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Because I couldn't resist...

I had to make a meme of this picture of Adorable-Niece-Aubrey.

Broken nail memeThere are some hysterical photos in the batch Brian just posted... some of them are just crying out to be captioned (I'm hoping Aubrey has a sense of humor about it when she gets older. Somehow I think she will.) If I can think of anything suitably witty, I'm going to have to do a few more. She cracks me up.

And a layout... I wanted to do something with these pictures of Eraleigh and William and I struggled a bit with getting this to pull together. I also spent about an hour pouring through all my paper - even in my purge bins, looking for a sheet that I could swear I had that was covered with iPods and stuff. (Probably not the best time management effort on my part.) Not that this paper from American Crafts didn't end up working just fine in the end.

IShareI downloaded the mp3 diecut from the Silhouette store to use in my Cameo - I saw something in a magazine that inspired me to use them as frames for the photos and I think I like the effect.

IShare Close-up 1I used my Crafter's Workshop 6x6 Wonky Circles template and some pigment ink to put the circles on the background - it just needed something and that ended up working perfectly. Of course, I thought of doing it after I had put down the journaling and iPod frames / photos. There are a few smudges of red ink here and there as a result of me not being willing to pull it all back up again to ink (I used my ruler to lay those suckers down in the first place... not doing that again!) Oh well!

IShare Close-up 2Then I just started scrounging around in my stash for stuff that would work. A lot of it ended up being older stuff - I always love when I can put all kinds of fun stuff together on my pages.

IShare Close-up 3Kind of a fun layout to pull together even though it fought me for a while. But I like it now... all is well :)

And with that... signing off here. It's been a long and exhausting week, and I'm super ready for Friday!

8 Months Cute

I did most of this one last night and finished it tonight... it was time for Adorable-Nephew-William to get another solo layout. I used Studio Calico Story Hour again (love that kit!) and also the Studio Calico Sunday Sketch. I just changed it up a bit to work with multiple photos.

8 Months - WilliamCan you tell I'm really loving the stamping thing right now?

8 Months - William close-up 1The dot / circle stamps are from Papertrey - Dot Spot. The alpha stamps are Studio Calico, the 8 is an old unmounted stamp set I got from Ma Vinci's Reliquary years ago. The sentiment stamps are all American Crafts except for "smile" which is a Paislee Press design from Purple Onion Designs.

8 Months - William close-up 2
The sentiments under the photos are for my Scrapbook Stamping workshop - learning to use sentiment stamps for photo captions / labels. I mixed it up with the fonts and stuff, but I really like it.

8 Months - William close-up 3
The "W" badge is a piece of custom flair from Ormolu that I got with a layout about William in mind. Love it.

8 Months - William close-up 4
The squirrel paperclip came in a Studio Calico add-on and I didn't think I'd ever use it, but I thought since part of the layout was about how now that he's crawling, William is all over the place! It made me think of him. Kind of subtle, but cute.

Anyway, just wanted to post this quickly while I listen to Colorado pretty much kill all hope of making the playoffs this year. Sigh.

Project Life Week 12

Project Life Blog Banner
Up with round 12! I'm glad I decided not to work on this yesterday... it was feeling too much like some chore on a to-do list and I just didn't want to do it. Tonight, it came together really quickly and I kept it simple so I'm glad I held out.

Busy week! Here's the full layout:

Project Life 2012 Week 12
On the left, documenting the fact that I finally read The Hunger Games (although now I need to see the movie!) and on Wednesday I walked to Gourmandise with some girls at work and we had a really good lunch... I may have picked up some macarons at the bakery counter that I'm still hoarding.

Thursday, a few terrible photos from Melody's birthday celebration at The Cheesecake Factory. I didn't know we were going when I went to work, so I didn't have my camera. Oh well! It was fun and the food was great.

I used a template from Tiffany Tillman's This Week template collection (#3) for both pages - I modified it for the right side. The background paper is from Gennifer Bursett's School Spirit - Grey kit. The alphabet is the Gidget Rubon alpha set and everything else is from Gen's Sweet Child of Mine - Girl collection.

On the right, my healthy in 2012 update, decorating for Easter, and going to the Scrapbook USA Expo on Saturday. I got some sweet deals... despite the size of my haul, I stayed under budget and even had enough left to buy that sweet fedora with the cute little flower (it's a clip that comes off if I want.)

My haul:


Here's the hat - picture it with good hair, an outfit that it actually goes with, and me not looking like I'm going to keel over from being too tired. lol. CIMG0020 (2)
It's going to be a great Spring / Summer hat.

And I tried a new recipe this week that I just loved. It's Cosmic Cashew Kale with Confetti Quinoa (there's a tongue twister for you!)

IMG_1261A few things I changed... I used sweet baby bell peppers because I had them from my Bountiful Basket. I used more than it called for, and also replaced the onion with peppers in addition to the peppers in the recipe. I used chicken broth / bouillon instead of veggie, and I doubled the cashew sauce. After I cooked the kale mixture, I dumped the quinoa into it, mixed it all together, and used all of the sauce. It was amazing. And even with the extra sauce, only 8 points plus on Weight Watchers. This one is a keeper! And have I mentioned how much I love kale? And quinoa? And together... yum.

Happy Spring!

The weather has been just lovely for most of the week, although it's supposed to cool down and rain or maybe even snow tomorrow. But that's March in Utah, I guess.

The last several days have been busy! Work, celebrating Melody's birthday, and trying to get caught up on sleep. That last part I haven't been too good at, so I've been taking a few early nights lately when I would rather have been playing in my attic. But it's part of finding the right balance, I guess. That's hard for me to do, but I hope I'm getting better.

Anyway, I did manage to do a few things, although I had to spread projects out over days rather than finishing in an evening. First up, a birthday card I made for Melody. Cards aren't my thing, so this was pretty directly lifted from Betsy Veldman.

Monkey with Balloons b-day card
Her birthday was Thursday so after work I walked over to meet with her and her family at the new Cheesecake Factory at City Creek Mall which had just opened that day. It's a sweet mall... I only work a few blocks away which could be awesome and dangerous all at once. lol. I took a few pictures on my phone - I just need to transfer them to my computer and see if any of them are any good - the lighting was pretty bad in there.

MOnkey with Balloons b-day card 2
We had a good time and I attempted to balance the banana cream cheesecake with chicken lettuce tacos from the skinnilicious menu. I tell myself that works. lol.

And I also finished a layout that I started a few nights ago - this one of the kiddos on a swimming outing. I used a Starting Point from Shimelle's Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking class as well as a few assignments from the sentiment stamps chapter in Jen Gallacher's Scrapbook Stamping workshop.

Little Swimmers
I used my Studio Calico Story Hour kit and add-ons to start, then added some other stuff - old epoxy circles, new stamps from Heidi Swapp, and some slightly old embellishments from American Crafts layered with really old washer accents from Making Memories.

Little Swimmers close-up 1
I got a little carried away with the liquid pearls on the Thickers - but they needed a little something to stand out. My hands were a bit shaky so it's not perfect, but I like it.

Little Swimmers close-up 4
I tend to really avoid sentiment stamps - the only ones I have are your basic "Happy Birthday" and "Merry Christmas" ones and a few others that happened to come in sets with the images I really wanted. So it's been good for me to find new ways to use them and appreciate them a bit more.

Little Swimmers close-up 2

I was going to get rid of those washers, but realized that I still really like them and they're fun in layered accents like these.Little Swimmers close-up 3k. I think I might need a nap now :)

Two projects

First, I wanted to share a few pictures of the little make-and-take mini album Angelina and I made at Archiver's on Saturday. It was using papers from the new Heidi Swapp line... it was free, so there wasn't much to it, but when we got back from our day out we prettied them up as we added photos.

Girls Day Out Mini 1
We used 2 different sheets of paper cut to different widths, then scored them so that they staggered on the inside. We punched holes and added the ribbon and flags. The twine, stamps, flowers and title are all things I added at home. I was trying to do it quickly so it's not super fancy, but it's a fun little memento of the day. Angelina loved hers! I printed photos for both of us and she took hers home with her.

Girls Day Out Mini 2
We started our day at Archivers at the mall in Orem... did the make-and take and then some shopping. I got a few goodies and Angelina got a mini Smash book and some awesome owl stickers. I printed each of us a coupon and she was thrilled to use her very first coupon. lol.

Girls Day Out Mini 3
After Archivers we stopped at Sees to get a free sample (it's right next door, after all!) and some butterscotch suckers for later. We made a brief pitstop at Staples to find Martha Stewart labels - I took a picture in the aisle but decided not to print it. Then we headed to Kneaders for lunch and shamrock sugar cookies.

Girls Day Out Mini 4
Finally, we came back to my house and made mint oreo truffles, sampled our work, and then came up to my attic to print our pictures and make our albums. I put the pictures in mine to decorate later and helped Angelina finish hers. It was a fun day - I think she had a great time :)

Next up... I did a quick layout tonight. This one did like quadruple duty on the class / workshop front...

I used my Studio Calico Story Hour kit and add-ons and then added other stuff to it - scraps of paper, stamps, flowers, embroidery floss and jewels.

Swing close-up 1
First up, this fulfills the first challenge I'm doing in Shimelle's The Hitchhiker's Guide to Scrapbooking workshop at Two Peas. I'm still in lesson one, which is about choosing patterned papers. I started with a kit (not quite a product line but still coordinated for me) and then added my own papers to it.

Swing close-up 2
Second, I used a sketch from Kelly Purkey's Sketchpad class as the basis for the layout. I tweaked it a bit, but it was a strong starting point.

Swing close-up 3
Third, I used stitching on the inside border of the sunflower stamps for assignment #5 in my Scrapbook Stamper's workshop.

Swing close-up 4
Finally, I did assignment #6 in the stamping workshop, using a flower to cover the flower portion of a stamp. The stamp on the right side actually has a bigger version of the small flowers you see in the center, and that big Prima flower is covering it.

I had lots of fun with this one... and how could I not with those little cuties looking up at me the whole time?

Project Life and the Hunger Games

Hunger Games Book Cover
Before I get into my layout, I have to say that I have... FINALLY... read The Hunger Games. Erin gave me a copy for Christmas a few years ago, but with school and all, I never got around to reading it. But I promised I would before I saw the movie. I started it today at lunch and thought, sure. This is easy. I'll be able to put it down no problem and just read some every day this week.


Approximately 10:10pm tonight I finished. I did put it down after lunch, but I came home from work and started reading while I ate dinner and just didn't stop. I had been told it was rather gripping. lol. It was a great read. Now I'm going to have to download Catching Fire to see what happens next! I'm hooked :)


Project Life Blog Banner

I threw this together quickly after finishing the book. I didn't actually think I'd get it done tonight, but I did... and I'm sure I'll pay for staying up too late in the morning. Right now I think it was worth it. I think I'll feel differently when the alarm goes off. lol.

Project Life 2012 Week 11
This time I used Templates by Tiffany Tillman as the starting point for my layouts. The right side is Modern Masters #11, the left is a modified smash-up of numbers 13 and 15.

The majority of the digital supplies were from Gennifer Bursett's Favorite Things 2 kit, plus the journaling cards.


The "awesome" thought bubble is from her Simply Said set (which was perfect because Angelina kept saying "awesome" all day and then getting annoyed with herself for it), the card with the dates on it is from Writer's Block Weekly Journaling Cards, and the yellow flowers are from Up to Date Part 2.

There are a few pictures here from my Girls' Day Out with Angelina on Saturday... I did finish my little mini album of our day, but I still need to take pictures before I can post it with a few details. But it was lots of fun. And those truffles (mint oreo truffles) were awesome.

Cute: Sunday Sketch

I have about 3 other things that I should get to first, but I just felt like doing another random layout... this one with some pictures of Adorable-Niece-Aubrey that Brian sent a while ago that I've been meaning to use on a layout. It just happened to work out that a magazine cover I saw this week that I've been dying to use as an inspiration piece and the Studio Calico Sunday Sketch posted today work perfectly together. I decided it was a sign, so I pulled out the pictures and just started playing.

Here's the inspiration piece - I took a picture with my iPad since it's a work magazine and I wanted to leave it there... it's the cover of the latest issue of Print Mag:

Print mag cover

Seroiusly cool, right? I'm just in love with the way they did the numbers. So here's the layout I did based on this and the Studio Calico sketch:


I used bits of the Studio Calico Daydream Believer kit along with paper bits from my scrap bin, the alphabet stamps from a Story Hour add-on, a phrase stamp (andiamo!) from an old SC stamp set that came with an add-on in 2010, tags, flowers, a ribbon scrap sitting on my table and some Papertrey butterfly stamps. I'm kind of loving it.

Cute Close-up 1

I really had a lot of fun making the letters. I cut the first layer on my Cameo - the font is Bebas. Then I mounted them on paper scraps and handcut each additional layer - there are 4 layers.

Cute Close-up 2

I love that I got to use the check-mark stamp from the SC Epic stamps.

Cute Close-up 3

I put dots of liquid pearls on all the butterflies, and the bigger ones are on pop dots.

Cute Close-up 4

This was just fun... I think I'll have to tuck this title idea away to use again some time.

Now I'll get back to what I was planning to work on today... including a mini album of my girls' day out with Angelina yesterday. We took plenty of pictures and the book is mostly done, so hopefully I'll post it soon. Then, on to this week's project life layout!

She's Stylin'

Another layout... two days in a row! All of the classes are definitely helping get me motivated and helping to get the scrap mojo going. Tonight I used another sketch from Kelly Purkey's Sketchpad class and did another assignment from Jen Gallacher's Scrapbook Stamping class... and of course, I used my Studio Calico kit too. But I'm trying to really let myself add to the kit wherever I want instead of feeling constrained to work with just what comes with it. I've been finding that happening... like some kind of subconscious pressure. So tonight I made an effort to break out of the box more (literally. lol.)

She's Stylin'

Tonight Adorable-Niece-Aubrey gets center stage. These are pictures Erin sent me from last month after she got her first haircut. Now that her bangs aren't hanging in her eyes, you can see how pretty they are!

I followed Kelly's sketch pretty closely but then broke away with some extra stamping and embellishment.

She's Stylin' Close-up 1

For the stamping class, this assignment was about using solid stamps with layered diecuts. I tweaked it just a bit and used stamps that have dies / punches that were made to go with them. I have lots of those and don't use them a lot, so it was a good challenge for me.

The main set was Papertrey Ink's Delightful Doilies set and matching dies (LOVE that set! This is the first time I used the dies.)

She's Stylin' Close-up 2

Then I used some Studio Calico butterfly stamps from an old kit that were made to match the Martha Stewart butterfly punch.

She's Stylin' Close-up 3

The last solid stamp sets I used were the two sets from Basic Grey's Urban Prairie line (still one of my favorites from them). I didn't use them with diecuts, but I did layer them under the diecuts. Does that count? lol. I used some clear Stickles on those as well as the butterflies.

She's Stylin' Close-up 4
The paper, brads, border strip, journal card, alphabet stickers, and alphabet and date stamps were all from the Studio Calico Story Hour kit and add-ons. The digital frames I added to the photos before printing are from Gennifer Bursett's Insta Awesome action set.

I'm loving this layout. The cute subject doesn't hurt :)

And hey... tomorrow's Friday. Yay!

New layout and a fabulous new salad

I've been playing in the craft attic again... this time I pulled out my Studio Calico Story Hour kit and add-ons, used a sketch from Kelly Purkey's Sketchpad class and did one of the assignments from my stamping class on 2 Peas. Any wonder it took a while for this to come together? I think I may have tried too hard... lol. In the end, it turned out pretty cute, I think!

She Loves to Read

I couldn't resist scrapping this picture of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh. It's pretty typical... nose in a book and oblivious to everything else. (She got lost in Wegman's at Christmas because she was so absorbed in a Dr. Seuss book she found that she couldn't look up long enough to watch where she was walking. Sigh.)

She Loves to Read close-up 1

The cardstock and patterend paper, border strip, chevron, book, date and alphabet stamps are from the kit. So are the green sparklies, brads, sticker and the "real" tags.

She Loves to Read close-up 2

I added some Basic Grey opaline flowers, Prima flowers and stamped various Hero Arts stamps onto the punched white circles. The glitter tape and ribbon are American Crafts from the stash.

She Loves to Read close-up 3

The chevron tag is actually digital paper from Gennifer Bursett's Sweet Child of Mine - Baby Boy kit. I printed a section of it and cut it into a tag. The scalloped circle under the flower is from the Grandma's Easter Bonnet kit, and the journaling tag is from her new Check It Journaling Cards kit (currently on sale for $1! It's a steal.)

And I think Eraleigh is all of those things, but adorable was for this particular layout :)

She Loves to Read close-up 4

I also got crazy... I got on a bit of a hand stitching kick with my Happy Little Moments book, and back-stitched a border with sequins all the way around the page. A bit time consuming, but kind of relaxing too. I won't do it on every layout, but I liked the effect.

And now for something very important. Food.

I tried a new recipe this week - it's a Date and Walnut Wheat Berry Salad with arugula and an orange vinaigrette. The vinaigrette recipe alone was awesome, and I adore wheat berries. This was super yummy. 10 points plus on Weight Watchers, though... so I added fruit and greens and backed off on the wheat berries, walnuts and dressing to make it fit a little better into my day.

Wheat Berry Data and Arugula Salad

It also has some goat cheese crumbled on top. The recipe called for regular, but the store had a fig flavored one that I thought would go well with the other flavors. It's subtle, but works great.

Tonight, I had leftovers and did a little remix on the salad... this time instead of an orange, I added nectarine slices and blueberries and then halved the arugula and added some butter lettuce. Super yum.

Wheat Berry Salad Take 2 blog

I've still got a few servings left... we'll see what I do next! I have another nectarine, so I might do that again - it was really delicious.

Project Life Week 10 & Another Happy Moment

I've got lots of stuff to share today... a little catch-up from the weekend as well as this week's Project Life layout.

Project Life Blog Banner

Project Life first... here's this week's spread:

Project Life 2012 Week 10

This week is just a bit different... no templates! Also, all the paper and elements are by Gennifer Bursett. (As of this week, I'm kind of on her unofficial creative team. Is that fun or what? I never thought I'd ever do any digital DT work of any kind, and I love her stuff.)


One of the journaling spots, ribbon, film strip frame, tape, rosettes and flag banner are all from County Fair Part 2. The doily paper is from Ever After, the chevron paper, numbered list card and journaling card are from Favorite Things. The index card with the dates is from the Writer's Block Weekly Journaling Cards set, the big scalloped journal spot is from Grandma's Easter Bonnet.


I was mostly good with my Healthy in 2012 stuff last week. Except for Girl Scout cookies, but they don't count, right? As you can see, I was also loving my box of Studio Calico goodies. I volunteered at Bountiful Baskets again - we got kale this week. Woohoo! Also lots of sweet peppers and anaheim peppers, so I'll be doing some southwestern or maybe a stir fry pretty soon, I think.

In other news, the treadmill is no longer blocking my stairs! Melody and Vic stopped by last night and helped me move it up the stairs and into my room. I spent a few hours putting it together and got my first workout this morning. It's bigger than the last one, but it works great and it's smoother and quieter. (It folds up too.)

New Treadmill - Up and running

Over the weekend I also did another section in my Happy Little Moments book. This was about the beach in Dubai... I'm not much of a beach person, but I loved that beach. Especially at 11pm when the worst of the heat eased (it was still 90... lol) and a breeze came in over the gulf. I would lay in a chaise enjoying the breeze, watching the moonlight ripple on the water and listening to the waves lap at the sand. It was wonderful.

Happy Little Moments - Pages 15-16

This layout got a bit out of hand... but I started it as an assignment using solid stamps in Jen Gallacher's Scrapbook Stamping class at 2 Peas. I've barely started the class, but I'm having lots of fun so far.

Happy Little Moments - Page 15

I used Papertrey Ink's original jar stamp set and the Summer fillers along with another shell stamp to make this tag. I sewed a piece of vellum on top and the other shell is just tucked in there.

Happy Little Moments - Page 15 close-up

And the right side was where I started with the solid stamps - Papertrey Ink Beautiful Blooms II.

Happy Little Moments - Page 16

I did the stamping and embossing and added some brads and buttons, but it felt a little empty so I started doodling some henna inspired sketches on it and then went over it with a tan PanPastel wash. I like it (I don't LOVE it) but it was fun and it kind of fits. So it works for me :)

Happy Little Moments - Page 16 close-up

And last but not least... just sharing a quick recipe from something I threw together tonight.

Skinny Caramel Pear Pockets

I had a bunch of pears from Bountiful Baskets that I needed to use so I sliced a few up and made little pocket thingies from them. I had a tube of reduced fat crescent roll dough in the fridge so I pulled it out and separated the triangles onto a cookie sheet. I laid about 5 slices of pear in each one, sprinkled them with cinnamon and a good-sized pinch of brown sugar and just a sliver of butter. Then I wrapped them up (the pears hang out the sides) and threw them in the oven on 350 until they were golden brown. I topped with just a drizzle of fat-free caramel and some fat free cool whip. With the caramel, they're 6 points plus on Weight Watchers. Without, they're 5 (I had lots of points left over today, so I went for it.) They were YUM. They don't taste diet in the least and they were super easy to make.

That's it for now... laters!

Happy Moments, a layout, and BIG mail.

The last two days have been like Christmas! I got my Studio Calico box with my March Story Hour kit and add-ons and I was practically squealing in delight as I opened it all. Not literally, of course. Well... maybe just a little bit on the inside. I LOVE this kit. Love it. I couldn't resist doing a layout right away, so I pulled out my PDF from Kelly Purkey's downloadable Sketchpad class. I've been meaning to do this before Sketchbook 4 starts in April so why not now? I'm going to try and work straight through the sketches, so this is using the first one and some fun pictures from Greece.

How do you like them apples

Pretty much everything here is from the kit or an add-on... I used my Cameo on kraft cardstock for the doilies and chevron shapes, but that's it.

How do you like them apples close-up 1

During our pre-trip research, someone discovered that in Greece, a man proposes to a woman by giving her an apple. I'm not sure how true that actually is, but the other girls wanted to do something fun with this while we were there. Our fake togas drew some funny looks on the roof of our hotel.

How do you like them apples close-up 2

The funny thing was, there was an actual marriage proposal going on over on the other side of the roof. We couldn't get close enough to see if he had an apple, though.

How do you like them apples close-up 3

You can tell I was just along for the ride by the fact that I was the only one that wasn't willing to go to the effort of stripping my bed to get a toga when there were nice, big towels in the bathrooms. lol. It was a lot of fun, though. And how about that view?

For the letters on the layout, I took the white foam Thickers and painted with with Claudine Helmuth Modern Red and then dotted on some turquoise Liquid Pearls.

Kind of a simple layout for me, but I'm really loving it.

And of course, I'm still working on my Happy Little Moments class. I finished two more sections.

Happy Little Moments - Pages 11-12

This page was actually inspired by a previous piece I did, which was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest a while ago. I stamped the Papertrey Ink roses directly on the page and then outlined them in black pen.

(And I'm kind of digging the sequins I sewed into the border on the right side. Sparkly!)

Happy Little Moments - Page 11

I colored in with PanPastels - I like how it's still a little translucent. I sprayed it with Krylon fixative to keep the pastels from rubbing off.

Happy Little Moments - Pages 13-14

The work field trip made it in... how could it not?

Happy Little Moments - Page 13

And on the right, a pocket page! I cut down one of the pages of the three that get glued together to form a section to make the pocket. And while I was at it, I cut a window to see some of the smaller things tucked inside. It's backed with a scrap of a Hambly transparency and then outlined with Liquid Pearls (I love those things lately).

Happy Little Moments - Page 14

I think I'll add another section or two (I know the next one for sure) and then I might leave a few sections blank so I can add more later. We'll see.

The other big thing? Today was my treadmill delivery day. I worked at home since I had to be here to meet the delivery guy, and this was a HUGE box. Way bigger than my last treadmill which was small enough to fit in the back of my mom's old CRV. This one? No way. But I needed it out of my garage so I could pull my car back in, so this is where it's at right now.

New Treadmill Blocking Stairs

I got the old treadmill disassembled and out to my garage without any help, but this is a different story. I wrangled it inside and onto the stairs by myself (no mean feat!) but this is where it's staying until Melody and Vic can come over and help me move it. I was hoping to have it up and running for a Saturday workout, but I might have to go down to the gym instead. I'm stubborn, but not crazy enough to try and get this sucker the rest of the way without help! For now I can still get up and down the stairs and my car is in the garage. It's all good.

After this was delivered I was back to work when the UPS guy rang the doorbell. I wasn't expecting anything else today, but he had another big box for me. Guess what was in it?

New Dyson

I've been in desperate need of a new vacuum, and my mom had been telling me to get a Dyson. Duh. Who wouldn't like a Dyson? But they're $$$! However, earlier this week my mom forwarded me an email - Woot had refurbished Dyson DC25s for a really good price. Since I got such a good deal on my treadmill (and free delivery!) I had enough left over from my tax return to snap one of these up. It was a shock to get it because it just shipped yesterday! So yay! I'm now a proud and happy Dyson owner. And really, how often are you proud and happy about a vacuum? Just sayin'.

Anyway... after all that, I'm ready to crash. Happy weekend!

More from my Happy Little Moments class

I'm still having a blast making my altered book for this class. I'm probably about half-way through at this point although I might not finish it all at once... but then again, maybe I will. Who knows? I'm playing it by ear and just having fun and experimenting a little too.

Lots more pictures of the next 3 sections...

Happy Little Moments Pages 5-6

I used my Cameo on these - the circle shape on the left side and the words on the right (and that one-click welding in the Silhouette Studio software is AWESOME.) I cut part of the circle shape off and pasted it all down and then added the other stuff to it.

Happy Little Moments - Page 5

On the right, I did some stamping in the background and then just layered the rest on top and hand-stitched the border.

Happy Little Moments - Page 6

The next section is a slightly different style, but I just love it. I brought back my stencils and modeling paste again to do this moment from Istanbul when I was there last May. This moment *had* to be in this book since it was probably the best of the entire trip.

Happy Little Moments - Pages 7-8

I don't have pictures of the exact moment, but these are pictures that contributed and helped tell the story.

Happy Little Moments - Page 7

And some close-ups of the modeling paste - I used some different colored Perfect Pearls on top / around it.

Happy Little Moments - Page 7 close-up 1
Happy Little Moments - Page 7 close-up 1

I like the second one - you can really get a feel for the dimension it brings to the page. Love.

On the other side, I tried making a window with a super-extra-jumbo Marvy circle punch. I chain stitched around the opening and then backed it with part of a Hambly transparency for some stability since the circle didn't reach in all that far.

Happy Little Moments - Page 8

The glass nazar and raffia are actually leftover wrapping from some rose scented soap I bought on my first trip to Istanbul a few years ago. I've wanted to use it in a project somewhere and this seemed perfect.

And I'm going to be doing LOTS more of that modeling paste stuff. I just can't get enough of how fun it is and how cool it looks (at least I think so, anyway.)

Last spread for tonight...

Happy Little Moments - Pages 9-10

Pretty basic pages... just some patterned paper layers worked around the transparency.

Happy Little Moments - Page 9

It was inevitable that food and cooking would be in here, because I have so many lovely moments when I get to relax and make something special. These pictures are from when I was making boulognese and homemade rigatoni last year - that sauce was AMAZING. I need to make it again. But it's a vivid memory because of what a wonderful, relaxing and just happy afternoon it was. No pressure, no timelines... I wasn't making it for anyone but me and it was wonderful. I need to do that again.

Happy Little Moments - Page 10

The little chef is a stamped image (stamp by Stamping Bella) that I colored and cut out. The page just cried out for me to add this little guy. How could I refuse? I also hand-stitched the zig-zag border with some red embroidery floss. I'm having lots of fun with the stitching :)

I have more techniques I'm dying to use in this book so I'll be back to share those soon. But for now, bed! I'm exhausted (which is what happens when I miss my Sunday nap. Sigh.)

Project Life Week 9

Nine weeks and still going!

Project Life Blog Banner

Here's this week's PL layout:

 Project Life 2012 Week 9

The pictures for this week are definitely not in any kind of order, and I went pretty light on the journaling - mostly just a list and a few other notes. I'm trying to keep it pretty light and easy - I think if there are any really important stories, they'll get a separate layout. I might do one for Friday's work field trip... or more likely, it will end up in my Happy Little Moments book.


I did pretty well on the healthy front (despite the cookie in the picture and, I'll own it... a cupcake too. But not at the same time.) The self-portrait is my conscious effort to have actual pictures of ME in my project life layouts... go figure. I got my tax return (yay!) and after some research, ordered a new treadmill with a 4-year parts warranty and scheduled a delivery for this coming week. So excited. Tried to include pictures of some more ordinary parts of my week that I don't always include, like watching hockey or scrapbooking.


Friday got its own page and I just used the photo collages I made for my blog. Because why not? I scanned in the menu from Caputo's and also a business card from the antique place. I'm digging the ephemera background here.

And another week well begun!

Happy Little Moments Class

I've really gotten into taking online arts and crafts classes... when I've taken classes in local shops, I learn fun techniques, but I rarely use the projects after I get them home. Online classes are fun for me because they tend to be technique driven and I provide my own supplies and kind of make it mine as I go which works out much better for me. This year Studio Calico has started offering an online class every month, and my first one is their March class - Happy Little Moments taught by Maggie Holmes. It's basically an altered book class. I've been working on it since Thursday night, and I'm having so much fun. I still have a ways to go before my book is done, but I thought I'd post my progress so far. Get ready... tons of pictures ahead!

First up, getting the book prepped and doing the cover. I had a blast with the cover of mine.

  • Gwen's Happy Little Moments Cover 1
  • Gwen's Happy Little Moments Cover 2
  • Gwen's Happy Little Moments Cover 3
  • Gwen's Happy Little Moments Cover 4
  • Gwen's Happy Little Moments Cover 5
Gwen's Happy Little Moments Cover 5

My book was originally red, but I covered it with a layer of gesso and then painted it with Golden Cobalt Turquoise. I left the inside red, though... I love the contrast. After it was dry, I pulled out my trusty modeling paste and a 6x6 woodgrain stencil by The Crafter's Workshop to get the texture - I just slathered it on with a palette knife. I ran a few ink pads lightly over the surface to make it not quite so stark, and then set to decorating. That stitched felt flower is one I made about two years ago that I've held on to... the polymer clay button is one I got from Tessa Ann on Etsy. Loving the turqoise and red! So me.

Then the intro page - I've always wanted to do one of these confetti pockets that are so trendy now. Lots of fun...

Happy Little Moments - Intro Page

The stiching around the page is all done by hand - I back-stitched it all to make it look a little neater. The alpha stamps are the regular sized lower case alphabet from Educational Insights. Love them!

Happy Little Moments - Intro Page Close-up

I bought the class kit, but as you can see... I've mixed in a lot of my own stuff, which I love. I punched out my initials to add into the confetti, and there are also some stars and a few buttons.

Then the first two pages:

Happy Little Moments - Pages 1-2

This book is all about happy moments, and for me it's just random things that make me happy... memories, friends, moments in time and very likely food will be involved at least once. lol.

Happy Little Moments - Page 1

And a bit of a close-up of the 2nd page:

Happy Little Moments - Page 2

I just love this picture of Francesca, Emily and I when we were hanging out on the floor of the Lima airport with Starbucks hot chocolate and alfajores. It was the end of our trip, and feels like it just kind of sums things up.

For the 2nd spread, I focused on Rick's birthday when I was home for Christmas, using some Instax prints that I had taken at the restaurant.

Happy Little Moments - Pages 3-4

I go home for Christmas every year, but I never stay for New Year's so I always miss celebrating Rick's birthday in person. This year I stayed a lot longer and got to be there... it made it so special and I wanted to capture that here.

Happy Little Moments - Page 3

And some details from the other side:

Happy Little Moments Pages 3-4 Inserts
Happy Little Moments Pages 3-4 Inserts

The robot stamp is from a fun little set by Hero Arts. The "Happy Day" ticket is from an old Cocoa Daisy kit.

Happy Little Moments - Page 4

The tags were kind of stuck into the binding and then I stitched them down by hand. On the page itself, I used another 6x6 template - Star Shower by The Crafter's Workshop and a yellow ink pad to do the background. One of my favorite things about this project is that it's such a great medium for experimenting. It feels so much more okay and so much easier to play in an altered book than on a regular layout and I'm loving it! I added some details with a pen, threw on some glitter and then used some liquid pearls.

That's it so far! I'm still plugging along... I need to take a break to do my Project Life update, but I'll get it done :) For now, I've got a hockey game and some leftovers calling my name.

Fun Finds and Goodies

Whew... the last few days got a way from me a bit! It's been fun and busy...

Friday I got to work to find an invite from my boss for a team field trip. Woohoo! We all left the office for a few hours to have lunch and then go exploring at an awesome antique mall. First, we went to Caputo's Italian Market and Deli, which is just a few blocks from our office (when it gets warmer, I'm sure I'll be heading there on walks!) They have a great market with their own cheese cave and a guy that makes their salami! We stopped there for lunch - I had half a prociutto sandwich with a pesto pasta salad which was yummy. While I waited for them to make the sandwiches, I explored the market for a bit and found this amazing honey wine vinegar (locally made) that was so good. The guy at the check-out asked me what I was going to use it for and I told him I might just drink it. He thought I was kidding. The bottle came with a recipe for a vinaigrette that I think I'll try. Lunch was a blast - I got to know a lot of our team better as we went around the table telling random stories. I'm glad I was one of the first ones... mine was boring!

After lunch we headed to Capital City Antique Mall to just wander, shop and be inspired. My boss loves places like this because it's interesting to look at all of these things and think of the design - both the object itself and motifs. It reminded me of my Grandma L. and her love of antiques. I remember antiquing with her a few times when I was a little girl... she would have loved this place. It was really well organized and lots of the booths had really made an effort with the displays - it made it so fun. They were even in the process of setting up a big green themed display in the entry.

I snapped a few pics with my phone as I wandered, and ended up picking up a few random treasures that inspired me enough that I wanted to take them home with me. (And when I say random, I'm not kidding! lol.)

March 2 Work Field Trip

Top left is a display of artisinal chocolate at Caputos, bottom right are the treats I got there, including my vinegar, an amaretti cookie, another fun little pastry, and some fun artisan chocolate I got mainly because the box was so pretty. The others are pictures from the antique market. I was totally in love with all those hat pins... so fun!

Here's what I ended up bringing home with me:

Antique Mall Goodies

The blue glass compote dish and the tea cup are currently in my craft room, holding beautiful things and inspiring me, along with the hat pins that are stuck in my pin cushion. I thought they would be beautiful on a mini album cover, and also as inspiration for making some of my own pins with my jewelry supplies. I wore that bracelet to church today - it's so fun and totally me. And the teapot... I just fell in love with the design. I'm crossing my fingers that it's dishwasher safe because I want to use it! But not until it's clean and sterilized. lol.

Saturday I met my friend Kathy for lunch at a new place - Blue Lemon in Highland. SO good. I had short ribs with polenta (half of which is in my fridge, waiting to be enjoyed all over again.) and I got myself a little shamrock sugar cookie to enjoy later because I'm a sucker for cookies and cute things, and this was both.

Me with Shamrock Cookie

I think the Peanuts might have to hit this place up... so good.

Next up, another post on my crafty endeavors this weekend... working on an online class that I'm just loving.

29 Days of Love - Finished!

Wow... it's March! Time just seems to go faster every week. Since I started my new job at the beginning of February, it seems like it's just flown! Crazy.

Of course, since it's now March, that means that 29 Days of Love has come to a close. So here are the last two entries plus some pictures of the finished album.

29 Days of Love - Days 28-29

Day 28 was "I love someone I haven't met in person." I could have gone a few ways, but one of the first things that popped into my head was Pres. Monson (president of my church - the LDS church.) I just love to listen to him speak - he always has great stories and is inspiring and uplifting, and he has a fabulous sense of humor.

29 Days of Love - Day 28

And yesterday was "I love something I do almost every day." Again, I could have done several things - scrapbooking or crafting was a close second choice. But I decided to go with my morning treadmill routine where I crank up the music and read blogs on my iPad while I get in my cardio.

29 Days of Love - Day 29

My camera was in my room the other day so I snapped this photo during a water break thinking I could use it for Project Life - perfect! I can't wait until I can replace my treadmill so I can really go... I've already worn out the replacement belt I put on last year and the motor is on its last legs... I can only go so fast or the belt starts to slip. And it changes speed anyway. lol. But I've got my tax return, so I'll soon be shopping for a replacement.

29 Days of Love - The End

The pages in this book worked out just perfectly for this project. Perfect length, lots of interest... this was fun.

29 Days of Love Finished 1

29 Days of Love Finished 1

29 Days of Love Finished 1

Flipping through it is so fun - it makes me smile every time. I'm so glad I did this, and a huge thank you to Alissa for posting the prompts!

You can see all the entries by looking at the category, or I have a 29 Days of Love photo album to see it all at a glance.

Now it's time for a late dinner and then I'm going to start prepping my book for the Happy Little Moments class I'm taking over at Studio Calico this month. Should be tons of fun :)