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Catch-up post: Random arty stuff

If you're stopping by for the Traci Bautista / StencilGirl blog hop, scroll on down to the next post!

And now, I'm just doing a little catch-up post with some random projects I've done over the last 6 weeks or so that haven't been posted here yet.

First up, an online mixed media class that I did in early June... I overdid the texture on the underpainting, but I do like it and I learned a lot.

Mixed Media Flower Painting - Gwen LafleurNext up, I downloaded the Art Journaling LIVE courses and went through the one by Dina Wakley. I ended up going with really dark colors - must have been in a mood, and I don't exactly love the right side, but it was a good exercise.

Art Journaling Live Art Journal Pages - Gwen LafleurAnd then, I had an idea for something I wanted to try that ended up turning into something completely different. And I love it!

Clown Fish Art Journal Page - Gwen LafleurThen... I got the new Paint Mojo book by Tracy Verdugo and went through one of the exercises and I also love this page. There's journaling on it, but it's in the base layer so you can't see it which I love :D

Paint Mojo Peacock Art Journal Page - Gwen LafleurThen, after working on this one on and off for weeks, I actually finished another Zentangle piece.

Zentangle Circles 5 - Gwen LafleurAnd... last week I discovered a new-to-me magazine. I'd heard of it, but never really explored or appreciated it until now... Uppercase Magazine - I explored, drooled, subscribed, and picked up a few back issues at the same time. It's not a cheap magazine, but it's beautiful, inspiring, and very well designed and produced. I was pretty excited when my issues came - and so quickly! No six week wait for a new magazine sub to kick in. Nice. I'm trying to sketch more, so after going through my new goodies, I sketched these too. They're just so pretty! Inside and out.

Uppercase Magazines and Sketches - Gwen LafleurAnd speaking of sketching, I'm currently working my way through the Sketchbook Skool Beginnings class (are you sensing that I like to take classes? lol. Just a bit ;) I've been keeping up pretty well on my homework and I'll do a post on that eventually as well. In the meantime, I've got another fun project to do, so I'm off to play with paint and stencils! Later!