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SG-CH PostLOGOAll this week the creative team for StencilGirl Products has been joining in with Craft Hoarders Anonymous for a fun blog hop using the mixed media supplies we're all hoarding in our stashes. I know I have more than my fair share, so this particular challenge was made for me and I was super excited to join in!

The challenge: show off your inner mixed media diva using spray mists, inks, paints, modeling paste, embossing powder, pastels, chalks, etc... Pull out the "messy stuff" in your stash and get to playing. Um... I think I have some of that stuff! :D

For this particular challenge, I decided to do an art journal page using lots of different supplies and mediums with the Ripples Stencil by Michelle Ward as the main design element of the page. I had an idea of what I wanted to do in my head and decided to just give it a shot and see if it came out. I'll admit... it was touch and go there for a while, but then it started to come together and I kind of love it!

Here's my final art journal page, followed by a little (or not so little!) tutorial on how I did it.

Craft Hoarders-StencilGirl - Gwen LafleurFor my "messy stuff," I used stencils, paint, spray ink, light molding paste, modeling cream, Viva Ferro (or tinted coarse molding paste), PanPastels, Silks, Liquid Pearls, gel medium, and ink / stamps / pen to finish it off. Whew! For my journal, I work in a large Dylusions journal.

So let's get started with the process!

Step 1: Crafty mise en place... gather your supplies: paint, stencils, painters tape, and the basic mediums and brushes... I picked two colors of paint and two stencils to use for background work in addition to my main stencil.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-1Step 2: Lay down 2 colors of paint in the background. I just smeared on a thin coat using a Catalyst Wedge.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-2Step 3: Use stencils to add some layers to your background. I used the Map Stencil by Mary C. Nasser and Words to Live By by Carolyn Dube. I started by spritzing Dylusions "After Midnight" spray through the Map stencil, and then I pounced white paint through Words to Live By with a stiff bristle brush. (Keep in mind that the paint will pick up the color of the spray beneath it. Kind of a cool effect!)

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-3Step 4: Lay down the main Ripples stencil and isolate the area where you want to put down molding paste with painters tape.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-4Step 5: Using a palette knife, spread a thin coat of molding paste into the opening. Note again that the molding paste will activate the Dylusions ink underneath and it will tint the paste. In this case I would usually tint my paste with paint before applying, but since I knew it would pick up the other color, I waited - I added the color I wanted on top after it dried.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-5I repeated this step a few times until I had molding paste in all of the areas I wanted. If you work quickly, you won't need to clean your stencil in between. I did it asap afterwards to make sure I got the gunk off before it dried.

Step 6: Add Silks and Ferro into some of the other open spaces on the stencil. You could also just do all of the areas with molding paste and then paint them later... or leave them all white. For the Ferro, if you don't have this, you can use a coarse molding paste and tint it with paint, Perfect Pearls, Silks, Primary Elements, etc...


I decided to use the orange Ferro as my pop of contrasting color against all the blue... I figured this would be my main focus for the page and highlight the stamped image I wanted to add at the end.

Step 7: Collage patterned paper into the design. I picked a scrap from an old atlas page and traced the area I wanted onto the paper through the stencil just using a pencil. Then I cut out the pieces, applied matte medium to the backs with a brush (holding the pieces in my hand) and then applied them to the page through the stencil (keeping it down for placement.) Once all the pieces are down, pull the stencil back off and go over the tops with more matte medium to seal them. This part is a bit tricky - the matte medium will also activate the Dylusions, but in this case I didn't want the color to spread, so I had to be careful and washed my brush a few times during the process.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-7Step 8: I took off the stencil and pulled out my PanPastels and a Sofft applicator. I wanted to keep with the blues / greens so I used the Pthalo Blue Tint and carefully applied it over the dried molding paste. I love PanPastels with molding paste... they're like peanut butter and jelly!

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-8At this point I sprayed the page with a workable fixative in order to keep the PanPastels in place.

And here's what the page looked like at this point... kind of a hot mess, huh? But I knew I had another layer coming, so I wasn't too worried... yet! lol.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-9Step 9: Fill in the remaining open spaces with Viva Modeling Cream... I used silver since it would give a little shine without competing with the rest of the page. You could also just use more molding paste and paint it silver or another color. Or just use Silks or straight paint. I wanted the dimension, though.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-10Step 10: Starting to look a lot better, but it still needed something to unify the whole page, so I went to my go-to supply... Liquid Pearls! I used Adirondack dimensional paint in Stream, plus Liquid Pearls in Platinum Pearl and Cantaloup.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-11I outlined the areas I colored with Silks in the blue, then the molding paste area with Pearl, and then I added the cantaloup dots around the silver areas.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-12Step 11: Add stamping and journaling. I stamped a sentiment from a Tim Holtz set with black Archival Ink and then added journaling with my white UniBall Signo pen (it has to be SUPER dry before you do the writing so you don't ruin the pen.)

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-13Step 12: Finally, (because this truly is a 12-step program,) I sprinkle the dry page with baby powder and then kind of buff it in so that you can't see it. This does a pretty good job of making it so the pages don't stick together which you really need, especially with the Liquid Pearls.

CH-SG-Gwen-Lafleur-Step-14And that's it! A completed journal page full of lots of fun, messy mixed media goodies from my stash.

Craft Hoarders-StencilGirl - Gwen LafleurIf' you've made it this far, don't forget to check out the rest of the blog hop! Here's the run-down of today's posts:

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