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This week we're showing how cool it is to use PanPastels with stencils... I love PanPastels - there are so many different ways to use them. I had a few different ideas that I wanted to try, but I decided to keep it fairly simple. I love all the work with faces that I've seen online lately, but I haven't really tried it myself... I decided this was a great way to start doing some of my own since PanPastels blend so well and work perfectly for this type of thing. Here's my final art journal page for this project:

Timeless Woman 5 - Gwen Lafleur - StencilGirl-PanPastel Blog HopI thought about going realistic with the skin tones, but in the end I really wanted to use more of the fabulous colors they have... because I LOVE lots of color!

Here's how I did this one...

Timeless Woman 1 - Gwen Lafleur - StencilGirl-PanPastel Blog HopFirst, I laid down a layer of Golden Acrylic Ground for Pastels. I wanted to get a bit of texture on the paper (I'm using a Dylusions 9x12 journal) - you can see it in the finished product - the brush strokes from the application, and I really like the look.

Next, I laid down the Stitch a Circle stencil by Maria McGuire and pounced through the openings with a VersaMark pad. I pulled off the stencil (I wipe it off with a baby wipe as it's a bit sticky) and then used a Sofft sponge to apply gold PanPastels - the VersaMark grabs the pastel so that it's darker than the other areas where it's applied. (I gunked it up a bit in places, but I knew this was going to be in the background so I wasn't too precise.)

Timeless Woman 2 - Gwen Lafleur - StencilGirl-PanPastel Blog HopNext, I laid the Abigail, a Timeless Woman stencil on top and used PanPastels and a Sofft sponge and knife applicators to apply the pastels through the openings. I used different colors and blended them with the applicators. I love how sharp the lines were! (and the cool thing about PanPastels, they're erasable if you do happen to smudge or want to make changes.)

IMG_9111Next I took off the stencil and used my Sofft knives to apply the various colors to the face.

IMG_9113I wanted the design underneath to show through and give a bit of texture - the VersaMark picked up some of the new color which I loved.

Finally, I used just a touch of white acrylic paint in a fine tip bottle to add some highlighting and my Stabilo All Marks pencil to outline the eyes (you could do this with PanPastels too, but I need to practice more before I can do work that fine :) I sprayed the page with a fixative, then I added a strip of washi tape and some journaling - I added that before the gel medium (it seals the tape) so that it would smear a bit - I didn't want it to be legible. And it's done!

Timeless Woman 5 - Gwen Lafleur - StencilGirl-PanPastel Blog HopAnd a few close-ups so you can see the PanPastels more up close:

Timeless Woman 6 - Gwen Lafleur - StencilGirl-PanPastel Blog Hop
Timeless Woman 6 - Gwen Lafleur - StencilGirl-PanPastel Blog Hop
Timeless Woman 6 - Gwen Lafleur - StencilGirl-PanPastel Blog HopThat's it for the project!

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All comments on all 4 days of posts will be eligible for an awesome grand prize! Have you ever used PanPastels with stencils? If so, tell us your favorite ways to use them... if not, tell us what techniques you'd like to try if you win!

PanPastel Prize

 Edited to add the winner - Congrats to Dana!

SG-PanPastel Winner

If you're inspired to shop for some stencils this week, be sure to check out the Sofft sponges now on sale - they're awesome for stenciling and, of course, working with PanPastels (or both!) There's a variety pack of 4 small Sofft sponges as well as a package of 2 larger sponges great for doing large areas.

Finally, a super huge THANK YOU! to the wonderful people at PanPastel - they were incredibly generous in giving us some of their amazing products to work with this week. Check them out on the PanPastel website and on their Facebook page for more about their fabulous products.