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4 Ways to Use Masks in Your Artwork - Gwen Lafleur

In various classes I've taught (and taken!) as well as recently following the release of my first batch of stencils (which is actually mostly masks!) I frequently get asked, "what's the difference between a stencil and a mask?" Which is also usually accompanied by the question, "how do I use a mask?" So by request, I've put together a 12-minute video that goes over the basics of stencils vs. masks, and also gives you demonstrations and samples of four ways you can use masks in your artwork.


Here are some of the samples from my video demo:

Method one - treat it like a stencil and just apply your medium over top and around the mask. Followed by method two, two-step stenciling - use both the stencil and mask parts that come together when you buy it. I used my Ornamental Compass Mask for this sample.

Ways to Use a Mask - Methods 1 and 2 Demo SampleHere's a sample spread from my art journal where I've used this mask the same way - just treated it like a stencil, basically!

Peace Art Journal Page Cropped - Gwen LafleurFor more ideas with two-step stenciling, check back here on Monday ;)

Method number three was to mask a patterned background and paint around it, giving you a "window" to the pattern beneath. This is one of my favorite things to do with a mask. This was done using my Ornamental Peacock mask.

Mask a Patterned Background Demo Sample - Gwen LafleurThe final method I shared in this video was to use masks with reduction stenciling; use a baby wipe while the paint is still wet to remove the paint around the mask for a cool and subtle look.

Reduction Stenciling with Masks - Gwen LafleurI hope this was helpful and maybe even a little bit fun! If you haven't already seen them, you can see and purchase all of my stencils at StencilGirl Products, or your local store.

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