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Put a bird on it.

I've always like birds, as evidenced by some of my recent projects. And since I'm behind in my posting once again, I've got several things to post at once.

First up: an 8x10 canvas board that I painted after being inspired by some Papyrus greeting cards my sister bought... she and my mom both thought they looked like the stuff I do, so I thought it would be fun to do my own version. It's mixed media - some molding paste, lots of acrylic paint and Montana pens, and some phrase stickers tucked in there on the side. It's not my favorite project ever, but it's a ton better than what I had on that canvas before!

Bird on a Branch Mixed Media - Gwen Lafleur

Next up, a tangle that I did while I was in Chicago last week - I worked on it in my hotel room in the evenings after I got back from whatever I was doing that night (dinner with friends or a Christmas market! So fun... COLD!!! but fun.) Using my Faber Castell brush pens.

Colored Swirls Zentangle - Gwen Lafleur

Then, back to painting... our family took turns doing 25 days of Christmas for my Grandma K. with each of us sending her something along with a memory every day until Christmas. For my day, I did a pen and watercolor painting for her that I attached to a card. She loves birds (I think it's a genetic trait) and they always make me think of her. I drew this one based on a stamp I'd seen online using Micron pens and then filled in with my Angora watercolors.

Christmas Birds Pen Sketch - Gwen Lafleur
Christmas Birds Pen Sketch - Gwen Lafleur

Finally, another tangle. I drew this one during church on Sunday and then colored it while watching a hockey game. Again with the Faber Castell brush pens.

Hanging Tangles - Gwen Lafleur

I have been working on my December Daily and I'm actually not too far behind considering being out of town. I need to add a lot of journaling, so I'll probably finish it up and photograph and post it after Christmas. It's just not going to happen before then, but I'm okay with that.

Anyway... that's it! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Trimming the Tree

Yesterday I was able to do a quick digital layout using the first two days of the Here We Come A Caroling kit at Pixels & Co. (Don't forget to check back each day until the 18th for a free download to help complete your kit!)

Trimming the Tree

While I was home with my family for Thanksgiving, Rick and Erin set up my mom's tree and then I was able to decorate it for her. We had a great time and it turned out beautiful!

Now, I'm freaking out because I realized how close Christmas actually is and I've done practically NO shopping! Argh... time to get busy, huh?

Here We Come a Caroling...

Just wanted to pop in with a cool promotion for all the digi scrappers out there... I'm a bit late to the party since I was traveling on this one, but Pixels & Co is doing a cool advent celebration where you can download part of a free kit every day. You can still get day 2 today, and get part of the kit every day until the 18th. When you're finished, this is what you'll have:

Pixels and Co - AdventPretty sweet deal, huh? It's an awesome kit, and I can't wait until I get all of the pieces! Enjoy!