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Southeast Asia - Scrapbook on the Road

So I have this big trip coming up... I haven't really talked about it much, but it's been in the works for about a year and I'm going to be crossing a few things off my bucket list with this one! As it gets close, I've started to take care of some of the items on my pre-trip to-do list. For the last few years, I've been making these Scrapbooks on the Road (originally from Ali Edwards - I took her workshop offered on her blog) and I love it. So I had to put it on my list to make another one.

SE Asia SBOTR Cover
The cover is made from bookboard - it's like 1/4" thick chipboard - very sturdy. I used a stencil and modeling paste for the background and then added the title and painted the whole thing with Golden Teal fluid acrylic paint. Then I used some irridescent gold and LOTS of liquid pearls (surprise! lol.) For an idea of size, those are 3" rings (big!!!) and the book itself is about 6.5x9."

The hardest thing about putting together this book was that there aren't a lot of products on the market that are specific to this part of the world. So I went with general Asian (but not Chinese / Japanese) motifs. Some are a little more Indian, but I was going more for an overall feel rather than something that's really specific to the countries I'm visiting. I'm hoping I can collect a few things on the way that will make it a bit more personalized for the area.

SE Asia SBOTR Side ViewThis is what the whole thing looks like prior to the trip... I made sections for each country using plain manila file folders and I covered them with pretty paper and added labels - it's the same thing I did for my BYU Foreign Business Excursion SBOTR in 2011 where we visited several different countries. I really liked how that worked.

Here are some of my favorite inside pages all prepped and ready for journaling, photos, and ephemera from the trip.

  • SE Asia SBOTR 1
  • SE Asia SBOTR 2
  • SE Asia SBOTR 3
  • SE Asia SBOTR 4
  • SE Asia SBOTR 5
  • SE Asia SBOTR 6
  • SE Asia SBOTR 7
  • SE Asia SBOTR 8
  • SE Asia SBOTR 9
  • SE Asia SBOTR 10
  • SE Asia SBOTR 11
  • SE Asia SBOTR 12
  • SE Asia SBOTR 13
  • SE Asia SBOTR 14
  • SE Asia SBOTR 15
  • SE Asia SBOTR 16
  • SE Asia SBOTR 17
  • SE Asia SBOTR 18
  • SE Asia SBOTR 19
  • SE Asia SBOTR 20
  • SE Asia SBOTR 21
  • SE Asia SBOTR 22
  • SE Asia SBOTR 23
  • SE Asia SBOTR 24
  • SE Asia SBOTR 25
SE Asia SBOTR 25

 You can see that I used a lot of gold - gold foiled papers, gold paint, and gold embossing powder. Lots of peacock feathers (just because I love them, really), elephants (because I get to ride them in Thailand), maps from an old atlas, lots of jewels, lots of color and texture. The front "page" is actually a folder I got with information for a workshop I'd signed up for. I added some things to customize it for this trip and then inside of it is my itinerary.

I've done as much as I possibly can before hand so that I can minimize what I take with me - I'm going to be traveling as light as possible on this trip so my travel kit needs to be super compact. I did some stamping on tags, and this time I stamped on some of my lined journaling paper in light colors so that I can write over it but still have a design.

This is what I'm taking with me on the road:

SE Asia SBOTR KitI'm keeping it to basics for adding stuff to the book (travel scissors, small stapler, tape, adhesive, clips, a basic hole punch), a few pens, and some journaling cards. I'll also be carrying my Instax camera and film - I just love the look of those mini photos! This is about 1/3 the size of my previous kits, and that's going to be good, I think. I can't wait to fill this book with all of the memories I'm going to make! The trip is still a bit away, but I'm counting every day and can't wait to be off!

It's time for class!

How long has it been since I blogged? Argh. I want to keep up, but the time just keeps slipping away and with all my classes, travel, and stuff at work lately it's been pretty hard to find time when I'm not too exhausted to move! I finally got my Christmas tree down on the 6th... and that only because I really didn't want to have to do it after I got back from Chicago... that would have been ridiculous! Oh well, you do what you can, right?

Anyway, I'd meant to post this a while ago, but better late than never! Tomorrow morning I'm teaching another mixed media class at the Papercraft Clubhouse - we're doing some fun things with phone book pages, Mod Podge, and gel medium.

First project - two tags:

Phonebook class tagsThe second project is based on an art journal page I did a few years ago - there was a lot of interest from my last class in doing something very similar, so I made it a project that could go into a journal or work as a cover.

Phonebook class art journal page 3
Phonebook class art journal page 3So that's it! I have a good sized class tomorrow and it looks like it's going to be lots of fun. After class, I'm going to hang with Patty and her sisters and work on finishing up my Scrapbook on the Road for my next trip... hopefully I'll get to share the foundation book before I take off! It's coming soon... between work / business travel, classes, and getting ready for the trip, things are crazy busy! I just barely managed to get the Christmas photos off my camera, and I'm hoping to share those with family soon. If I get my December Daily done before I leave it will be a miracle!

Off to finish kitting and getting my stuff together to work tomorrow. Later!