Trimming the Tree

Yesterday I was able to do a quick digital layout using the first two days of the Here We Come A Caroling kit at Pixels & Co. (Don't forget to check back each day until the 18th for a free download to help complete your kit!)

Trimming the Tree

While I was home with my family for Thanksgiving, Rick and Erin set up my mom's tree and then I was able to decorate it for her. We had a great time and it turned out beautiful!

Now, I'm freaking out because I realized how close Christmas actually is and I've done practically NO shopping! Argh... time to get busy, huh?

'Tis... almost... the season!

I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up my Christmas decorations, but I was talking to my mom on Sunday and she reminded me how little time there is for me to enjoy them if I wait that long. So during my evenings this week I've been putting up all my decorations.


I finished the tree last night and put the finishing touches on everything else tonight. I'm so glad I did that. Now everything is ready for December!

This was my view this morning... since so many people were out of the office today, I just worked at home... reading email and enjoying a really fantastic cup of hot chocolate in front of my tree while I listened to the rain pattering on the roof. It was quite cozy and enjoyable!


And to kick off the Christmas pre-season (kind of like hockey? lol) I wanted to do a digi layout using a kit that Gennifer Bursett just released over at Pixels and Company called Naughty Christmas. So naturally, who did I think of when I looked at that kit? Adorable-Nephew-William. Of course in all fairness, I really could have used any / all of the kids for this one, but William seems to get shafted on the layout front (totally unintentional, I swear!), so I wanted to do one of just him. Besides... I had these super cute photos that just begged to be used!


So that's it! Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!


Trying to get caught up...

All right, so I've been told that I need to post because my blog has gotten boring (ahem... thanks Patty and Tracie!) So, I'm trying... things got super busy for a month and then predictibly, just as I was starting to have some time, I got sick. So now it's been another two weeks and I'm finally feeling like myself again, so I thought I'd try and post a few things.

First up, I did this layout a month or so ago but didn't post because the kit wasn't out yet. So this is using a new (relatively... lol) kit from Gennifer Bursett called More Cowbell (how do you not love that?)

This is a series of pictures I took of Adorable-Niece-Aubrey while they were up visiting me over Columbus Day weekend. We were having breakfast and she was just too funny - they worked well with the kit so I grabbed them to use... they capture her personality perfectly.


Next is a paper layout that I did last week using a few pictures of the kids playing together at a park. Just a simple one while I worked on getting my mojo back. This uses bits and pieces of several recent Studio Calico kits.

Simple Everyday Moments
And a close-up:

Simple Everyday Moments Close-up

That's it for layouts... be back later with more.

Digi layouts and a Great Mail Day

Almost forgot to post these! I've done a few digital layouts lately for some new releases by Gennifer Bursett over at Pixels & Company.

First, using No Tricks, Just Treats and Painted Canvas Papers, I did one of Aubrey at the pumpkin patch using some photos Nicole sent me.

Second is using another awesome new kit called Far and Away (and if you get over there fast, it's free with purchase!) This one is a self-portrait of William and I when we were in Virginia in August.

I have some more, but I can't post them yet, so I'll probably share those next week.

In the meantime, can we say SPECTACULAR mail day today?

My Studio Calico December Daily kit came today, and it's so awesome... I love the handbook, and the kit goodies are fabulous. I tucked it away from now, but it won't be long before it's time to pull it back out! (Maybe by then I'll actually break down and buy more printer ink. I think that's going to be a requirement for me to be successful with this project. lol.)

Also, a Michael's gift card and an absolutely AMAZING box full of chocolate goodness from Jacques Torres. I've never tried any of his chocolate, but always wanted to - I drool over it every time I see him on TV.

It was all so pretty that I didn't want to muss anything by eating it! But I decided to at least have a taste... I started with the 60% dark chocolate bar - just a little bit. And it.was.amazing. My mom is trying to convince me that the box needs to stay like this until she comes to visit. Dare to dream mom. Dare to dream. lol.

Anyway, I have to be at work early tomorrow for meetings, so I'm signing off.

Hello Sunshine

Um... have I actually posted every day this week? It's a miracle! I'd like to say I'll keep it up, but likey not. lol.

Today, however, Gennifer Bursett released a great new kit over at Pixels & Company called Indian Summer. I wanted to do something with it so I opened up my folder of pictures from vacation. These are the first pictures I saw, and the colors matched the kit perfectly. This is Adorable-Niece-Aubrey, being quite particular about her fashion choices.

It was funny because Nicole said they have a hard time getting her to smile for pictures. I found the solution! I used my phone to take pictures and flipped the camera so she could see herself. It was cheese city after that! She is one funny little girl.

Well. I'm off to take a new class tomorrow at a store I haven't been to yet up near the MA border. I'm super excited about it... it's a doodling / Zentangle class called Dr. Seuss' Garden. Should be fun! I'm hoping to sneak in a trip to Jerry's Artorama on my way back home... never been there, but I keep hearing good things about it and it's kind of on the way. Sounds like a great Saturday to me!


I have all of these adorable pictures of the kids from my trip home over the 4th, and I wanted to do something with them. Or start doing something, at least. It just so happens that Gennifer Bursett recently released a great kit - Anchored Papers, elements, and washi tape. It was perfect for the pictures of the kids playing in the water in my parents' backyard, so I did a quick layout.

I could sure use one of those kiddie pools today! It's hot!

June Project Life

Well, I was a little later than I wanted to be getting this together, but the beginning of the month was super crazy! But I finished it up the other night and finally got some pictures so I can post it.

Here's June in a nutshell!

Project Life 2013 June p1-2
Project Life 2013 June p1-2
Project Life 2013 June p1-2
Project Life 2013 June p1-2
Project Life 2013 June p1-2(The little monster on the left is a sticker I got a the booth where I bought my monster - Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn. I wanted to include him but he didn't fit on a page and I stuck it there for a second to get him out of the way and liked it. I'll see if he stays... the backing is still on for now.)

And you may have noticed the top card on this last page - my Summer To-Do List. I made this digitally with elements from Gennifer Bursett's Scarlet Letter papers and elements.

Summer To-Do Journal Card
Note the 2nd and 3rd items... that's part of why things got so crazy there for a while. My company is opening an office in Chicago as the headquarters for our new global digital team, which I am now on. At first they asked me to move there, and then they realized that I'm going to be 95% virtual regardless of where I work, so they decided not to put me through a relocation (which also saves them a ton of money!) Fortunately, I had a feeling that I shouldn't start doing anything for the move until they finalized everything and made the official announcement. So no worries! I think it would have been a great adventure, and I'm not ruling out having it happen at some point, but for now I get to stay in Connecticut which is great. I've started to meet people here and I love being so close to my family, so I think it's a win-win. Now I can focus on the rest of my list... and can I tell you how excited I am for the Donna Downey weekend next week? I'm taking 3 of the 4 workshops and I'm already starting to get my supplies ready. I can't wait!

And now... on to the next project!

Quick Digital Layout

I haven't done any digi scrapping in a while and I'm long overdue! Gennifer Bursett released a very cool kit in collaboration with Robyn Meierotto, and I couldn't help sitting down to do something with it. I just grabbed the first photo I found that would work and had at it.

Adorable-Niece-Aubrey is definitely a silly head sometimes! Especially when she's wearing tights on said head. lol.

The kit is called Endless Summer - I'm hoping to get in a few more layouts very soon. But first, back to the Dirk Cussler I'm reading... I've gotten sucked in. This is my 4th in a row as I go back reading some of the old Dirk Pitt books. So fun.

A little digi scrapping

Although I've decided not to continue Project Life in digital format, I'm still doing a little digi scrapping. Gennifer Bursett has been working on a fabulous new digi site - Pixels & Co. and I'm excited that I get to continue doing some DT work for her kits!

She has a new one out called Made of Awesome that's just too fun... I've had these portraits of me with my adorable nieces since I got home from Christmas, and I decided to do a layout with the ones of me and Eraleigh (I'll need to do another one with the photo of Aubrey and I soon!)

I'm kind of loving this. And I'm loving that I'm watching hockey while I do this. Yay for hockey being back! And now, I'm off to watch the rest of the game on my big TV from the comfort of my couch and my warm blanket :D

Project Life - Week 37

I decided to take a little break from PL layouts... I'm back behind again, but it was a good break. I took off last weekend and went home to Virginia for a few days - spending the whole weekend and then working from my parent's house Monday and Tuesday before driving home early Wednesday morning and going straight to work. It was a great break and so good to see everyone, hang out, and relax. I still haven't taken my pictures off the camera, but I'll get there eventually.

In the meantime, I put together another digital Project Life layout while I listen to General Conference. Here's week 37:

I've already blogged most of these pictures, so I'm just doing a drive-by posting before I get back to conference. All the digital elements are from Gennifer Bursett at Design House Digital.

And another one...

I might actually catch up! Sometime. Hopefully. lol. (Am I really only 2 weeks behind now?) I got home from work a little while ago and wasn't ready to eat so I put together a super fast layout. We've got a big storm coming in tonight and I wanted to get it done and shut down the computer before it hits. I'm not totally in love with how it came out, but I like it well enough to call it good.

So here's week 35:

My second week of work with our eCommerce team happy hour. Apparently it was a big eating week! At least that's all I took pictures of. (We see where food ranks in my life. Not that it's a surprise. lol.) Mom and Dad also drove up that Friday night and we went out a lot while they were here. I didn't get a lot of pictures, so I added a lot of journaling to cover the gaps in the photos.

For the layout, I used a template from Tiffany Tillman and kits from Gennifer Bursett and Audrey Neal at Design House Digital. They're linked in my gallery post.

So that's it for now... time for dinner!

So much for that.

Yeah, more than two days in a row just wasn't going to happen. lol. Not that I wasn't planning to go for it, but I got derailed. I'll share more on that in a minute, but first... another layout I managed to finish tonight. This is week 34 - my first week at my new job and unpacking the house. Not a lot of photos, but plenty going on!

All of the digital elements are from Design House Digital - there's a big mix of kits here, so you can see all of them linked in my gallery post.

And as for how I got derailed? Well last Wednesday we were going to have a little team meeting - just lunch and work off-site for about 2 hours. But then my boss decided that we needed to go full-on off-site so we took off at lunch to change clothes. We each picked up a few things at the store and met at his house, which happens to be right on the water. It was gorgeous. Craig bar-b-qued some steak tips and asparagus that we had with bread and Irish butter. That was lunch. Ryan and I worked on stuff on the easel while he cooked, but we were all chipping in. We got a lot done and had great food and worked some more. Then Craig cooked up some pork tenderloin and baked potatoes. Then we worked some more and took frequent breaks to pull out our phones and take pictures of the sunset. At one point I got a picture of both of them taking pictures - it was funny. And gorgeous.



Then Craig snapped this one of Ryan and I finishing up for the night.

This doesn't suck.

So after I got home, it was almost 8 and I was pretty done. We'd worked all afternoon and evening, but also had a great time. We all get along really well and just have fun together which is awesome.

Then Thursday night we went out after work to a place that's been on our list for a while - a wine bar down by the water called Ballou's that also has a great menu. I had a cranberry spritzer and we sampled several things from the menu.

(Since it was Thursday, Cassi was in town and another girl from the team joined us as well). I have to say, the bacon mac 'n cheese was pretty tasty, but the real winner of the night was the chicken, bacon, gorgonzola pizza. That stuff rocked. Then Craig, Ryan, Cassi and I headed across the street to a bar we really enjoy - comfy chairs on a screened porch, and my favorite Shirley Temple in town (they don't stint on the grenadine!) We hung out there for a while and Cassi took off, then we stuck around a bit longer before going next door to Lenny's to catch a little football. By the time we called it a night, it was 11. But it was a blast.

Friday, well the whole weekend really. No excuse. lol. I just slept and ran errands and puttered around in the kitchen. I'm still having trouble getting back into the mood to scrapbook. Maybe eventually.

Today we were back at Craig's for another afternoon off-site.

It was high tide when we got there so before it went out, I went down to stick my feet in the water. I couldn't resist and it felt so good! The weather today was stunningly perfect. And we got stuff done!


We got to a good stopping point so we put the bacon mac 'n cheese I had made into the oven to get hot and bubbly and toast the breadcrumbs, and Craig had some killer sausage smoking on the grill. So since the tide had gone back out, Ryan and I went down to the beach and walked down to the end of the quay where we had some fabulous views.

The pictures don't do it justice. We both looked at each other and were like, kind of hard to believe we actually live here, huh? (All three of us are transplants.)

After that we got a bit more work done, but then the food was ready and we were hungry (and it was like 6pm) so we sat down to a killer dinner. The sausage was amazing - there were like 4 kinds (with grilled peppers to go with) and then both guys got super excited over my mac and cheese. Maybe even a little happy dancing. I love cooking for people who love food... it makes it so fun! And all of us definitely appreciate food.

But we finally cleaned up and packed it in so here I am... trying to get myself back on track. I'm only 3 weeks behind! For now. lol.

Two in a row!

This might not be a good idea... two days in a row could be setting some expectations I'm not prepared to meet. lol. But anyway, I managed to get another week for Project Life done tonight. This was one that I've had in my head ever since Gen released this 50 states Photoshop template. When it came out, I already knew I was going to be driving cross-country and the idea has been sitting in my head ever since. I wasn't sure it would come out, but it totally worked and I'm psyched.

Here's the spread:

Project Life 2012 Week 33
And the left side which is (obviously) my cross-country drive.

Since I knew I wanted to do something like this, I tried to get a photo of the sign when I crossed the border for each state I drove through. I missed Indiana and the one for Pennsylvania was a bad angle, so I just used some scenic shots of the area I was driving through. For the rest, I got the signs. Then I added in a few spotlight photos of some other things along the way. (The one with the sign saying "we buy antlers" was too funny.) This one took a while since I used the psd, and each state became its own clipping mask. But I love how it turned out. Not bad for a digi amateur!

And the right... since the left was so busy, I kept this one really plain.

So that's it! The week after this one only has a few photos so I'm hoping I can bang out a one-pager tomorrow. But three days in a row might be pushing it... we'll see how it goes!


Your eyes do not deceive you...

I'm posting a layout. I know. I bet you thought it wasn't going to happen again any time soon! I'm kind of surprised myself. All I know is I sat down to pre-order the new Muse album and 90 minutes later I'd done that, downloaded 2 songs, and finished a week from Project Life! Not too shabby!

So... here's the first of the weeks I'm trying to catch up on: week 32. This was the week I flew out to house-hunt, packed up my house and loaded the moving truck.

Project Life 2012 Week 32
And the left side:

You can see that I'm keeping things pretty simple while I catch up. Just a few basics, lots of photos and journaling. And that's really what it's all about, right? Just the story. I had to force myself to not go nuts, but I'm glad I kept it simple.

Everything is by Gennifer Bursett from Design House Digital.

And I just want to throw out a big "Thank You!!!" to everyone for all your sweet comments here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram. It's been a crazy time so I haven't been doing well with replying to everyone, but I appreciate all the thoughts and well wishes.

Things here are still going pretty well. It's a bit of an adjustment, but I'm getting through. The landlord had a contractor come over the weekend to replace a bunch of my downstairs windows (MUCH needed) which will help keep heat out / in as needed, and which allowed me to put up curtains in the front window. I swear, the temperature in the house has already dropped 7 degrees! Or maybe that's the onset of fall weather. Either way, I'm really enjoying being 100% moved in with everything on the walls and windows.

Work is still going really well - I've been coming up to speed pretty quickly and getting a few projects off the ground. I also love hanging out with my co-workers. They're all so much fun. We've done a few happy hours and that sort of thing, and we've all laughed so hard we had headaches and in a few cases, the threat of losing a lung. We're even talking about a few road trips, so it's fun to have people to hang out with now and then. My new ward is nice - welcoming and enjoyable, and I'm slowly meeting people at church. There don't seem to be any other singles in my age group, but one sweet older lady is trying to help me connect with someone who does mid-singles in the New Haven area. So we'll see how that goes.

More to come soon. I hope. :)

Things are getting crazy!

I was telling my mom earlier today that I thought I might have to invest in some Tums or something to get through the next two weeks. The main culprit? Finding a place to live. I've had a terrible time getting people to reply when I contact them about listings... probably means they're rented, but please... take down your listings when you've rented them! I guess I'm so psycho about keeping my KSL listings up to date that I expect that everyone does the same. But still... it's annoying. Fortunately, I found a real estate agent who has been helping me find places to visit this week, and I managed to get a few more appointments myself (although one hasn't gotten back with me to confirm after I called earlier today.) But I have some good ones to view, and it's a chance to go hang out in my new town without the pressure of interviews. Cross your fingers that one of the places I see is going to be my new home! I'd love to have an address to give the movers. lol. But I did get my move scheduled, so bonus. I'm slowly checking things off my list, and this house-hunting trip will hopefully take care of the worst of my stress.

Anyway. In the meantime, I sat down and banged out a super quick Project Life layout for last week. I mean, fastest ever... like 30 minutes! (Everything from Gennifer Bursett at Design House Digitals.)

On Wednesday I met Laura, Mindy and Darren and their girls and we went to the Hale Center Theater in Orem to see Chad in Crazy for You. He was one of the cowboys and showed off his mad dancing skills. The lead actors were all very good - it was a really delightful play, and a great break from the madness. Chad and his sister came with us all to grab some Baskin Robbins afterwards. It was lots of fun... good to hang out before I leave. We're planning another get together before I go, so hopefully I can see everyone!

Aside from the play, it was all about packing, moving quotes, and the aforementioned manic scramble to set up visits at potential places to live in Connecticut. Given the timeframe, I'd say I'm doing pretty good! My hallways are filling with boxes and I've started bagging up the stuff in my scrapbook attic to get it ready to put in boxes. Although there are some things I'm going to miss, trying to work up here in the summer is not one of them!

Well, off to get a few more things done before I catch a plane :)

Big changes on the horizon!

Well, it's time to let the cat out of the bag about all the lack of detail lately... lol. There are still blurred sections in this week's Project Life layout, but that's just to keep names and personal information private. The rest... well... like I said. Big changes coming!

So. Six weeks ago, I was driving to work in the morning, thinking about how great my job was, how excited I was about what I was working on, how cool the people were, and how I could see myself there for a long time. And about 2pm that same day, the CEO called me into his office to let me know that a recent company acquisition (and another bid for venture capital... unsaid, but let's not kid ourselves) had made mine and a few other positions obsolete. Well that sucked. But whatever. No sense crying over spilled milk, right? I was applying for jobs that very afternoon and had my first interview booked the next day. I knew it was a risk going to a start-up, and I don't regret it for a minute. It was a great experience, and I can honestly say that without it, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go where I'm going next. And next is exciting :)

At this point, you're probably putting 2 and 2 together and thinking of those pictures I posted from a trip to Connecticut last week. And you'd be right! Actually, last week I was in Connecticut and North Carolina. And that leads me to...

Project Life 2012 Week 30-Web
Yup... a 2-pager! I just looked. The last time I had a 2-page layout was week 17. I'm sure I'll have a few more coming in the near future...

Everything I used this week is from Design House Digital, and most is from Gennifer Bursett. A few iPhone photos from the week and a LOT to say, of course! It was a very fast, exhausting, and pretty much awesome week.

I decided to dedicate an entire page to a small sample of my "ephemera" from the trip and what followed. Ticket stubs, business cards from people I interviewed with, the interview schedule for my visit in North Carolina, and a copy of the offer letter I received for my new job in Connecticut. I kid you not... the time from my first interview to the offer letter was exactly a week. I give credit to a great recruiter, but also to things that seem meant to be just falling into place. And I can't wait. So... the next few weeks are going to be CRAZY. I've already booked another trip out to find a place to live... I have appointments to view housing, appointments for moving companies to come give me quotes... and I've been doing a ton of cleaning and organizing to get ready to pack everything up - probably sometime late next week. I'm sure the time is going to go zipping by, but I think I'll make it. As long as I can get the movers lined up and find a place to send them, the rest should fall into place. And then, it's the start of another adventure! I'm looking forward to getting to know the area and meeting new people. But first, gotta do the hard stuff. So if I'm not posting a lot over the next few weeks, you know where I am :)

Project Life - Week 29

Whew... this was a crazy week! I've been super busy, but it's all good stuff. I didn't mean to go a whole week without posting anything, but it happens.

Project-Life-2012-Week-29 Web
All the digi elements are from Design House Digital - lots from Gennifer Bursett, also some from Kate Teague, Audrey Neal and Robyn Meierotto. And I used a blog hop kit (the yellow flowers and a few other goodies) which is one of my all time favorites.

This week I tried to get back on track with my healthy eating (still exercising too) and did pretty well. Of course, I splurged this weekend with a trip to Dippidee for a cupcake and a few cookies... I had to celebrate a great week, of course! And I finally saw Spiderman, which I really liked. Of course, I like Emma Stone in just about anything.

I've got another project in the works - a mini album. I printed out all the photos and started pulling supplies, but the next few days are super crazy so I hope I can get to it soon. Maybe this weekend? We'll see.


Project Life - Week 28

Still kicking! Last week was relatively quiet... but somehow still incredibly busy. How does that work?

Project-Life-2012-Week-28 WebI used a template from Tiffany Tillman and everything else is from Gennifer Bursett. That giant Snickerdoodle is a recipe I found on Pinterest last week... it makes one gigantic cookie. Aside from the fact that the recipe calls for too much salt for my taste, it was delicious. I'll definitely do it again! I like having a recipe for something that doesn't make 3 dozen cookies to sit around and tempt me. lol.

This week I finally finished taking pictures of the last of the stuff I'm going to try and sell on KSL. Mostly rubber stamps and brass embossing templates. I'm not sure any of it will go, but we'll see, right?

Project Life - Week 27

I'm starting to get off schedule with these! But I did manage to get last week done. Mostly photos from celebrating the 4th with my aunt and uncle and some of my cousins - they were visiting from California. We had a lot of fun and it was good to see them.

Project-Life-2012-Week-27 web
Most of the supplies are from the Serendipity kit by Paislee Press, along with the kraft backgrounds / frames by Three Paper Peonies (called My Life in Photos). I also used the Elemental Snippy Alphabet by Gennifer Bursett.

K. Gotta get back to today's work!

Project Life - Week 26

And I'm all caught up! I was able to pull this layout together really quickly since I had already done my travel journal. So I picked a few photos from the trip that were representative of the week, added a little journaling, and voila!

Project-Life-2012-Week-26 Web
I'm kind of liking these simpler PL layouts that are mostly words and photos with a little embellishing. They're definitely faster and easier! And I like how they look. Anyway... now that I'm caught up, I'm off to try and work on some other projects. I'm still listing sale lots on KSL (not going as fast as I'd like... argh.) and trying to catch up on all of the online classes that I've fallen behind in. Good thing they're all self paced!

Project Life - Week 25

Just doing a little catching up with my Project Life layouts... I was able to get week 25 finished up and ready to go. Now I just need to do last week and I'll be back on track!

Here's the week before last:

Since I covered my drive out to California and my time there with my family in my travel journal (yesterday's post), I'm just touching on some highlights in my Project Life layouts and referring to my journal.

And those yummy looking things in the top right corner? I was trying to use up all my produce before leaving for vacation and had a bunch of blueberries. I also had some wonton wrappers in my freezer, so I defrosted them and used them to make blueberry dessert ravioli.

I was just making a single serving at a time, so I took a big handful of blueberries and put them in a bowl, then mashed them up a bit with a fork. I added about 1 tsp of sugar and mixed it, then let it sit for 30 minutes or so. I lined up the wonton wrappers and scooped a heaping teaspoon of blueberries into the center of one, then used a pastry brush to coat the other side with just water. I covered up the other side and sealed it. When they were done, I put them in a sautee pan with a little butter and just a touch of vegetable oil (to help keep the butter from burning). I sauteed them until they were brown on both sides, then sprinkled some powdered sugar on top and served with fat free Cool Whip. They were delicious... I'll have to make them again!

Project Life - Week 24

So I'll preface this by saying last week wasn't my favorite week. lol. Things are a little rough right now but I'm hopeful that it will all resolve itself quickly. Anyway, I wrote quite a lot about some of the low points last week, but I've blurred that part of the journaling... I'm just not quite ready to share any details yet.

The page template is from Karla Dudley and all of the digital elements are from Gennifer Bursett. Her When Skies are Grey kit seemed pretty perfect for this layout!

Anyway, I'm still working on other projects... my Tahoe Scrapbook on the Road should be ready to travel in the near future. I've also sold several lots from all of my purged scrapbook supplies... there's still a lot to go, but I'm making progress, and that's 100 times better than just having it sit in my guest room! I'm still listing new lots, so if you're interested, don't forget to check the link I posted with the first batch of photos. And there's still more to come (a daunting task!)

That's all I've got. TTFN!

Project Life and Karaoke with the Peanuts

Here we are again! The year is just zipping right on by.

Another one-pager this week, although I probably should have / could have stretched it to two. But it's all good. I'm liking this one - I mixed a ton of different kits on this one and didn't even use a template!

Lots of recent stuff from Gennifer Bursett on this one - Summer Girl, When Skies are Grey, Elemental Snippy Alpha, Elemental frames. I also used more of the Summer Girl part 1 kit from Celeste Knight.

Also, pictures on here from Saturday night out with the Peanuts. We met Brandon at the Karaoke Cafe for a few hours of fun and humiliation (not mine, however. I didn't sing. lol.) Good times.


Brent, Shawn and Chad doing "Ice Ice Baby". Here come the dance moves...

I wish I'd gotten a good one of Brent doing the sprinkler, but I wasn't fast enough. Shanna and Jana got up to dance in the back, and then another lady from a group we didn't know jumped up with them and really got down. She was awesome - at one point she ran over and shoved some expired Kohl's cash in Chad's pocket - it was pretty funny.


Here's the group... Courtney, Chad, Shawn (I was sitting next to Shawn, Laura was next to Courtney - she and I were taking pictures... Brent was on stage doing Black Sabbath which was a riot). The back table was Mindy and Darren with Kenzie and her friend, and Brandon, Shanna and Jana.

After a few hours at the karaoke place, we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for a late dinner. We got a big table out on the patio and enjoyed a perfect evening while we just chatted and munched.


(total diet killer, but so good!)

It was a lot of fun, as always! We're looking forward to getting together again soon :)

Slip and slide!

I've got another fun digi layout today (that's 3 this week! Unprecedented. lol.) using a new FREE mini kit from Gennifer Bursett as part of a blog train going on today.

I used pictures of Adorable-Niece-Eraleigh and Adorable-Nephew-William from a few weekends ago when they were playing in the water at my parents' house.

The kit is called In the Garden and if you head over to Gennifer's blog, you can see more layouts and get a link to download it for free! Easy peasy :)

And hello... can you believe it's June?!? Wow, time is flying! But I'm excited because it means I'm just weeks away from seeing my family, and it also means two fun new classes starting today! I'm taking The Washi Workshop taught by Megan Hoeppner at Studio Calico as well as Pieces of Me from Maggie Holmes at Two Peas. Should be lots of fun! The first lesson in the washi class doesn't start until next week, but hopefully I can start the other one this weekend. Lots of playing ahead!

New digi goodies - Summer Girl

I just got to play with a fun new collaboration kit that goes up for sale at Design House Digital today - it's called Summer Girl and is a collaboration between Gennifer Bursett (Summer Girl Part 2) and Celeste Knight (Summer Girl Part 1). Such a fun kit! I pulled some fun pictures of Adorable-Niece-Aubrey for this layout - I couldn't resist using that "Wild and Free" graphic from Celeste's part of the kit - it just seems to describe her perfectly.

I really love how this turned out... and that kit is so fun that it practically scrapped itself! Seriously... I made a quick sketch by picking photos and using the kit preview pictures, and when I sat down to do it I swear I was completely done in an hour. Gotta love it!

When I haven't been pushing pixels this week with digi scrapping and working on another photobook, I've been playing more with gesso and modeling paste. I'm finishing up a mini album - hopefully I'll be finishing up in the next few days and then I can share the fun :)

Project Life - Week 21

I didn't think this was a busy week until I looked back at it. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I got a lot done. I added a few of the pictures I took for some recipes I tried and projects I started, and did the journaling as a bullet list of the things I did last week.

I used Gennifer's new kit - When Skies are Grey, which I just love. Great colors!

And you can see in the pictures a little update on my curtain project (or experiment, I should say!) I started doing some embroidery on one of the red panels. I still have another one if this doesn't work out, but so far I like it.

Curtain Project Update 1
I'm no expert in embroidery - I've done very little in the past. I'm doing this without a pattern and the fabric is NOT good quality (I have to set the stitches pretty loose because the weave of the fabric isn't tight enough), so it's going to be interesting. But I like it so far... I'm going to try adding a little beading, I think. I tried a few beads and they were too big, but I have some smaller ones I think will work well.

Project Life - Week 20

I can't believe it's week 20... I did a double take at work today when we were talking deadlines and I realized that Memorial Day is next week! Wow...

Anyway, here's the layout for last week. Not a lot... as you can tell by the main photo, it was all about being sick as a dog. lol.

All the digital supplies are by Gennifer Bursett at Design House Digital. Mostly the Favorite Things 2 collection and a few other odds and ends.

And since I'm still not totally well yet, I think I might make it an early night. That's sounding quite lovely!

Project Life Week 19

I have to say, I so didn't want to do this this week. Of course, that's because doing anything takes way more energy than I want to use. lol. I am sick as a dog and pretty much miserable. I've been in bed or close to it since Saturday evening with a yucky, awful cold. It's mostly my own fault for going too long without catching up on my sleep, but what can I say? Too late now! But seriously... how it it possible to have a stuffed AND runny nose all at once? I don't know. But it's not fun.

In any case, I crawled up into the attic to spend a few minutes at the computer and pulled together the layout for last week. Fast, simple. Done.

I think it's now time to search out some more meds and crawl back into bed. Sigh.

Project Life Week 17

Another week gone by... and last week was a busy one! I decided to do A Week in the Life this year - I've never done it before, but I did last Saturday through Friday and it was busy! I just got my pictures developed so I need to work on putting them into a book, but I still did a Project Life layout for the week with just some highlights, plus this last Saturday which wasn't included in my week.

Project Life Blog Banner
Here's this week's spread:

Project Life 2012 Week 17
Left side:

Just a few bits and pieces from my week - a shot of my commute, my to-do list at work, a little cooking, and then hanging out with the girls on Friday at Rae's graduation party and then Saturday morning at the Tulip Festival.

The tall picture on the left is the front of my building downtown, then more pictures from Saturday - gorgeous tulips, the AMAZING "peach" I had for dessert at Gourmandise (filled with pastry cream, sitting in a pool of peach simple syrup with a touch of amaretto, and topped with marzipan leaves) and then a few shots from the Design House Digital retreat on Saturday night. That was fun because I finally got to meet Gennifer in person, along with some of the other designers and decorators, and I also got to meet Jen Gallacher whose stamping workshop I've been taking and loving on Two Peas. We had pizza (delicious, but NOT on my diet! But you have to splurge now and then, right?) and had a lot of fun chatting and working on our layouts in the digi morph. I also got all of my week in the life photos edited - the ones that are now printed and waiting to be scrapped.

So that was the week! I have one more sketch to work on from Kelly's Sketchbook class, and my new Studio Calico class with Celine Navarro starts tomorrow - it's a mini album class called "Get Messy" and it's all learning some fun mixed media techniques. I'm looking forward to playing!

In the meantime, a few more pictures from the weekend:


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