Dubai Day 4 - Part 2
Quick Catch-up

Scrapbook on the Road

I seriously can't believe I've been home for almost two weeks. Two very busy and crazy weeks! I came back and jumped right into work and school as if we'd never been gone, and it was overwhelming. Tons of homework as we finished up our last two classes and then catching up on stuff from work has been keeping me totally busy. But yes, classes are done... all that's left is our Capstone project (three weeks and a TON of work) and then our banquet and I'm finished with the program. I can't even believe it's so close. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself... but I'm sure I'll find something. At this point I'm not going to miss all the projects, presentations, case studies and homework, but I'm going to miss seeing my friends all the time. I think we'll have to make some plans to do something about that :)

In the meantime, I wanted to post a few shots from my completed scrapbook on the road / travel journal. I'm SO glad that I did this. I'll admit that I was laughed at a little (my insistance on gathering all of my ticket stubs was laughingly accomodated), but everyone seemed to think it was actually pretty cool. I tried to keep up daily, but there were a few times when I just pasted in pictures, business cards, etc... and then waited to do the journaling in the airport and on plane rides. It worked really well, actually, and by the time we landed in Atlanta at the end of the trip, the whole thing was basically done. I just ended up printing up a bunch of 5x7s (the way Ali did in her example) and adding them later to completely finish it. I love it. I need bigger rings, but I'm definitely going to do this again for Peru this fall.

Here's the outside now that's it's packed full of memories and trip goodness :) A little worse for the wear, but it adds character, right?

SBOR Cover After

And another view:

SBOR Cover 2 After

And a selection of the types of things I did on the inside. I gathered ticket stubs, pamphlets, business cards, maps and receipts everywhere. I took lots of Instax pictures and also bought postcards wherever I could for places where we couldn't take indoor pictures - that ended up working really well.

SBOR Inside After 1

As you can see, I even threw in some pressed flowers in a few places. I also used hotel stationary from each of the four hotels we stayed in... it was a fun addition, and I definitely needed the extra writing space.

SBOR Inside After 2

It's been so much fun for me to flip through this - and we did so much and were gone so long, I couldn't believe how even when I was still on the trip, looking back at the beginning seemed like so long ago. I don't know how I could have recapped everything if I hadn't done it as we went. This is going to be an awesome treasure and a great help as I document individual things more closely.

Finally, one more photo from Dubai - me riding a camel. So fun.

Blog - camel ride

Now I just need to go through my pictures and start editing and pulling out the ones I need to share with the group. No small task since I took about 1500 or so. Sigh. I'll get there eventually :)