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StencilGirl Blog Hop: New Traci Bautista Stencils!

More fun with Orly Avineri's Stencils

For those who haven't joined in yet, you have until tomorrow night (Sunday, 6/29) to leave a comment on Monday's blog hop! Scroll down 2 posts for my project if you haven't seen it yet.

And now for today's post... I got the rest of Orly's StencilGirl stencils in the mail this week and really wanted to do something else with them. I started flipping through my notebook where I clean off my stencils thinking one of those pages would make a good background. I found one that was just perfect for what I had in mind. I went ahead and traced the stencil on top of what was on the page with a sepia Pitt pen and just started going to town.

Orly Avineri Stencils Art Journal Page 1 - Gwen LafleurThe background is from where I cleaned spray paint off of two of the stencils I used on my stenciled cardboard art journal from a few weeks ago... these stencils were Unfinished by Seth Apter (orange) and Celestial Grove by Kae Pea (you can just see a few hints - it's in green.) Seth's stencil ended up being really perfect as the background - I love how it peeked through the holes as I worked and added meaning to the page.

Orly Avineri Stencils Art Journal Page 2 - Gwen LafleurThe stencils from Orly's release that I used on this one are Subliminal Skull and I used the roses from Splats, Blooms, and Bones. I also added butterfly wings from the Nature Notes stencil by Roxanne Evans Stout.

Once I finished painting, I used paint markers, oil pastels, and my Stabilo All Marks pencil to add some hints of color, detail, and shading.

Orly Avineri StencilGirl Stencils Art Journal Page - Gwen LafleurA bit macabre? Sure! But what I love about Orly's stencils is that using them kind of helps enable the freedom to go outside of my comfort zone and be a bit more honest and raw in my journal. It's like the stencils gave me permission to go someplace uncomfortable. I love that.

Orly Avineri Stencils Art Journal Page close-up 1 - Gwen Lafleur
Orly Avineri Stencils Art Journal Page close-up 1 - Gwen LafleurI got all of her stencils, and I can't wait to keep using them in my work!

On to the next project :D