

I had a little fun with the layout this week... doing it up with the pink and the hearts :) Most of the elements are from Robyn Meierotto, a little Paislee Press and some Audrey Neal thrown in too. The page templates are from Karla Dudley's Life Templates sets at Design House Digital.


I decided to make the entire left side Valentine's day, since I had some fun things to put on. I scanned the card that came with my flowers and put it in the little virtual pocket.

Project Life 2012 Week 7 left

I used a lot of the same papers to tie together the other side, putting in my weekly healthy living update and a few random things from the week. I also included a partial scan of my first pay stub from the new job (blurred, of course!)


The bottom-left photo is the front of the court house as I was walking into work on Friday - there was a protest that morning - we could hear it from our conference rooms all morning. I also had really crappy traffic all week, so during a "stop" portion of the stop-and-go traffic, I tried to grab a quick picture of all the brake lights stretched out in front of me. This was my view a LOT last week.

So there's this week! I would work on today's prompt for my February mini album, but the prompt is "today I love something new" and my new Silhouette Cameo *should* be delivered tomorrow and I think I'm going to wait and use that. I can't wait! (Of course, the CEO had to schedule a late meeting to plan for our off-site this week so I won't be home as early as I'd like to play. Oh well... gotta put in the time to pay for the fun stuff, right? And at least this way most of that traffic will be cleared out when I leave :) Silver linings!)

P.S. - I've added an album for Project Life layouts over in the sidebar. I'm going to try and keep it up to date each week.

More February mini-album layouts

Just playing catch-up here...

29 Days of Love Blog Header

I have Friday's, yesterday's and today's entries.

Friday & Saturday:

29 Days of Love - Days 17-18

Friday was meant to be "today I love something I eat" but I kind of already did that one with the cookies. So I did "today I love something I listen to." And what else could I possibly put than Depeche Mode? Not that I don't listen to other stuff (as noted in the journaling), but they're still... after more than 20 years, my all time favorite band. Pictures are from their last concert here in Salt Lake.

29 Days of Love - Day 17

And on the right is yesterday's post, "today I love someone I email." So, I had to use Stephanie! We mostly keep in touch by email, even when she was living here in Utah. And now that she's moved to Texas, well... I guess things haven't changed! lol. Looking forward to seeing her in April (although it means I have to clean all the purged scrap attic stuff out of my guest room. Yikes!)

29 Days of Love - Day 18

Today's prompt was "today I love my favorite number." I tried to think of a number, I really did. Am I the only one that doesn't have a favorite number? The best I could come up with was hockey numbers, but then that gets complicated because I don't really have an absolute favorite player (sensing a theme? Outside of music, I don't seem to really have favorites!) so my list of player numbers would have been about 5-6, plus my number when I played, but I didn't love that number. So, I decided it was making my brain hurt too much and did this instead.

29 Days of Love - Day 19

We'll call this one "today I love my favorite toy" or technology, or whatever. But it's well documented that I love my iPad ("love" might be understated, actually), so it really needed to go into this book.

And now, as I DON'T have the day off of work tomorrow, I'm off to watch a little Food Network and then hit the sack for an early morning. Later!

Funny Face - Studio Calico Layout

I've been meaning to make myself a layout with these pictures of Adorable-Niece-Aubrey for a while now... I used them in the photobook I made for Nicole for Christmas and they just cracked me up. Aubrey makes THE funniest faces. I laugh out loud whenever I look at these pictures.


Right? I especially love the one where it looks like she's doing an imitation of a growling bear - complete with hand-claws.

I used more of the Studio Calico Daydream Believer kit because it went so well with her little dress.


For the butterflies, I used Studio Calico butterfly masks, but instead of masking around them, I sprayed the mask itself with mist and then used it like a stamp on the cardstock. It was a little tricky, but I like the effect. It was a bit bolder than I wanted it, so after it dried I pounced all over it with white craft ink to soften it - worked great.

Funny Face Layout Close-ups

Just about everything was from the kit except the mist and masks, the jewel brads, the bakers twine and the 7 Gypsies fabric reinforcements I used to turn the patterned paper into tags. I used Papertrey Ink Berry Sorbet ink with the kit stamp - it was a great match for the color in the papers.

Whew... now I'm laughing again. I just can't keep the giggles from coming. She's a trip.

29 Days of Love: Days 15 and 16

Just posting the next two days in my little album... the prompts for yesterday and today haven't been posted yet (life gets in the way, right?) so I just made up more of my own.

For yesterday, I decided to use the envelope as a way to do a more personal entry so I did, "I love someone who helped me."

Here's the front of the envelope:

29 Days of Love - Day 15a

Lots of goodies I've had on hand forever... I got that saying card in a kit a long time ago (Scarlet Lime, maybe?) an old Meri Meri flocked heart wrapped up with some twine, and a few strips cut from some KI Memories lace paper. The woodgrain is actually the back of an insert I got in a Studio Calico kit that I saved for something just like this :)

And the other side of the envelope:

29 Days of Love - Day 15

The hearts are an old Dawn Houser Inkadinkadoo stamp I've had for years and totally love. I colored a bit with my Pan Pastels - I like the smudgy look of them. Another scrap of SC paper and some very old Autumn Leaves rubons that still went on like butter! You can see the entry tucked inside - a photo and a little decoration on one side, typed journaling on the other.

And adding today's layout:

29 Days of Love - Days 15-16

I decided to use the prompt, "something I love to do." TRAVEL!!!

I picked out one photo of me in each of the 6 countries I visited last year. Last year was an AMAZING year. And I saw some awesome stuff.

29 Days of Love - Day 16

The photos are (left to right, top to bottom): Spain, overlooking Toledo, at the Parthenon in Athens, at the Dolmabace Palace on the banks of the Bosphorous Strait in Istanbul, In front of the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, out in the desert in Dubai, and at Machu Picchu in Peru.

Those trips were so amazing that I could have kept living out of a suitcase indefinitely. If only I didn't need to work to pay for it... I'd just get on one of those boats that cruises the world for 8 months and never stop. Well, as long as I had an anti-sea sick patch or some good meds. lol.

Studio Calico / Peru Layout

I actually did a layout! It's my second layout from my trip to Peru (not counting my Scrapbook on the Road, of course). I'm mostly excited that I did a layout using my own pictures! Shocker.


Obviously the photos are from Machu Picchu, and I used the Studio Calico Daydream Believer kit - I liked how the colors and feel of the kit seemed a little dreamy and ethereal, and it felt like a good match for a misty morning in such a beautiful place. Since I've already journaled a lot in my SOTR and will do more in my photobook, I kept this simple so that it's mostly about the photos. Well, and using fun products :)

  • IMG_0910
  • IMG_0912
  • IMG_0909

Most of this was from the kit, but I added an extra sheet of Dear Lizzy Neapolitan paper (the green), along with peach paint, some AC washi tape, old Heidi Swapp photo corners and I used a Papertrey Ink doily die to cut some of the paper into doilies.

It was fun to play a bit tonight and constrain myself to sticking mostly with a kit. Can't wait to play some more :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have to admit, this has been a good day, and I'm not normally a big fan of this time of year. But I had a few pleasant surprises today that totally made me smile. I was sitting at my desk, working away, when someone came up to me to deliver a beautiful flower arrangement as a "congrats on the new job / Happy Valentine's" surprise. I was shocked!

Valentine's Flowers

Thanks err... Edward ;)

And when I got home, this was waiting on my doorstep from my parents:

Valentine's Chocolates

After I took this picture, I promptly ate one. These are my favorites and I was so excited to get them this year (Fanny May Mint Meltaways). I hoard them for months and eat them as special treats here and there.

I also got a fun Valentine in my email from Erin with pictures of the kiddos that I used in my entry today. (Nice segue, huh?)

29 Days of Love Blog Header

Just doing a little catch-up... I have 3 days of entries. I had the first two done yesterday, but ran out of time to photograph and post them, so I figured I'd just do it tonight.

29 Days of Love - Days 12-13

The prompt for the 12th was "I love something I read." It was meant to be a favorite book or something, but I decided to do it about my Kindle instead. Asking me my favorite book is always frustrating for people - it's like when they ask my favorite food, my favorite type of cookie or my favorite place I've visited. I have no specific answer... no one favorite. But, I'm totally addicted to my Kindle and so it seemed appropriate.

29 Days of Love - Day 12

The prompt for the 13th was about an animal you love. Having no pets at present, I thought about doing a page about my dogs who died a few years ago, but I decided this album wasn't about being maudlin and picked a happy topic. Cookies.

What's happier than cookies?

29 Days of Love - Day 13

Well maybe a really good looking guy serving them up on a platter while he massages my feet. But I digress.

Today's entry was, "I love my valentine."

I admit, I toyed with the idea of digging out the picture I took a few years ago of a Dove Promises wrapper that said, "Be your own Valentine." But I got the Valentine card in the mail from Erin and decided to use my adorable little nieces and nephews for this page. They're way cuter than I am in any case :)

29 Days of Love - Day 14a

And flipping the book so you can see the page...

29 Days of Love - Day 14

k. Biggest Loser time... hope everyone had a fabulous day!

Project Life Week 6

Yup, it's that time again! I can't believe how fast last week went, but I guess I was pretty busy and that always makes the time go faster.

Yesterday I was going to try and get into the scrap attic, but I was just so tired still that I came home from church and had a cup of peppermint cocoa and then took a nice, long nap. After dinner I just needed to chill, so I watched my Food Network shows and the 2 hours of Downton Abbey on PBS and then called it a night. I needed it!

But tonight...

Project Life Blog Banner

...I finished my week 6 Project Life layout:

Project Life 2012 Week 6

The left side was Sunday - Thursday and this time I did a quick little week in review with some scanned ephemera and a few pictures I shot around the office with my phone (and I can't WAIT until I can upgrade my phone this spring. I'm thinking it's time for an iPhone, for the camera if for no other reason!)

Project Life 2012 Week 6 left

And the right side is from the weekend. A shot of the grocery store as I was leaving Friday evening, Bountiful Baskets (I volunteered this week - so fun!) and shopping with Melody.

Project Life 2012 Week 6 right

This was a more balanced week for me. I was still tired, but I also got a bit more sleep and was able to work out a lot more. Now I need to just keep on track and focus more on the healthy part of things. I'm doing okay, but I'm still looking for the right balance there. But I'm getting there :)

I love a deal!

This weekend is just flying right by! But it's been a nice one so far. This morning I went to volunteer at Bountiful Baskets and it was fun, and quite a good workout unloading the truck and hauling all those big boxes of produce all over while we filled the baskets. But I got to pick a few things from the extra to take home with me so I got a bag of clementines, a bunch of beautiful asparagus and an eggplant to add to my regular basket. Score! I love how doing this always gets me excited about eating healthy all over again. Lots of good stuff coming...

This afternoon, I met Melody and we headed to Fashion Place mall - which has gotten much better in the last bit... they have a Brio now! Steph, Rae and Amber and I used to eat at the one in Tyson's quite often and we all loved it. I also found out they have an Ann Taylor Loft there (and a Sephora, and lots more) and we went in because they had a sale sign out front. They had lots of sweaters marked down to $12.88, so I got 2 sweaters and a blouse for super cheap, plus 50% off a pair of pants and sweater from their spring line. I did pay full price for one blouse that I just fell in love with, but with the new job downtown, people dress a little nicer and I have to look good, right? (There's always an excuse. lol.) So I was psyched at what I got for the price.

And with that...

29 Days of Love Blog Header

I have yesterday's and today's entries.

29 Days of Love Days 10-11

Yesterday's was "I love someone I didn't know 10 years ago." So I did the page about my sister-in-law and brother-in-law (SIL and BIL). It's weird now to think that I didn't know them 10 years ago!

29 Days of Love - Day 10

And today there hasn't been a prompt posted yet, but no worries! I just made up my own, inspired by today's shopping trip. I went with, "I love to shop at..." and included a picture I snapped of the HUMONGOUS bag they gave me at Ann Taylor. Seriously? I couldn't just get two smaller ones? I think I might have knocked a few people out trying to weave through the crowds in H&M with that thing.

29 Days of Love - Day 11
So there's today... and I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of this beautiful weekend!

Peanuts and Soda-Pop

Just popping in with the latest two entries in my 29 Days of Love album as well as another challenge for the Papertrey 5th anniversary.

29 Days of Love - Days 8-9

The prompt for yesterday was "I love someone I spend time with." So, I decided to make it several someones and did the page about the Peanut Gallery. We don't see each other all that often now that we're out of school, but we still keep in touch and get together and have a great time when we do.

This was also the page that I used for the Papertrey challenge... today, in honor of Papertrey now being on Pinterest, we picked something from one of our boards on Pinterest and used it as inspiration for a project using Papertrey products.

Here's the picture I picked off of one of my boards... I didn't want to pick something too easy like a card or layout, so I went with my home decor board - I absolutely adore tiles and someday I'll cover my house with them:

Pinterest Inspiration

And here's the link to get back to the source.

And the page itself - a pretty literal interpretation:

29 Days of Love - Day 8

I used the original Guide Lines stamp set and stamped the grid with Vintage Cream ink on kraft cardstock and then quickly used some clear embossing powder and heat embossed the gridlines. I was trying to kind of mimic the grout lines of the tiles in my image. Then I used different image stamps and different colors of American Crafts metallic embossing powder. I finished with some glimmer mists.

29 Days of Love - Day 8 close-up

I liked the idea of using silver corners as the hardware from the picture and then kept the words on the page pretty minimal and a little in the style of the page. And since I've decided to keep up a theme of at least one heart on each page (it's all about love, after all!) I used a purple Copic to draw little hearts on the corners.

And then today's prompt: "I love something I drink."

My first thought? "Water." Then I thought, "well that's boring." I don't really drink anything else most of the time, but then I thought... doh! Inca Kola. I keep a 6-pack on hand as a special treat when I'm really craving that golden, bubble-gum flavored goodness.

29 Days of Love - Day 9

That's it!

I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday... the week has gone fast but been a long one at the same time, especially with me still being a little sick. I'm ready for a rest! I'm thinking it's definitely time for a nap or three :)

A layout!

I know, it's been forever... but I feel like I've totally found my groove again. I can now blame everything on what a disaster the scrap attic was. Yeah... that's it. lol.

Erin sent me these pictures a while ago and I knew I had to make a layout with them - they were just too awesome to not make a layout.

Super Dad and Wonder Girl

Super fun, right?

I had been dying to do something with hexagons and it seemed to fit here, so I got out my Quickutz cookie cutter hexagon dies and went to town with some scrap paper. I also used Smooch Spritz for the red splatters, and those old 7 Gypsies drip bottles for the greenish blue - anyone remember those? I've had them for years and finally used them.

Super Dad and Wonder Girl Close-up 1

Studio Calico star rubons... Thickers, of course... and a really old set of alphabet stamps that I re-discovered - by Rubber Stampede. They're kind of hard to work with, but I like the effect.

Super Dad and Wonder Girl Close-up 2

Washi tape and a Pink Paislee House of 3 ticket finished it off. I'm really liking it!

29 Days of Love Blog Header

And today's prompt was to do a page about someone you love who lives far away. I could have done a lot with this since almost ALL of my loved ones live far away, but I decided to do it about my mom who will LOVE this picture of her (said with all sarcasm. hi mom!)

29 Days of Love Days 6-7

And just today's page - the tag is a pull out with a little journaling on it.

29 Days of Love Day 7

k... off to fast forward through most of The Biggest Loser on my DVR. Does anyone else just not really like this season? I'm not feeling inspired, I'm feeling annoyed by all the conflict. I know it's about no excuses, but there's no excuse for it to be this bad! And yet still I watch. sigh.

I love... one of my favorite places

That was today's prompt and since I'm still totally in love with my new craft attic, that's what I used. I swear I'm up here all the time now... it's been a lot of fun :)

29 Days of Love Day 6

Today is another challenge for the Papertrey Ink birthday celebration. They had a sheet of cool images that you could download and the challenge was to use one of them plus at least one other Papertrey product in a project. So, I did another page in my book with the "love" image. I stamped the background in Summer Sunrise with the heart Background Basics set, used some PTI ribbon and also the dies for the doily and flower are Papertrey. Added a border punch strip, some leaves and a brad.

My cute little book is starting to get all filled up with happy thoughts! So fun :)

Project Life Week 5

I'm early this week! Well... more like right on time :)

 Project Life Blog Banner

 I went back to templates this week since I had a lot less to share... pretty clean this time. I try not to do the project life templates all the time since I hate having it all look the same, so I only did it on the left, and added one from Karla Dudley's Life Templates on the right - it worked well with that banner image of Downton Abbey.

 Project Life 2012 Week 5

Most all of the elements are from the Composition kit by One Little Bird, with a few other things from here and there...

Individual pages:

 Project Life 2012 Week 5 left

Project Life 2012 Week 5 left

Another week in the books! And now I've got to crash to try and get myself back on my regular schedule this week... it's hard to fit things in with the new job and commute, plus I've gotten that little cold from not getting caught up on my sleep soon enough. I think "balance" is going to be the word of the week. I need to find it!

5th Day of Love / Papertrey Anniversary

Today is kind of a two-in-one post... first up, it's Papertrey Ink's 5th anniversary. I didn't start buying stamps from them right when they started, but it didn't take long to find them and they're pretty much my favorite stamp company... I have a LOT of their stamps. Nowhere close to all of them, but when I was cleaning out the craft attic, it never crossed my mind to get rid of any of them - they sit close to the desk and get used pretty frequently. Love them!

So as part of the celebration, they have a contest where you can make something inspired by a favorite project from one of the design team members and I thought it would be fun to play along. I had a hard time choosing, but decided to go with the one by Danielle Flanders as my inspiration since it would also work well for today's entry in the 29 Days of Love book. I think a big reason why I have so many of their stamps is the design team - they always do the coolest things with the stamps each month and I pin a lot of their stuff :) My checkbook isn't too grateful for how awesome they are, but when it comes time to look for inspiration I look at their stuff all the time. So with that...

 29 Days of Love Blog Header

 I used Danielle's idea of stamping, buttons and punches on a glassine envelope only instead of doing it as a card envelope, I used it as a pocket for a library card on today's page.

29 Days of Love Day 5

Alissa's prompt today was "I love someone I take pictures of." I made that several someones... my family. I don't get to see them a lot, but when I do, I take a LOT of pictures. lol. I picked out a few cute ones to include... I didn't get everyone, but I got a few cute ones of the kids that show their personalities. The one of Aubrey stalking the piece of cake is hysterical.

Now I'm off to start my Project Life layout and eat my Superbowl Sunday yummies. Not that I'm watching the game... but it's a good excuse to do some slow cooked BBQ pulled pork, right? It smells fabulous wafting up from where it's getting all delicious in my crock pot. Yum.

Before I go, here are the photos on the tag in the pocket. Some I've posted before, but most are new. There's a series of photos for both the one of mom playing with Eraleigh and the one of Nicole posing in her beanie and glasses that are both pretty funny. Layouts might have to be made...

  • IMG_0276
  • IMG_0478
  • IMG_0312
  • IMG_0073
  • IMG_0082
  • IMG_0448

29 Days of Love: Days 3 and 4

Considering I was out of bed before 10am this morning (rare on a Saturday when I don't have to be anywhere), this day is sure flying! I need my weekend to SLOW DOWN. lol. I started to get sick from not being able to catch up on my sleep, so this weekend is crucial for relaxing. I need more of it! Don't we always?

29 Days of Love Blog Header

Anyway, part of today was spent on getting my little album up to date. I didn't show anything yesterday, so here are days 3 and 4.

29 Days of Love - Days 3 and 4

The day 3 prompt was about the weather which I usually hate this time of year, but right now it's pretty gorgeous - sunny and not freezing. I'm sure it won't last, but I'm enjoying the sunshine.

Today's prompt was something someone gave me. I could have gone a lot of directions with this, but with being sick and wanting to relax, I chose my couch. lol. My parents gave it to me when I first moved into my own place after college and needed furniture. Although I need to get around to replacing it, I still love it - it's super comfortable.

And now, I think in the spirit of relaxation I'm going to pop some popcorn and watch another episode of Downton Abbey :)

Texting and Cooking

(Is that like drinking and driving? It seems like it could be a bit dangerous. For me, anyway.)

In any case, I wasn't actually doing any texting today, but that was Alissa's prompt for today's entry: I love who I text.

29 Days of Love Blog Header

As I mentioned in my journaling, I'm not a big phone or texting person, but when I read this I immediately thought of Melody because texting has become the easiest way for both of us to reach each other and it helped us keep in touch before they moved back here.

29 Days of Love - Day 2

Today was a pretty quick entry because I cut out the hearts with my Cricut yesterday. The rest of it came together around watching Downton Abbey. Because I'm now totally addicted... I wasn't going to get into it because I only just found out about it recently and am way behind, but than I checked and found out I can stream it for free on Amazon because of my Prime membership. Score! So I've watched the first two episodes and I'm hooked. It's fabulous. (Catching up on Once Upon a Time is pushed back yet again!)

Anyway... working in the Amy Tangerine daybook - I like having different papers and sizes every day. I used the Cricut shape and some scraps of Creative Imaginations paper, a Pink Paislee House of 3 ticket, stamps, AC rubon letters and old KI sticker letters and a felt heart from Making Memories.

In addition to my project and my TV watching, tonight was also a cooking night. I've been dying to try this recipe that I found on I had most of the stuff to make it and just bought some kale and ginger. (I saw a bumper sticker a week or so ago that said "eat more kale" and I have to agree with the sentiment. Interesting bumper sticker, though.)

Farro, Kale, Almond and Pomegranate Prep

Any recipe that starts with sauteeing garlic and ginger in olive oil and also includes allspice, cinnamon and cumin already has me drooling. The smell of all of that cooking is just delightful. Although while mincing 6 cloves of garlic, I did think about how maybe I should make some of Aarti's garlic ginger paste and keep it in the fridge. That would have been perfect to speed things up. Either way...

Farro, Kale, Almond and Pomegranate

I had regular raisins instead of golden so I just used those and it was perfectly fine. I could probably have used the currents I have on hand too. Maybe next time. I didn't have parsley so I skipped that, and when I first tasted it after it was almost ready, it felt like it needed a little more sweet so I added some maple syrup because it was handy (and delicious). This was really a wonderful dish - I'm excited for leftovers and the recipe definitely goes in the keep pile.

So glad tomorrow is Friday... it's been a busy week and I'm ready for the weekend! Mostly for sleeping, but I'm sure several episodes of Downton Abbey will also be involved. Just sayin'.

29 Days of Love

Now if you know me, you might be laughing at my post title. Because I'm not, nor have I ever been, particularly fond of Valentine's day and all that. But, when I saw Alissa's album from last year and read that she was going to do the project again this year with prompts every day, I thought it would be fun to join in. The part that interested me was that it seems more like an "all about me" kind of thing than anything else, and I realized I could customize it so it wasn't so valentine-y.

So, without further ado, I give you day one in the 29 Days of Love project.

 29 Days of Love Blog Header

 And a blog banner too. lol.

Today's prompt was "I love to... (something I do.)"

I could have gone in several directions with this, but finally landed on "I love to cook." Fitting, no? So here's my first page along with the cover.

 29 Days of Love - Day 1

I'm using the original Amy Tangerine daybook from American Crafts. When I was going through the mini books I had on hand, this one kind of jumped out at me. Definetly not something that screams Valentine's Day, but then again, maybe that's why I liked it. lol.

I worked the cover around a little acrylic word circle that says "love" that fit perfectly over the camera lens on the cover of the book so you could still see the heart through it. It was fate. I also glued that Maya Road sheer doily to the back of the transparency over the cover with some glossy accents.

On the first page, I added a crepe paper ruffle to the edge with some trim. I put paper in an old metal frame I found during the clean-out, and added an old Heidi Grace chipboard heart (I love using up stash. Maybe that should have been my page!) On the back I just printed out mini pictures of some of my favorite dishes I've made in the last little while and wrote a bit about my love of cooking and how much it's grown over the last few years.

This was fun!

And speaking of fun, so was my first day at the new job. I got lucky with traffic, which wasn't horrible... I think I'll survive that as well as the trip I'm used to taking. The people were great and there's tons for me to do and I'm jumping right in! I can't wait until I'm really acclimated and not feeling so overwhelmed, but I know it will come. I'm glad I'm doing a short week to get a feel for things at first, but it's going to be awesome.