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Guess who's in preschool?

Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh started pre-kindergarten! She goes all day and was very excited to get started. Erin sent some pictures that were just adorable. Of course she was wearing her signature pink with Barbie accessories.

First Day of Pre-K
Sorry this one is a bit blurry... I'm still trying to find good places to take pictures of layouts in the new house. It's a little tough at night - I might have to do better getting pictures when it's light out. Which would be hard when winter sets in, so maybe not!

First Day of Pre-K Close-up 1This one's a better view. I used the August Studio Calico kit - it had some great pink, girly things that were perfect for Miss Eraleigh!

First Day of Pre-K Close-up 2
I added some sequins from the kit and sewed them onto the page using French knots - I like how that worked. I also used black corrugated letter stickers and then peeled off the fronts to get the plain cardboardy letters (black was too strong - I tried painting them which sucked. I discovered this when I went to take them off and really liked it!)

First Day of Pre-K Close-up 3
And now we get bad lighting and glare! Sigh. Just a few more fun details. I love her pink sunglasses.

First Day of Pre-K Close-up 4
Too cute!

And now it's time for me to crash. I'm ready for Friday!

Finally... maybe... hopefully?

I did a paper layout! I started it last Tuesday and it sat on my desk, with a little tweaking throughout the week. I was just too lazy to take pictures. But I'm hoping this means I'm getting back in the mood to play around more in the scrap room - no promises.

That said, this was a fun one. I wanted something simple to get back into things, and this picture of Adorable-Niece-Aubrey (taken in Tahoe in June) was just screaming out to be scrapped. All the kids have their own little quirks, and one of Aubrey's is that she's just funny. She's not even 2, but she's totally got attitude and even a little style.

I Make This Stroller Look Good
I love how she's just chillin' in the stroller, arms on the rests and rocking the sunglasses. She has this expression that says "stroller... limo... whatever. I'm here and I'm fabulous. Let's roll."

I Make This Stroller Look Good Close-up 1
I used supplies from my two most recent Studio Calico kits, seeing as how with the move and all, I haven't touched either of them! Lots of fun stuff to play with in there. Hopefully I can do a little more with them before October lands on my doorstep!

I Make This Stroller Look Good Close-up 2
Mostly a simple layout - I wanted to focus on the photo and the title and then just add a few clusters of fun little goodies. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out too, which is good. Usually when I try and get back into it after a funk I just hate everything. So pleased is good.

I Make This Stroller Look Good Close-up 3
And now, it's dinner time and leftovers are calling my name.

That is all.

Project Life - Week 36

My weeks have been getting really busy after Tuesday, it seems. Lots going on... busy at work, out having fun when I can. I was super busy yesterday and have been working on and off today as I'm working on hitting a deadline for a project I've been busy with this week. But I'm still enjoying it and really like what I'm doing. It really just continues to get better which is awesome.

I had a little time this evening so I decided to knock out another catch-up Project Life layout. Here's week 36 - Labor Day week with my parents visiting for the weekend, and then a few more tidbits from the week.

I really just used a huge mash-up of stuff from different designers, kits, shops, etc... kind of a different look this week, but change is good, right?

So now I'm only technically one week behind, although this is the end of week 38 so hopefully this next week I can do the last 2 weeks and catch up. Wouldn't that be nice? I've been playing with paper a bit too, so hopefully I can post something soon.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with my favorite photo from this last week:

We went out to a taco bar here in town on Thursday night and were having fun with the cameras on our phones - we were all looking each other up on Instagram and following each other, taking pictures, etc... Craig declared no faces for this one but I just love that Ryan was peeking. lol.

Oh. and the tacos were pretty good, but overpriced. I was glad we tried it, though... we had a great time too :)

And another one...

I might actually catch up! Sometime. Hopefully. lol. (Am I really only 2 weeks behind now?) I got home from work a little while ago and wasn't ready to eat so I put together a super fast layout. We've got a big storm coming in tonight and I wanted to get it done and shut down the computer before it hits. I'm not totally in love with how it came out, but I like it well enough to call it good.

So here's week 35:

My second week of work with our eCommerce team happy hour. Apparently it was a big eating week! At least that's all I took pictures of. (We see where food ranks in my life. Not that it's a surprise. lol.) Mom and Dad also drove up that Friday night and we went out a lot while they were here. I didn't get a lot of pictures, so I added a lot of journaling to cover the gaps in the photos.

For the layout, I used a template from Tiffany Tillman and kits from Gennifer Bursett and Audrey Neal at Design House Digital. They're linked in my gallery post.

So that's it for now... time for dinner!

So much for that.

Yeah, more than two days in a row just wasn't going to happen. lol. Not that I wasn't planning to go for it, but I got derailed. I'll share more on that in a minute, but first... another layout I managed to finish tonight. This is week 34 - my first week at my new job and unpacking the house. Not a lot of photos, but plenty going on!

All of the digital elements are from Design House Digital - there's a big mix of kits here, so you can see all of them linked in my gallery post.

And as for how I got derailed? Well last Wednesday we were going to have a little team meeting - just lunch and work off-site for about 2 hours. But then my boss decided that we needed to go full-on off-site so we took off at lunch to change clothes. We each picked up a few things at the store and met at his house, which happens to be right on the water. It was gorgeous. Craig bar-b-qued some steak tips and asparagus that we had with bread and Irish butter. That was lunch. Ryan and I worked on stuff on the easel while he cooked, but we were all chipping in. We got a lot done and had great food and worked some more. Then Craig cooked up some pork tenderloin and baked potatoes. Then we worked some more and took frequent breaks to pull out our phones and take pictures of the sunset. At one point I got a picture of both of them taking pictures - it was funny. And gorgeous.



Then Craig snapped this one of Ryan and I finishing up for the night.

This doesn't suck.

So after I got home, it was almost 8 and I was pretty done. We'd worked all afternoon and evening, but also had a great time. We all get along really well and just have fun together which is awesome.

Then Thursday night we went out after work to a place that's been on our list for a while - a wine bar down by the water called Ballou's that also has a great menu. I had a cranberry spritzer and we sampled several things from the menu.

(Since it was Thursday, Cassi was in town and another girl from the team joined us as well). I have to say, the bacon mac 'n cheese was pretty tasty, but the real winner of the night was the chicken, bacon, gorgonzola pizza. That stuff rocked. Then Craig, Ryan, Cassi and I headed across the street to a bar we really enjoy - comfy chairs on a screened porch, and my favorite Shirley Temple in town (they don't stint on the grenadine!) We hung out there for a while and Cassi took off, then we stuck around a bit longer before going next door to Lenny's to catch a little football. By the time we called it a night, it was 11. But it was a blast.

Friday, well the whole weekend really. No excuse. lol. I just slept and ran errands and puttered around in the kitchen. I'm still having trouble getting back into the mood to scrapbook. Maybe eventually.

Today we were back at Craig's for another afternoon off-site.

It was high tide when we got there so before it went out, I went down to stick my feet in the water. I couldn't resist and it felt so good! The weather today was stunningly perfect. And we got stuff done!


We got to a good stopping point so we put the bacon mac 'n cheese I had made into the oven to get hot and bubbly and toast the breadcrumbs, and Craig had some killer sausage smoking on the grill. So since the tide had gone back out, Ryan and I went down to the beach and walked down to the end of the quay where we had some fabulous views.

The pictures don't do it justice. We both looked at each other and were like, kind of hard to believe we actually live here, huh? (All three of us are transplants.)

After that we got a bit more work done, but then the food was ready and we were hungry (and it was like 6pm) so we sat down to a killer dinner. The sausage was amazing - there were like 4 kinds (with grilled peppers to go with) and then both guys got super excited over my mac and cheese. Maybe even a little happy dancing. I love cooking for people who love food... it makes it so fun! And all of us definitely appreciate food.

But we finally cleaned up and packed it in so here I am... trying to get myself back on track. I'm only 3 weeks behind! For now. lol.

Two in a row!

This might not be a good idea... two days in a row could be setting some expectations I'm not prepared to meet. lol. But anyway, I managed to get another week for Project Life done tonight. This was one that I've had in my head ever since Gen released this 50 states Photoshop template. When it came out, I already knew I was going to be driving cross-country and the idea has been sitting in my head ever since. I wasn't sure it would come out, but it totally worked and I'm psyched.

Here's the spread:

Project Life 2012 Week 33
And the left side which is (obviously) my cross-country drive.

Since I knew I wanted to do something like this, I tried to get a photo of the sign when I crossed the border for each state I drove through. I missed Indiana and the one for Pennsylvania was a bad angle, so I just used some scenic shots of the area I was driving through. For the rest, I got the signs. Then I added in a few spotlight photos of some other things along the way. (The one with the sign saying "we buy antlers" was too funny.) This one took a while since I used the psd, and each state became its own clipping mask. But I love how it turned out. Not bad for a digi amateur!

And the right... since the left was so busy, I kept this one really plain.

So that's it! The week after this one only has a few photos so I'm hoping I can bang out a one-pager tomorrow. But three days in a row might be pushing it... we'll see how it goes!


Your eyes do not deceive you...

I'm posting a layout. I know. I bet you thought it wasn't going to happen again any time soon! I'm kind of surprised myself. All I know is I sat down to pre-order the new Muse album and 90 minutes later I'd done that, downloaded 2 songs, and finished a week from Project Life! Not too shabby!

So... here's the first of the weeks I'm trying to catch up on: week 32. This was the week I flew out to house-hunt, packed up my house and loaded the moving truck.

Project Life 2012 Week 32
And the left side:

You can see that I'm keeping things pretty simple while I catch up. Just a few basics, lots of photos and journaling. And that's really what it's all about, right? Just the story. I had to force myself to not go nuts, but I'm glad I kept it simple.

Everything is by Gennifer Bursett from Design House Digital.

And I just want to throw out a big "Thank You!!!" to everyone for all your sweet comments here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram. It's been a crazy time so I haven't been doing well with replying to everyone, but I appreciate all the thoughts and well wishes.

Things here are still going pretty well. It's a bit of an adjustment, but I'm getting through. The landlord had a contractor come over the weekend to replace a bunch of my downstairs windows (MUCH needed) which will help keep heat out / in as needed, and which allowed me to put up curtains in the front window. I swear, the temperature in the house has already dropped 7 degrees! Or maybe that's the onset of fall weather. Either way, I'm really enjoying being 100% moved in with everything on the walls and windows.

Work is still going really well - I've been coming up to speed pretty quickly and getting a few projects off the ground. I also love hanging out with my co-workers. They're all so much fun. We've done a few happy hours and that sort of thing, and we've all laughed so hard we had headaches and in a few cases, the threat of losing a lung. We're even talking about a few road trips, so it's fun to have people to hang out with now and then. My new ward is nice - welcoming and enjoyable, and I'm slowly meeting people at church. There don't seem to be any other singles in my age group, but one sweet older lady is trying to help me connect with someone who does mid-singles in the New Haven area. So we'll see how that goes.

More to come soon. I hope. :)

All moved in!

I've actually been moved in for a week, but things have been kind of busy so I just haven't had time to sit down and blog!

First of all, I love it here. Love it. I love my job, love my house, love the town, love the people. It's one of those times where it's so obvious that this was the right thing in the right place at the right time that it's kind of ridiculous. I'm very happy to be here, and thrilled to be working again. I've actually enjoyed it so much that I've been in the office BEFORE 9AM, And if you know me, you're probably still picking your jaw up off the floor.

My mom and dad have been here this weekend, and we've been having fun playing. I've been showing them around the town and trying out some of the great restaurants here in town. We did some shopping, I got a MUCH needed haircut, and we put some finishing touches on the house.

A few pictures from the last three weeks...

I completely forgot to take pictures of the moving truck after they got here, but it's pretty much the reverse of this:


Then Sunday night after the movers left, I went over to Mindy and Darren's for a little farewell dinner with the Peanuts. It was great to see everyone again one last time before I took off. Not that we won't see each other again at some point!

Monday I took another load of stuff to DI, turned in my equipment at Comcast, got some car snacks and gased up the car, and then Melody came over and saved my bacon by helping me get everything cleaned so I could turn in my apartment keys the next morning. Then that night I went to her house and we had some farewell snacks and fun with her family plus Tim and Dustin.

And then Tuesday morning I was off! I drove by myself with a packed car and my iPod and GPS and I was off. I stopped in Kearney, Nebraska the first night and then just outside of Toledo, Ohio the second night. I got to Branford at about 5pm on Thursday evening and picked up my keys at the real estate agency and then got to the house and unloaded the car. At that point I was just exhausted and set up my air mattress and crashed.

I spent a few days picking up necessities and figuring out where things are, and doing a lot of reading.

The last time I posted were the pictures I took while I was waiting for the movers to get here on Sunday... they ended up coming late because of a morning job that took longer than planned and then bad traffic on 95. Then it took several hours to unload and they didn't finish until about 9pm, so I didn't really get started unpacking that night. And then Monday, I started my new job.

Did I mention I love my new job? I do. I've been there two weeks now and it's been awesome. I have plenty to do, I'm getting looped in and up to speed and all that pretty fast, and the people are just great. Of course, the people are the main reason I turned down my other opportunities and took this one. And I'm excited that it's turning out even better than I had hoped.

I kept unpacking in the evenings after work, and then did a big push last weekend to get pretty close to finished. I did a few last things last Monday and then I was pretty much done!

IMG_0208(I hauled ALL of the boxes and paper down to the basement of the house on Tuesday, and it was quite a job. They won't last in the humidity here so I'm going to have to list them on Craig's List, but at least they're out of the house for now!)

A few of the rooms as I was finishing...

(You see a lot of fans around because the house doesn't have A/C - which it really only needs about 2 months of the year. Next summer I might get a few window units or something. We'll see.)

And of course, the all important scrapbook room!

This room is easily twice the size of my scrap attic, and I can't believe I fit it all in there! Of course, in here I have one entire wall that I can't use because it's full of closets (which hold the stuff from my guest room closet - the guest room here doesn't have one, as well as my coat closet). And I also tried to keep things from covering the windows, so it's more spread out instead of using vertical space. But I love it - the yellow walls and wood floors are awesome. And since the master bedroom didn't have cable hookups, I put the 2nd TV in here so I can watch the Food Network and hockey games while I work - I think this will work great!

So I had Wednesday night where I just relaxed and relished being done with the unpacking. Then Thursday night, we had a work Happy Hour at a place near our office where the eCommerce team headed for some after work drinks and snacks.


I started with straight-up water on the rocks, but eventually switched to virgin frozen peach margharitas which were pretty tasty. We ordered apps (it was Mexican) and then desserts (it was also unhealthy). After a few hours there, a group of us broke off and went to a different bar close to the water (funny enough, it was the singles who stuck it out - everyone else went home to their families). So me, my boss Craig, our analyst Ryan, and Cassi who was down working in the office for a few days (she normally telecommutes from MA) went to the bar where I switched to Shirley Temples. Lots of grenadine... yum! Part of the fun with this group is that I've fallen in with some fellow foodies who also happen to be super fun to hang out with. I'm slowly being shown all the great places to eat with the promise of many more opportunities to sample the local cuisine and entertainment scene. I can't wait!

Friday my boss "made" us all leave early for the holiday weekend, so I went home to get the house picked up and to get some of the moving dust out of the way before my parents came. They got here for dinner and I took them to one of the places I've tried for dinner and we also drove along the water. We did more shopping, eating and sight seeing on Saturday, went to church at my new ward on Sunday, and today we did more shopping to get curtain rods and a few sets of drapes for the house. Because of the way the windows are here (old and slightly slanted plus not being allowed to drill into them) I had to get tension rods for all the windows. And with lots more windows, I needed more drapes. So we hit Target, Ikea and Walmart and got what I needed between those. Then my mom and I busted out the sewing machine and measuring tape and got to work.

We hung everything up first to see what we needed to cut off, then I did the measuring and cutting and mom did the sewing. As she finished hemming, I got them ironed and hung.

And my dad, well he did this:

(can't say I blame him!)

I've now got drapes up in all but two of the rooms - the front two rooms I'm waiting on until the contractor comes to replace the windows this week. Mostly because there's a wasps nest in one of the guest room windows, and I only want to move things once in the scrapbook room. But the other rooms look great! So now it's finally really feeling like home. Still a little weird / new, but it's a lot homier now. I love it and I can't wait to have people over! Next up: wide screen HD TV (WAY overdue... I'm still using the huge 30" Sony I bought in college!) and maybe a BBQ and some patio furniture for my porch. We could do some serious game-day partying here! But we'll see when I get to it... I have time :)

Whew! Well, there's my huge catch-up post. I'm going to try and do a little Project Life catch-up as well. I might not do all 4 weeks individually, but I'll pull something together to cover the last month. It's been crazy, but kind of awesome too. And now, I'm off to finish up a few things and then hit the sack so I can be up bright and early for work in the morning.