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I've mentioned before that I'm taking an online "kourse" from Sketchbook Skool, and now that the semester is half over, I thought I'd share some of my work from the first half of the kourse. I'm taking the "Beginnings" klass, which has been pretty good so far. If nothing else, it's gotten me to pick up my sketchbook a few days a week. I try to do something creative every day so even if I don't sketch I'm doing something, but since I want to build my drawing skills I really wanted to do more, and now I am! If anyone is interested, I'm using a Fabriano "Venice" sketchbook that I got with a coupon at Michael's. The pages are nice and thick with a bit of tooth, so they hold up to watercolor if I want but also for colored pencils and pen or pencil sketching and it's easy to carry around.

The first klass was taught by Danny Gregory, and we had two homework assignments. One using specific techniques and then sketching something meaningful to us. I drew my new ring that I got shopping with my mom on the wharf in Monterey.

Sketchbook - p1The second was to sketch something every day of the week... and I sketched something for every day of the week, but since I was in Monterey when the klass started I got a bit behind but caught up before the first week was over.

Sketchbook - pp2-3Lesson 2 was taught by Koosje Koene and we learned about drawing an object by layering with colored pencils (I drew Ranier cherries) and also going out and drawing in public (I went to Millennium Park after work last week, which took much more effort on my part than I originally wanted to put in, but it ended up being a relaxing, beautiful, and fun evening.) You can see another sketch I did in here of my awesome new Uppercase magazines.

Sketchbook - pp6-7and here you can see the scene / angle I was looking at as I drew "the bean":

Sketchbook Skool Beginnings Lesson 2 - Drawing Outside - Gwen LafleurThis current week (new weeks start on Fridays) has been taught by Prashant Miranda and we learned more about seeing the colors in our surroundings, and taking note of the little things going on in our lives every day. Also using watercolors. So during lunch I did a quick sketch of what was on my desk - it was a good snapshot of what I was doing at work. Then I worked on watercolor washes and sketching by doing a scene through the window of my house. I did the watercolor first and added a bit of ink on top.

Sketchbook - pp8-9-webSo that's it so far... I'm caught up on my koursework, and waiting for the next lesson to start on Friday.

I also have a few other sketches... some random ones that I drew a week ago in my living room while I was trying to practice perspective... I need more practice. lol.

Sketchbook - pp4-5-web
And this one I did in my other sketchbook from my SAIC class while I was in Monterey for the 4th - it's of one of my favorite staircases down from the road to Asilomar State Beach:

Sketchbook - Asilomar BeachPerspective still needs work, but I'm getting better.

In the meantime, the 2nd half of Sketchbook Skool awaits, and this Saturday is my 3rd week of my Beginning Figure Drawing class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The first week was intro, slides, supplies, and some basic introductory techniques which involved lots of stick figures while we worked on visualizing the positioning of the models' spines, shoulders, etc... it was one of those frustrating things that you don't really enjoy, but you know you need to suck it up because it's going to make it so you get so much better than you would otherwise be. So I sucked it up. Last week we were able to move forward a lot and I saw so much progress in 2 weeks! Here's a peek from after the first session finished:

IMG_3580We're saving work from each week to put together a portfolio for critique on the last day of class. I may or may not share some... we'll see. Since it's figure drawing I want to be careful about what I post since my 6-year old niece frequently sees my blog over her mom's shoulder :) But I'll maybe share a bit if I have some that will be okay. But I'm super excited to be seeing success, and I think it will help my overall drawing skills.

So with that, I'm off! It was an early day at work today (although not nearly as early as some!) and I'm beat!