Playing with Paper

Amid all of the digital work I was doing on the yearbook, I did actually do some paper stuff recently. I worked on updating my smash book and also doing a layout while I was over at Melody's house during conference last weekend. I've had the layout sitting on my desk mostly done for over a week now, just waiting for the journaling and a few finishing touches. I have to say, not my favorite layout ever, but at the same time it kind of captures the grunge of the experience, you know? As much as I wanted to pretty it up with some flowers and butterflies, it just wasn't going to work.

Dirty Dash

And the individual pages:

Dirty Dash 1

Dirty Dash 2

The sticker on the tag that I'm using as the title is one that came in our bags at the race. I used some burlap trim from an old Rusty Pickle trim set and some Tattered Angels sprays to kind of mimic splashes of mud. I managed to keep my number from the race - covered with mud, of course... lol. I made a little plastic pocket to hold it on the page that keeps it from touching everything else. The pictures are stills I grabbed out of the video Todd put together that's linked on my Facebook page.

I think I need to do a pretty layout next. lol.

Also a few pages in my Smash book:

Smash 8

The right side of this one isn't done yet - I kept a few of the ads from the Ladies Night sales on conference weekend that Mel and I went to.

Smash 9

That's it for now! I've got some projects I need to get to work on... photo books with expiration dates, stuff to get ready for my trip to Peru next month, you know. The usual. lol.

P.S. Yay! Hockey is back! And this year I can enjoy it again now that I'm not in classes and study groups at night. Woohoo!

Thanks Rae...

... for succeeding in making me simultaneously super excited for hockey season to start in a few weeks and totally homesick.  lol.

Rae just sent me a link to this video from Remy; the genius behind "The Arlington Rap," has also done the Capitals song (sung to the tune we sang during a break at every game... "oh the good old hockey game is the best game you can name..."  Of course, if you don't like hockey you probably won't actually enjoy this.  :D

I'm just trying to think of how many times I followed that EXACT routine... from route 66 to the Vienna metro station taking the Orange line to Gallery Place. It even had the old guy with the dreds playing the sax. He was there at every single game, I swear. Sigh. That's definitely one of the things I miss the most living out here in Utah. We've got the Grizzlies, but it's just not the same.

P.S.  The new Linkin Park is awesome.  iTunes doesn't download in order so I was just listening to songs at random and was kind of disappointed.  However, once I listened to the entire album from start to finish, I totally loved it.  Good stuff!

Farewell Joe

Just gotta post this... one of the greatest hockey players to take the ice retires.  I'm gonna miss watching #19 play for the Avs!

In other news, I've been working tons and when I get home all I can do is crash... hopefully more scrapping soon!

In honor of the playoffs...

...and of the hope (knock on wood) that the Caps can knock off the Rangers in game 7 tonight, I wanted to post a layout I did of the Avs v. Caps game on October 17, 2000 when Patrick Roy broke Terry Sawchuk's record for most goaltender wins.  I actually had tickets to that game before I realized it might be the big one so when Patrick tied the record the game before, I was super psyched to think I might be there to see history.  Sure enough, the Avs won in overtime on a beauty by none other than Peter Forsberg (assisted by the awesome Ray Bourque).  I took plenty of pics during the game and pulled out my favorites for this layout that I did as a tribute to Patrick and that game.

Even through Martin Brodeur broke Patrick's record earlier this season (March, I think) I still think Patrick is the better goalie.  After all... which goaltender was on the winning team when the Avs and the Devils played to game 7 in the Stanley Cup championship back in 2001?  That's right... it was Patrick Roy :)

Holy goal scoring, Batman!

Wow.  I watched the NHL All Star game this evening and that was incredibly entertaining!  The East won 12-11 in a shoot-out.  Tell me that doesn't sound like an entertaining game... lol.  There were 22 seriously pretty goals during regulation and, despite the fact that I was cheering for the West to win (hello, Colorado is in the West and Hejduk was representing!) I was cheering for Ovechkin too.  I can proudly proclaim that I (along with Steph) was an Ovi fan from before his first season in the NHL when we used to go see him play in the pre-season.  I even bought an Ovechkin t-shirt before most people knew who he was!  So even though I wasn't cheering for his team, I loved watching him play (and score!)

And with that, back to scrapbooking!  I knew it was only a matter of time before I was using those felt flowers on a layout.  Now I admit, the flowers probably don't have much of a place on a layout about the Great Wall of China, but I couldn't resist.  This is the group photo that the tourist people on site took of our group before we all split up to go hike the wall.  You can't see the journaling, but it basically talks about how we were all laughing about this photo being too perfect.  We only took one shot, but every single one of us was smiling and looking at the camera (and holding up our cameras!) so you could tell we were scrapbookers.  Plus, the weather at the Great Wall was the clearest that they could remember seeing - it was all so good that they joked that our photo looked like it was taken in a studio in front of a fake backdrop!  Hence the title, "Picture Perfect."

Picture Perfect   
Those flowers aren't exactly flat so the scan's a little wonky and despite the fact that it's a total thematic mismatch, I love it in person!

And now, off to work on some more journaling layouts before bed.  Tomorrow is the first day of Journaling 101 and I'm really excited to get going on this!  I'm sure that once Erika sends out the first week's handout / assignment, we'll really get chatting and sharing on our message board and I can't wait :)

Get out your brooms and cue the dirge.

Sniff.  The Avs are out.  Swept.  Crushed in game 4.  I think the fact that so many players were out injured and they were down 3-0 kind of made them give up a little.  I'd rather they get swept than drag it out and lose anyway.  I just wish they had won a few early on to give themselves a chance.  The fact that it was the Red Wings is like salt in the wound.  Oh well, there's always next year :)

At least with my team out of the playoffs I have time for other things.  Like Grey's Anatomy and scrapbooking.  After the game last night I finished a layout that was languishing on my desk for a week while I ran around doing wedding stuff and watching hockey.

This is from the Linkin Park concert in March.  The green circles on the transparency aren't quite this neon looking in real life (and the glare stinks too, but I was too lazy to re-shoot this in better light... lol).  I'm still trying to decide if I want to keep the ticket stub clipped there.  The layout looks better without it, but I'd really like to save the ticket with the layout.  Dilemma.


Here's a close-up of the bottom without the stand... these guitars were the part I had to have.  I confess, I built the rest of the layout around them.  I made them with a dingbat font, PhotoShop and my Silhouette.  I also hand-drew and cut the logo to the left (I copied it from the logo they were using for this tour.  I thought it was cool :D).


Now I just need to get enough time tonight and tomorrow morning to get some more pictures printed and supplies together to crop for National Scrapbook Day.  First, however, a little farewell get together for Melody's family tonight and Mel's first Stampin Up! demo tomorrow.  Should be a blast!

Have I mentioned that Peter Forsberg is amazing?

Because he is.  I just got back from Florida this evening and first order of business (okay, second.  I really had to put in some laundry) was to watch the hockey game I tivo'd last night while I was away at the funeral.  Colorado clinched a playoff spot last night (and so did Montreal, and thanks to the Outstanding Ovechkin the Caps are tied for their division lead).  Suh-weet. Oh yeah.  And Forsberg's breakaway goal last night was awesome.  Serious highlight-reel material.

Now, a little trip re-cap.  To quote Dickens, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times."  It was beautiful... it was healing... it was a celebration.  It was also hard... tearful and heart-wrenching.  But it's okay.  It's going to be better than okay but it's one of those memories full of images and emotions that will stick with me (with all of us) forever.

I didn't take very many pictures, obviously, but I'll have to explain how these came about.  See, Ben loved Nemo.  LOVED Nemo.  Or as he will forever be known, Nemo fishy.  Rick and Erin had been at the mall with Ben and they have a Disney store.  I guess Ben saw the stuffed Nemo offerings available at the store and had really wanted a Nemo fishy of his own.  "Next time" was the promise.  So to fulfill that promise, all of us piled into cars and drove into Orlando to the Mall of Florida so that they could get a Nemo fishy for Ben.  It just so happens that right there by the Disney store is M&M World.  So we all wandered through on our way back out to the cars and Nicole and I couldn't resist the lure of the giant M&Ms.


We spent a lot of time together as family and it was wonderful.  Nicole and I both had early flights out this morning, though.  Speaking of which I'd like to thank Nicole for booking my tickets and doing an awesome job getting them for miles.  I'd also like to thank her for booking me that window seat on the flight from Atlanta to SLC that actually turned out to be a middle seat where I was stuck between two large men; neither of whom seemed to have issues about invading my personal space... lol.  The one on my right continued to try and make conversation for four hours, despite my pointed efforts to read, and the one on the left appeared to be steadily getting drunk.  lol.  But I survived and I'm home.  Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow :-P

Proof positive of hockey geekiness.

I've mentioned a few times recently that I'm pretty much a total hockey geek when it comes to the Avs (although I have to say that I'm not nearly as hard core or rabid as I've come off lately... ) so I'm going to go all out and share proof.

Exhibit A:


When I said I was a Forsberg fan, I wasn't kidding.  (Although I have nothing on my dad's Guy Lafleur collection.  lol.)  I even managed to get my hands on the Swedish postage stamp where he was featured after he scored the shoot-out goal to win an olympic gold medal for Sweden.  (Oh, and since Foote came back too, his card is there too... autographed even!)  See?  Geek.

Okay.  Done with hockey and moving on.  (For now. I mean, they're playing again tonight so I make no promises... lol.)

Last night I again found myself needing to think and working in my art journal helps me to focus.


I think this one was partly prompted by my recent (continuing and frustratingly recurring) bout of insomnia and the migraine I had all day yesterday.  Possibly they're related?  lol.  After I took this picture I added my list of things that come to mind when I think of being tired.  Again, so cathartic.  I'm really glad I started doing this again.

Just like old times.

Forsberg_returnsPlease.  Like I wasn't going to blog about this today.

Peter looked kind of nervous his first few shifts (naturally), and you could tell his timing was a little off, but for a guy that hasn't played for 10 months, he looked pretty awesome.  He's such an amazing player. 

Hey Steph - remember when we used to get tickets to go see the Caps play any time Phili was in town *just* so we could see Forsberg? (Okay, we totally cheered our Caps, but still.)

Seeing him back on the ice in Denver wearing an Avs sweater, though, was sweet.  Watching him with Sakic and Hejduk... the rest of this season is going to rock. 

On the wedding front, I realized that it would be a good idea if I got some shoes to go with the bridesmaid's dress.  Flip-flops do not look good with formalwear.  So I thought, Steph is addicted to Zappo's and she knows her shoes, so I'll give it a look (and thereby eliminate the need to go to the mall.  Blech.)  The ones I really wanted?  These.  So hot.  I decided, however, that they probably wouldn't look too good with the dress so I ordered these on Monday and they came yesterday.  Holy fast shipping batman!  Anyway, they're perfect.  They're not zebra stripes (and I may go back for those), but they'll work. :)

Aside from hockey and shoes, I'm still wondering when life is going to settle down.  Ever since I moved here, things have been crazy.  Each time I think I'm getting into a groove, something changes.  Personally, professionally... it's all nuts.  I'm now looking at yet another new job here at my company which, if you count the first one that I moved here for, would be my 3rd in just over a year.  I guess I did a little too good of a job researching and compiling a project that I presented to our GM last week since he's one of the ones pushing for me to take this new role.  I'm thinking about it.  I'm not super thrilled about the opportunity, but it's mostly because I like what I'm doing and who I'm working with now and it would be a big change.  But it's a good opportunity.  Maybe better than where I am now.  I'm thinking about it.

One of these photos made me drool, one of them made me giddy.

You decide which is which.  lol.

Choc_banana_springrolls3First - chocolate banana spring rolls.  Thank goodness for my recent self-imposed ban on any form of cooking that requires more than a microwave. (It's for my own good.  Really.)  Must. Stay. Away. From. Tastespotting.


Sakic, Foote and Forsberg together again (recall that I AM a self-admitted hockey geek when it comes to the Avs).  They played together for both of the Avs' Stanley Cups.  Forsberg IS PLAYING TONIGHT!!! (Not that I'm excited or anything).  I watched some video on from his practice yesterday and I can't wait to see him in a game again.

Oh... something else that makes me slightly giddy... I ordered some Copic markers to play with (it took me a while to cave, but ultimately I'm a sucker for some good enabling) and they just shipped.  I'm taking my coloring to a whole new level!  (Don't laugh.  You should see what I did during several months' worth of sacrament meetings with a Beauty and the Beast coloring book and a box of crayons.  I can work the crayons, baby.)

Apparently, I really like Arcade Fire.


I think this is the first time in months that Muse has NOT been #1.  That being said, I'm seeing a lot of consistency here.  Not good.  It's time to diversify.  (Except for Muse, of course, because they're seriously amazing and they also have a new live CD/DVD coming out from the last tour that I'm all giddy over.) 

Since I've already been geeking out over the Avs for 2 days, I might as well add that I was feeling like a kid in a candy shop yesterday when they announced their trades to bring back Adam Foote and get Ruslan Salei from Florida.  I LOVE that Foote hopped on a plane and showed up at the Saddledome as they were already starting, got suited up, and jumped out on the ice with the team before he'd even met most of them.  I love even MORE that they won. Can't wait for tonight... Salei should be playing and Forsberg will be in the building.  This is the first time in a while that I'm not watching the games with a book handy.

I think I'm going to cry.


This news just broke on  All is right with the world.  For now, at least.  Seriously.  Holding back tears.

Oh, and in other tear-worthy news, my favorite scrapbook store (read that as one very close to my house with lots of good stuff) has just announced that they're closing.  Probably good for my wallet, but still. I'm sad about it.

Did I mention that Forsberg is coming back to the Avs and I think I'm going to cry? Tears of joy, mind you, but tears none the less. 

9 to 5

No, I'm not talking about a song/movie from Dolly Parton.  That's the score from last night's Avs game.  Insane.  I'm not thinking about the five goals they allowed, just the nine AMAZING goals they scored while they waxed the Blues.  And all of this with Joe Sakic, their captain and possibly their best player, out of the lineup. Paul Stastny, (who really needs more recognition for his sick hockey skills), was only the second star of the night with 2 goals and 3 assists.  Yes, the first star (Hejduk) had 6 points, including a hat trick.  That, my friends, is truly beautiful.  And yes, I know that probably only Steph, my dad and I actually care, but there haven't been scores like this in hockey since the Edmonton Oilers were cleaning up the league in the 80s.  Enjoy it while you can, eh?

And Christmas Eve is TWO WEEKS from TODAY!  Assuming my shopping and baking all proceed on schedule, I should be good to go by the time I get on the plane to go home.  So excited!  Off to Google the fudge recipe I've lost since last year :-P

Counting Down...

Yay!  It's Friday.  I've been perusing the Ikea catalog in my quest to continue with my bedroom / guest room makeovers.  Can't wait to get to the store for round 2 :D  I decided to move the new orange bedding into my room instead of leaving it in the guest room, so this weekend I'm off to get new curtains and a new lamp (because mauve and orange don't go well together.  I'm just sayin'.)  Green and mauve are going to the guest room for now.  I'll probably replace them completely eventually.  It's so amazing what a simple change in color does for the feeling in a room, though, isn't it?

Also, I'm excited because Creating Keepsakes requested one of my layouts for an upcoming issue :)  This is actually the first time they've picked up one of my layouts from a general submission, so I'm thrilled! 

AvsAnd last but not least, it is now officially less than a month until we see some hockey action again.  Aside from my occassional Netflix indulgence and Hell's Kitchen (now, sadly over), my TV has spend a lot of time in off mode this summer.  I miss hockey!  I go into withdrawl every summer, but I'm so excited that we're finally on the countdown to the new season :D  The Avs are totally going to rock this year.  I can just feel it!

P.S. Did anyone know that there are now 3 Musketeers dark chocolate mint bars?  I picked up some minis at Target for my emergency sugar stash and I'm LOVING them! Evil, evil chocolate.

P.P.S. Happy Anniversary mom and dad!  37 years :D

NHL Pre-Season Weekend

Wow... two hockey posts in a row.  I'm not at all exciCaps_v_pens_group_1ted about hockey.  Seriously.  LOL... actually, once we go to the home opener on Wednesday, it will probably be three posts in a row!  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Friday night, a group of us got together for the Caps v. Pens game.  Can I profess to be completely shocked at the turn-around between the game the week before and this one?  Granted... Pitt had most of their starting line-up watching from their couches back at home, but still... the Caps looked good.  They were actually completing passes and scoring goals!   Ovechkin and Halpern rock.  Ovechkin had a hat trick, which was highly enjoyable.  Caps won, it was awesome! 

Steph and I decided, however, that just one game in a weekend wasn't enough.  So immediately after the last session of conference on Saturday, I jumped in my car to meet her at the metro and we went to the MCI center for another game... this one against Philadelphia.  I was crossing my fingers that we'd get to see Forsberg play, and we weren't disappointed!  He's amazing.  And yes, I realize that this constitutes *some* cheering for the opposing team, but come on... he was my favorite player on my favorite team for 10 years.  Some things just don't go away altogether.  In any case, we got there and went to sPhili_game_steph_and_itand in line for tickets when two guys came up and offered us some extra seats - they were just giving them away, rather than waste them, so we figured, why not?  They were nice guys and the seats were fabulous - club level, center ice.  Sweet.  This was an awesome game... I mean, they lost, but there was lots of action - fights, lots of goals, more fights, more goals... then a last minute game-tying goal by Phili, OT, regulation shFightoot-out, and then sudden death shoot-out.  Nail-biter, seriously.  So the Flyers won in the sudden death shoot-out.  I LOVE hockey.   Bring on the regular season!!!  (Oh, and the fight picture is for Rae... she asked me to take pictures of fights for her :D  So here you go!  More hockey pics here :)

Ahhh... Hockey.... Bliss.

92105_hockey Ah... the sweet smell of hockey.  Yes, it does have a smell, and no, it isn't necessarily the whiff of fresh hockey pads, but I digress.  It's late Wednesday afternoon, I'm at work, Scottie, one of our Dev guys, pings me to ask if I want tickets for that night's pre-season game.  Hello!  Um, yeah.  so Steph and are are IMing at the time and I'm like, uh... want to go to a hockey game?  So she was totally in, and Rae's friend Sara was in town visiting so it was the perfect chance for us to all hang out.  After battling seriously crappy traffic to get to the Falls Church metro, we jump on the train and head out.  We actually managed to be in our seats for face-off, and immediately, it was just this feeling of pure bliss as I sat there and remembered all of the things I totally adore about this game.  Steph, Rae and Sara learned (or at least listened to) more about hockey than they probably ever wanted to know.  Steph, already a football freak, is now about 90% addicted to hockey as well... (hehe... she was re92105_hockey2ading the hockey news today... hehe).  I mean, how can you NOT be addicted?  Hockey ROCKS!!!  (My diabolical plan is working :D ) So it was cool to get there and see all of the new rules in action, cool to see that Ovechkin was displaying moments of brilliance that promise that he will be a player deserving of that first round pick. Olie, on the other hand, was looking like he needs some better support and his old pads back, but I'm sure he'll adjust.   It's still pre-season, after all.  Ah, hockey.  I'm feeling an ode coming on, but I'll refrain.  Needless to say, I love it.  I'm soooo happy that it's back, soooo happy that we have our own NHL team, and soooo happy for the great invention that IS DirecTV oh, and tivo.  HOW could I forget tivo?  In any case, you know I've got it bad when I tivo the season premier of LOST in order to go to a pre-season hockey game featuring a large cast of minor-leaguers and what was, let's face it, essentially not the greatest hockey I've ever seen (okay, I'm trying to be nice, but it was pretty  Ah.  Okay, I'll move on.  Amber couldn't join us at the game (good thing, I only had 4 tickets...LOL) so we met up with her in Dupont afterwards.  W92105_kramerse opted for trendy and went to Kramer's for dessert.  Despite it's glowing reputation, there's something cool about Dupont.  That night, I think it was the New Orleans style jazz band playing just around the corner from where we were sitting outside, that really made the evening complete.  It was such a gorgeous night and a great finish for the evening.

It's ON!!!!!

NHL in 2005-2006!!!


Yes, there's FINALLY a new CBA.  I'm so stoked... I know exactly where I'm going to be on October 5th!  Tivo-ing the Avs game and hopefully (crossing fingers for a home opener that night) sitting in the MCI center watching Alex Ovechkin put the Caps back on the map!  Shoot-outs, no red line... ah... let the countdown begin!