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New digi goodies - Summer Girl

I just got to play with a fun new collaboration kit that goes up for sale at Design House Digital today - it's called Summer Girl and is a collaboration between Gennifer Bursett (Summer Girl Part 2) and Celeste Knight (Summer Girl Part 1). Such a fun kit! I pulled some fun pictures of Adorable-Niece-Aubrey for this layout - I couldn't resist using that "Wild and Free" graphic from Celeste's part of the kit - it just seems to describe her perfectly.

I really love how this turned out... and that kit is so fun that it practically scrapped itself! Seriously... I made a quick sketch by picking photos and using the kit preview pictures, and when I sat down to do it I swear I was completely done in an hour. Gotta love it!

When I haven't been pushing pixels this week with digi scrapping and working on another photobook, I've been playing more with gesso and modeling paste. I'm finishing up a mini album - hopefully I'll be finishing up in the next few days and then I can share the fun :)

Project Life - Week 21

I didn't think this was a busy week until I looked back at it. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I got a lot done. I added a few of the pictures I took for some recipes I tried and projects I started, and did the journaling as a bullet list of the things I did last week.

I used Gennifer's new kit - When Skies are Grey, which I just love. Great colors!

And you can see in the pictures a little update on my curtain project (or experiment, I should say!) I started doing some embroidery on one of the red panels. I still have another one if this doesn't work out, but so far I like it.

Curtain Project Update 1
I'm no expert in embroidery - I've done very little in the past. I'm doing this without a pattern and the fabric is NOT good quality (I have to set the stitches pretty loose because the weave of the fabric isn't tight enough), so it's going to be interesting. But I like it so far... I'm going to try adding a little beading, I think. I tried a few beads and they were too big, but I have some smaller ones I think will work well.

Peru Photobook from Photobook America

Can I just say how much I'm loving the 3 day weekend? I don't want to go back to work tomorrow... I'm just barely getting to have a little fun now that I'm caught up on my sleep! But at least it's only a 4-day work week. Hopefully I can keep from getting too tired and then play next weekend.

I had a great start to the weekend when this was delivered on Friday:

Peru Photobook 1
I couldn't believe how fast it was... I had just finished putting together the book and uploaded and ordered it last Friday. It shipped late Monday (from Kuala Lumpur, no less!) and was here on Friday! I ordered using a Groupon from Photobook America - my first time ordering from them, and I was impressed. It's just a beautiful book. And a huge one. lol. As I said, it's 11" tall and 15" wide - you can see the size from how much space it takes on my coffee table. But I wanted plenty of room to share pictures, tell the story, and blow some of them up. I'll admit - even with the Groupon, it wasn't cheap. But it was reasonable compared to other companies and a good deal for the quality (but I probably wouldn't pay full price.) The cover is black leather and the pages are very nice.

Peru Photobook 2Some of the pictures are a bit blurred... sorry about that - I was too lazy to go back and re-shoot. It's just to get an idea, in any case.

Their page templates weren't what I was looking for, so I arranged everything as I went. I also went with a black background on every page to really make the colors pop (which is funny when you consider that I use a white background about 75% of the time when I scrapbook. lol.) But I love how it turned out.

Just a sampling of some of the inside pages. Lots from the Amazon - that part of the trip was more than 50 of the 124 pages.

Peru Photobook 3
Peru Photobook 3
Peru Photobook 3
Peru Photobook 3
Peru Photobook 3
Peru Photobook 3
A big thanks to Francesca, Emily, Danielle, and Karen for sharing their photos - I did snag a few of them to use in my book since they all got such good shots.

I have a few pages from our stop in Lima... just not showing them here.

Peru Photobook 9

Peru Photobook 10

And I did LOTS of Machu Picchu - including quite a few full-page photos. This is just one of them:

Peru Photobook 11
Those types of pictures are the reason I wanted such a big book. It just looks so good blown up! I love it!

One more of our last day in Cusco...

Peru Photobook 12
So that's it for my blog share of the photobook... like I said, 124 pages. It was tough to narrow it down to 750 favorite pictures. lol. I have one more Groupon for this company and this week I've spent my evenings choosing and editing all the photos I want to use in that one. It will be photos from my FBE last year - Spain, Greece, Turkey, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. It's going to be another big one! And it was a lot of fun to go back through all those photos... I really haven't looked at them much since last year and it was good to go through them. Now I need to start building the book! I hope to finish in the next week or two so that I'll have both photobooks to take to my reunion and share with my family. And I can't wait to see it in print :)

And now, off to do a little playing on my day off!


The title of my post, in my head, is Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless" when she gets to do a makeover - complete with bouncing up and down and hand motions. lol. But, while my project doesn't involve make-up, it IS a makeover of sorts and I'm kind of excited. I pulled together all the stuff to do it... it's going to take a bit, but I can't wait to play. Part of it may or may not turn out as planned, but it's all good. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? And if it turns out like I think it will, it's going to rock.

As to how it started, last night I was having trouble sleeping - my brain wouldn't shut up. And part of what was running through it had to do with the window treatments in my bedroom. What I have is okay, but it was kind of a stop-gap until I could do something cool. So, since I couldn't sleep anyway, I pulled out my iPad and sat in bed at 2am looking for ideas. I found this:


I fell in love. And funny enough... after I decided this was part of my plan, I fell asleep! I'm going to do some bead strands mixed with orange and red curtain panels (which I already have) - so it will be turquoise, orange, and red. But that's just part of it - and will probably be pretty fast. The other part is what I'm not sure will turn out, but it will be super awesome if it does.

A little sneaky peek:

Curtain Project
I'm off to get started... we'll see how it goes :)

Project Life - Week 20

I can't believe it's week 20... I did a double take at work today when we were talking deadlines and I realized that Memorial Day is next week! Wow...

Anyway, here's the layout for last week. Not a lot... as you can tell by the main photo, it was all about being sick as a dog. lol.

All the digital supplies are by Gennifer Bursett at Design House Digital. Mostly the Favorite Things 2 collection and a few other odds and ends.

And since I'm still not totally well yet, I think I might make it an early night. That's sounding quite lovely!

Sunday Scrapping

More like weekend scrapping, really... I started this layout on Friday and just got back to it this afternoon. I pulled out my Design Your Life class to keep working on chapter 2 about asymmetrical balance. This is the 2nd sketch in the chapter - a 2-pager that required us to spread photos across the gutter of the page. I know it bothers lots of people to do this, but as long as I don't cut the photos in a weird place it doesn't bug me.

For this one, I dug into my pictures from Spain and decided to use some from our visit to the steel showroom in Toledo where I bought my sword. I used pieces of my last 3 Studio Calico kits along with some Papertrey Ink stamps - the Delightful Doilies set.

Hands Off My Sword
I decided to use some blocks of patterned paper instead of doing all photos (I didn't have that many I wanted to use, and I don't really like nothing but photos - I need embellishment!) I also switched the placement of the horizontal and vertical photos on the left - it really just worked better for the photos I had to do it that way.

Hands Off My Sword close-up 1
Before going, I knew there was a good chance I'd buy a sword in Toledo if I had an opportunity and found one I really liked, so I had a mental price range I was willing to go with. Almost right off the bat, I was drawn to the Gladius sword on the rack. I loved the engraved blade and hilt and it just felt like "me." But although the price was in my range, I wasn't quite sure so I put it back on the rack while I looked around and thought about it.

Hands Off My Sword close-up 2
But then I looked over and saw that Eric had taken the sword off and was admiring it. And the voice in my head just shouted "hands off my sword!" Which is how I knew that was the one.

Hands Off My Sword close-up 3

So I took it back off the rack before Eric could decide he wanted it (and he later admitted that if I hadn't bought it, he would have... but since I saw it first and all... lol). I took it and carried it around until I was ready to make my purchases (this is also where I got some demasquinado necklace pendants - one for me and one for my mom). I hauled that sword in my suitcase for another 2 weeks and 4 more plane rides. And I love it... I keep it on my coffee table (except when small kiddies come to visit).

My coffee table with sword
Other things this weekend...

Best exotic marigold hotelI went to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel yesterday... I've wanted to see it since the first preview came out months ago. I absolutely loved it. I don't think it's a movie for everyone, but I thought it was a beautiful story, and beautifully filmed as well. And moving to some random place in India as my retirement is totally something I would do. lol.

I also stopped at Target to run some errands...

Target magical eye cartoon
Yeah. Target = dangerous. They had so much fun stuff, but I managed to resist. Mostly. I was wandering the aisles on my way to get things I actually needed, when I noticed that they had some of their accent tables on sale. I don't want to say that I really needed an accent table, but I kind of did. I had things piled on the floor under my coffee table that I really wanted to have out and that just wasn't happening without one. I've long admired this hexagonal accent table because it fits my style and would work well in my living room:

Target Hexagonal Accent Table
At $20 off plus another 5% off with my Red Card, I decided to go ahead and get it... they only had one left and I knew exactly where I could put it and what would go on it. So I came home and got it all set up with my books that were previously on the floor.

New Hexagonal Accent Table
Doesn't that look nice? With the new arrangement my Venetian mask is much more prominant, which I like, and I was able to put a few things in the opening below that had previously been stored in a cupboard. Nice!

Hex Table Book close-up
That "turquoise" book is actually a cookbook, but with all the photography and the size of it, it works like a coffee table book. I also really love that Paris in Color book - it's a beautiful book of everyday scenes all arranged by color.

The bottom book is a photo book I made of two of my weekend trips. I love that size... and in fact, on Friday night I finished my photobook for Peru. It's going to be 11"x15" and 124 pages. I pared it down to 750 or so of my favorite photos. lol. And it took me HOURS to put together... I edited every photo and then arranged everything and added my narrative... I used a Groupon for Photobook America and they have really terrible templates, so it took a long time. But I'm thrilled with it and can't wait to get it. I have one more Groupon with them and I'm hoping to do my FBE next.

So that's the weekend! I haven't cooked in almost 2 weeks with being sick and all, but I'm thinking I might go down and attempt some quinoa cakes from my newest cookbook... or maybe a quinoa risotto? After doing all those Peru photos, I'm really just craving quinoa!


Views from Cape Town

I'm finally starting to get some energy back after a few days flat on my back. I was back at work Tuesday and tonight I finally felt good enough to come up and play in my scrap attic for a while. It took a bit to decide what I wanted to work on... I knew I wanted to play with my May Studio Calico kit since I've had it for over a week and haven't touched it, so I spent a while going through photos to pick something fun.

I decided to do something a little older, so I pulled out a few pictures I hadn't scrapbooked yet from my trip to South Africa a few years ago.

Twelve Apostles
This was from Nicole and I flew from Johannesburg down to Cape Town to spend a few days there. We decided to do one of those hop-on-hop-off tours on our first afternoon just to get the lay of the land before our small group tour the next day. I just loved this view of the mountain range along the coast that's called the Twelve Apostles for the twelve peaks. It was stunning.

Twelve Apostles close-up 1

That panoramic photo on top is actually three photos I took as the bus was moving along the road that I merged together in Photoshop. The other picture is Nicole... we didn't get one of me, but that's okay. We got some good ones from the beach the next day.

Twelve Apostles close-up 2

Almost everything was from my May Studio Kit and add-ons... I cut apart one of the Heidi Swapp mistable folders and used some Mister Huey's on it. I added that cute little SC wood venner car and a piece of flair from A Flair for Buttons on Etsy. I also painted over the Amy Tangerine Thickers with Golden Titanium White fluid acrylic paint to try and get the title to stand out a bit - it helped a lot. Then I brushed just a bit of the paint over the navy blue letters spelling "Cape Town" to tone it down a bit.

Anyway, I'm just glad I was finally able to get up here and do something. And now that I've been back looking at Africa photos, I think I need to finish my safari mini album!

But for now, the energy is gone, so I'm off... later!

Project Life Week 19

I have to say, I so didn't want to do this this week. Of course, that's because doing anything takes way more energy than I want to use. lol. I am sick as a dog and pretty much miserable. I've been in bed or close to it since Saturday evening with a yucky, awful cold. It's mostly my own fault for going too long without catching up on my sleep, but what can I say? Too late now! But seriously... how it it possible to have a stuffed AND runny nose all at once? I don't know. But it's not fun.

In any case, I crawled up into the attic to spend a few minutes at the computer and pulled together the layout for last week. Fast, simple. Done.

I think it's now time to search out some more meds and crawl back into bed. Sigh.

Getting Messy with Celine - Part Deux

I finished! I absolutely LOVED doing this project and the class was so much fun. I always forget how much I love to "get messy" so this was a great reminder.

It ended up being quite a bit bigger and more involved than I anticipated...

Get Messy Goreme Scrapbook - Cover 1
28 total pages, all of them using some kind of technique, even if just a little bit.

Get Messy Goreme Scrapbook - Cover 2
And let's face it. Me? Going overboard? Not really unexpected. lol.

And because I did go so overboard, there are a LOT of photos of the album. So instead of having a humungous post clogging up the front page of my blog, I put it on its own page.

Without further ado, my completed Getting Messy Goreme mini scrapbook.


Posts from my day job

I realize that I don't actually talk a lot about my work here on the blog... mostly because I kind of like to keep work and personal separate, and also so I don't get in trouble. lol. But I had a work "thing" to share today, so I thought I'd share a little bit about what I do.

I started my current job in February after months of persistence by a friend I'd worked with at Ancestry who talked me into coming to join him here. And I'm so glad I did! I won't go into lots of details, but part of what we do is offer online communities for people who are dealing, in some way, with specific health conditions. The communities have message boards, articles and information, and all kinds of great stuff. Part of that great stuff includes pulling together information to share with our communities.

What better way to make health information interesting and relevant all at once than to do an infographic? We're doing more of these, but we just launched this one and it's quite interesting. This is for our community for people dealing with depression. And even if you don't have depression or care for someone who does, it's still an interesting read! Click through to see the whole thing...

From Early Theories to Modern Meds
From Depression Connect


Project Life Week 18

Popping in quickly with the layout for last week... just a one-pager this week since the weekend was the main event and I'll probably do a separate layout about the Doodlebug event.

I used a template by Agnes Biro and the new Design House Digital collaboration kit - Retrospect (free with the coupon code from the blog hop!) I've said repeatedly that I'm not really a digi scrapper, but I'd like to note that I successfully blended two patterned papers for the background on this one. High fives to me! Now if I can remember how to do it for next time... I have a feeling it's like threading the bobbin on my sewing machine - I'll need instructions every.single.time. But I guess that's okay.

Anyway, I got caught up reading a book and got a late start on my layout, so no more time for playing tonight... off to bed! Hopefully I can get back to getting messy tomorrow :)

Sunday NSD Challenges

I actually didn't think I was going to get much done today, but I finished another 2 layouts and with that, did all of the NSD weekend challenges at Studio Calico. I'm just excited that I got stuff done! And I love the challenges... I feel like it helped me use my stash and get a little more creative.

So first up, a layout about Adorable-Nephew-William at 9 months for the challenge to use triangles on a layout.

9 Months - William
I actually really like how this turned out... another example of a challenge pushing me to do something I otherwise wouldn't have done.

9 Months - William close-up 1
I put baker's twine down the middle of the photos and then added some diecut triangles on top - those are an old Quickutz die shape. It was fun to pull those out again and use my cute pink QK Squeeze :)

9 Months - William close-up 2

I also pulled out some older Making Memories puffy stickers - the Giggles collection they did for Archivers a while ago... those are the colored circles and stars. I'm so glad I rediscovered those!

9 Months - William close-up 3
I also used my April Studio Calico kits and a library card journaling file from Kate Pertiet (digital). It was fun to see William tonight (and the girls too) when we Skyped for my mom's birthday party - he's almost 10 months now and just the cutest little boy you've ever seen. That smile is going to break hearts. lol.

My second layout uses pictures from last weekend - it's for two challenges. The first was to use confetti on a layout and the other was to use some kind of geometric shape - I chose circles and made them into peaches.

Ode to a Peach
Coincidence that the secret ingredient on Iron Chef America tonight was peaches? I think not. And it was my favorite Iron Chef too... Geoffrey Zakarian. (And he won, of course.) Someday I'd love to eat at one of his restaurants. However I think it was the Hello Kitty bandaids in Next Iron Chef - Battle of the Super Chefs that really won me over to Team Zakarian.

Ode to a Peach close-up 1
However, as good as real peaches are, the pastry version is something in another realm entirely. I don't think I've done an Ode to a {insert food} layout since my Ode to Fried Pickles several years ago. Refresher:

Fried Pickles
I actually wrote a poem that time. This time I just described it. Although now that I think about it, it seems like poetry to me to just read about the ingredients. Drool-worthy, really.

I digress.

Ode to a Peach close-up 2
I'm too much of a control freak to really do confetti... almost every single one of these dots was carefully placed with a pick-up tool and precise dots of glue. lol.

Ode to a Peach close-up 3
For the "peaches," I punched the circles and hand-cut the leaves and stems from different papers. The circles are October Afternoon, Basic Grey, and Sassafras Lass. The leaves are Amy Tangerine - Sketchbook.

Ode to a Peach close-up 4I'm SUPER proud of myself for the journaling on the tag... I put it on a sheet of 8.5x11 paper with temp adhesive and scanned it in. Then I created a path for the journaling, subracting out the area around the "love" cutout - typed and printed. And it worked on my first try! I think I absorbed more than I realized from listening to Renee Pearson teach another lady about text paths at the retreat last weekend.

So that's it! Classes, babysitting, and 4 layouts... a Skyped birthdy party, cooking up a new farro dish and did I mention I taught Sunday School today too? It's been a busy weekend. Now it's time to crash before work tomorrow.

Saturday NSD Challenges

I was able to squeeze in a little scrapbooking time to work on NSD challenges yesterday. Only 2 layouts, but I got 5 challenges knocked out between them.

Here's the first one... mainly I wanted to do the stamping challenge from Jen over in the Scrapbook Stamping workshop - we combined techniques from 3 of the 5 chapters in class. I also used a sketch from Studio Calico for the sketch challenge, and also used 6 photos for the SC multiple photo challenge.

Joy School
Some pictures of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh and her Joy School activities. So cute...

Joy School Close-up 1I used a background stamp and embossed it for the alphabet pattern on the left. I used an open design stamp set (Studio Calico days of the week) to create the block on the right, and colored a few of the letters with a Copic marker. The journaling block is Heidi Swapp, and I added Studio Calico sentiments stamped on vellum to the photos.

Joy School Close-up 2
The little girl stamp is Stamping Bella - I colored her with Copics. I ended up adding tape and sequins to cover up some mistakes... I wasn't paying attention and set my hand on the stamped vellum before it was dry and then set it down on the layout. Several times. lol. I managed to cover most of it, but you can still see it on the bottom left. But that one isn't bothering me... and it looks cuter now :)

The second layout I did was for a challenge in the Sassy Scrapping 2 Peas workshop - I used the challenge from the bonus video and layout Shannon posted. This was to pull an element from my photo as inspiration for the layout. Obviously, I used the design of my henna tattoo for this one. It also met a Studio Calico challenge to use alphabet stamps - I used 2 different SC stamp sets.

Henna Tattoos
These pictures are from the desert safari we went on in Dubai where we all got henna tattoos. I absolutely loved mine, and it cracked me up that all the guys were getting them too - only snakes and scorpions instead of flowers.

Henna Tattoos close-up 1
I pulled out some old Basic Grey Marrakech paper (that's how they spell it, anyway) and mixed it with new Studio Calico Classics 2 for the background.

Henna Tattoos close-up 3
I used some copper colored fabric puffy paint to do the "tattoo" on my paper - it actually looks like a close match to the wet henna.

Henna Tattoos close-up 4
I finished it off with some washi tape, some Basic Grey glazed brads and a fun little sequined clip. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! And I don't know if I would have thought to do this if I hadn't had the challenge from Shannon. So yay for NSD challenges!

Now I'm off to try and do some Sunday challenges since I have a quiet afternoon free... just have to pick the photos :)

National Scrapbook Day with Doodlebug

Yesterday was crazy busy and lots of fun... how could it not be when it was a day dedicated to scrapbooking? I got up early and picked up my Bountiful Basket but no volunteering this week... my wrist has been bugging me and I should probably give it some time to heal, huh? I sprained it or something doing pushups. Teach me to try and exercise! lol. After I got everything put away, I headed up near the airport for a day at Doodlebug! (A scrapbook product manufacturer.)

This was apparently a last-minute thing they put together like 2 weeks ago and they were kind of surprised how many people signed up given the short time. I found out about it on 2 Peas and signed up - it sounded too fun to miss and I'm so glad I went! Doodlebug is known for their bright colors and cheerful, cute patterns - not necessarily my style... but I do really like their stuff and use it here and there.

Anyway, I went to the morning session - checked in at the front desk and got my goodie bag, nametag and was sorted into the "pink" group.

My group was set to do the mini album class first - it was 4 8x8 pages to go in the leather Storybook album in our goodie bag. Taught by the fabulous Wendy Smedley and Cynthia Sandoval.


Work in progress...

IMG_1855And me with my lovely and fun seatmate Rachel - we met when I sat down with her and had a great time all morning.

IMG_1858She has so much energy! And she almost got me in trouble in Stacy Julien's class with her Dana Carvey & broccoli reference. Speaking of...

IMG_1863I'd never taken a class with Stacy before and it was wonderful. I really loved hearing her philosophy on scrapbooking. We also got to dance to Andy Grammer. lol. We had a card kit for this class, but didn't have time for it so I brought it home. She also introduced us to Happy Mail which will be starting soon - I'm registered at Big Picture Scrapbooking, so I hope I get one sometime in the next year!

After Stacy's class, they had a lovely little box lunch in their lunch room. They said we were getting a box lunch, but I was picturing a typical lame box lunch - "eh" sandwich, chips, maybe a brownie or something. I should have known better... this is what we got.

The little pick in the sandwich says "bon appetit." How cute is that? It was all delicious too. After lunch we got to go down to their showroom to do a little shopping. Like I said, most of their stuff isn't quite my style, but they have some basics that I stock up on - letter stickers, buttons, some of their paper. They even had some of their new lines that aren't in stores yet available for us to purchase! And all the new paper was half off. Sweet!

And this little gem at the checkout counter:

IMG_1874All the little containers have a small embellishment - flowers, buttons... who wouldn't want to put a quarter in there?

So that was my day at Doodlebug - super fun, and I'm so glad I went. After that I came home and took Melody's kids for a few hours so she and Vic could go out, then after they left I fixed a quick sandwich and came upstairs to get working on some NSD challenges. I'll share those in my next posts :)

Getting Messy with Celine

May's class at Studio Calico is Getting Messy with Celine Navarro and I've been working on my project for this class for the last few nights. Tonight, I really got into it and got a lot more done! Doing projects like this makes me wonder why I don't do more mixed media techniques in my albums - I really have so much fun doing this. But maybe I like it so much because I don't do it as often.

Anyway... the class is all about techniques, so we could choose any theme we wanted. I decided to do my album on a part of my visit to Cappadocia when we were in Turkey three years ago. We saw a lot that day, but the part I was most looking forward to was when we went to see the carved churches of Goreme. They were just incredible... and I thought the pictures from that would work well with the techniques we were learning in this class. So far, so good!

Here are the front and back covers to my book:

CoversI kind of love them.

I wanted to do something that would kind of reflect the colors and feel of the frescos inside the carved churches - I was really pleased with how the gesso, modeling paste, and Mr. Huey's mists helped achieve that.

Front cover close-upI used a Crafter's Workshop template - 12x12 Peony, along with Pumpkin Spice and Manila Mister Hueys mists. I added wood letters from Making Memories - I like how off-setting them over the pre-cut "today" in the cover (October Afternoon) actually kind of pulls your eye away from the "today" all together - better than if I had tried to cover it up, but I still get the window effect.

Front cover close-up 2And it's no surprise that where I have modeling paste and stencils, I also have Liquid Pearls. I'm using a lot of them in this book - I love the pops of color and touch of richness that they're adding. Plus they're fun to play with :)

Back Cover
I just used the stencil from a different angle on the back. I had a little smear that was on the stencil and I didn't realize it until later, but I think it adds to the fresco effect. lol.

In the class, Celine gave us 3 photo transfer techniques and 7 things we could do to decorate our inside pages. She challenged us to go ahead and make all the pages at once instead of doing them one page at a time adding pictures and final embellishments as we go. I decided to go ahead and try that out - see how I like it.

First, here are the photo transfer techniques - the first are gel transfer. Those are the bigger ones on the bottom.

Gel TransfersThey turned out really well! I was excited to try a photo of one of the frescos in a transfer - it came out great. Rubbing the paper off of everything was a total pain, but the effect is nice. Now I'm trying to flatten them.

And then acetone and packing tape transfers - acetone are on the tags, packing tape is on the bottom left.

Acetone and Packing Tape Transfers
I think my paper was too thick for the acetone to really work right, but considering I'd never done it before, the fact that I can recognize the images in the transfer is kind of awesome! The packing tape one came out great - I just need to decide what I'm going to layer it over. I'll get there...

And now for the inside pages. Again, just techniques for now. The first was using gesso, mists, and diecuts to make a page background. The second was using modeling paste and stencils (which, as we all know, I absolutely LOVE to do!)

Diecut and Modeling Paste Pages
I used a peacock patterned file on my Cameo for the left:

Diecut Page close-up
I added some jewels and some Golden Gold Mica paste in the centers.

Modeling Paste Page close-upI love this page... I used a Tattered Angels glimmer screen for the shape - it was thick so the design is nice and defined. I love the little jewels and dots of Liquid Pearls.

Next up, we sprayed mists on a craft mat and kind of dipped the paper in them. The 4th technique was to create a collage-type background.

Mist and Collage PagesI stuck to the same colors of mists with the turquoise ink to highlight - I like the continuity. On the left, I stamped and embossed on top and added some more gold mica paste to both pages.

The 5th technique was to create a pocket / confetti page with vellum. I actually broke out my sewing machine for this one. It's kind of a miracle.

Confetti Pocket page - front and back
I put metallic sequins in as the confetti which I like. Since the entire page went into the pocket, I had to have the back ready too so I did the dip in the mist technique again and then stamped and embossed on top. I just wish I'd put the rubon on the outide of the vellum... wasn't thinking, I guess. It still looks nice, though.

Six was to alter the kraft star stickers with gesso and mists, and the seventh was to use a mask and mists two ways - including using the mask as a kind of stamp to make a 2-color effect.

Star sticker and reverse mask pages
The thin white lines on the left are another stencil and modeling paste. I spritzed the background with Mr. Huey's Pinstripe to tone down the pattern so the modeling paste would stand out, then added some gold irridescent paint, the altered stars and more jewels and liquid pears.

Altered Star Sticker close-upI decided to use a corner mask for the 7th technique - I thought it could make for a good journaling page.

Reverse Mask close-upThere's still one last lesson in the instructions that I haven't done yet - making divider pages with my Cameo. I'll try a few of those, and then it's time to start adding in photos.

But first, tomorrow is NSD and I've got to get my goods together for a day at Doodlebug! Stacy Julien will be speaking, we get to do a class, have lunch, and all kinds of fun stuff. Then I'm going to work on some challenges at 2 Peas and Studio Calico. Time to knock out a few layouts!

I guess I'd better get my supplies packed up and then get to bed, huh? Off to get it done!


Graduation and Birthday Cards

I've been taking a little break from scrapping to get geared up for my new classes and NSD (National Scrapbook Day) weekend (time to get down and focused on some projects!) So I've been reading and watching the Food Network... generally being lazy. lol. But I do have a few cards to share.

The first is the one I made for Rae's graduation last weekend:

Rae's Graduation Card
I pulled out my old QuicKutz Squeeze with the Studio alphabet to do the letters on the front. I need to use those things more - they're pretty great alphabets! I also made the medallion ribbon using my Score Pal and a Martha Stewart border punch. I even busted out that old Emagination Crafts grad cap punch! It was in my "to sell" pile and I'm trying to decide if it goes back there or not. Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

Next up is a birthday card for my mom. I wanted something fun and different but still elegant, so I did a tag in a glassine bag. This way I could slip in a picture of her gift, which hasn't been delivered yet. I'm going to pop the whole thing in a regular business envelope to send off.

Mom's B-Day Card 2012
I used an old Magenta background stamp on the tag (it's HUGE - I mean, this thing is like 7"x8" - wood mounted, and I have another that's even bigger - I've never seen them since I bought them like 10 years ago... you can bet I'm holding on to those suckers.) I added some patterned paper and stamped the flowered image on white and colored it with Copics before cutting out. I used a Martha Stewart label sticker and a Papertrey sentiment stamp (Women of Life). There's another birthday sentiment on the back with my handwritten message.

For the envelope, I used a small Magenta bird stamp on an old Making Memories tag, another Martha sticker, some baker's twine and another PTI stamp. I really love it!

Mom's B-Day Card 2 2012That's it for tonight... now I just need to get this baby into an envelope so I can mail it in the morning and then cross my fingers that it gets there in time. Nothing like cutting it close! But I was hoping the gift would arrive if I waited. No such luck. Oh well... the picture will be great until I get it.